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Feeling all “British-y” tonight



Tonight I’ve found myself talking to the cats in an English accent. Sometimes working-class, sometimes tehhh-ribbly POSH. Feeling all Britishy, you see. Been watching the Call the Midwife Holiday Special (Oh, I do love this show!) followed by a repeat of Downton Abbey‘s Christmas Special. The third season begins here in the U.S. on January 6 and is much anticipated by me and fellow Anglophiles.

Before I began my “All Things English” Watch, I had my first serving of a traditional English treat–plum pudding. Of course, those of you who are familiar with it know it’s really more steamed cake than what we in America think of as pudding, which is inexorably tied to pitchman Bill Cosby and Jello brand desserts made from a box.

thCAM0CIHR Comedian Bill Cosby was a long-time pitchman for Jello brand pudding.

My Christmas pudding also came in a box, actually–a box from that marvelous retailer Vermont Country Store, which carries a myriad of treats to eat, wear, apply, play with and further enjoy. It was baked in Jolly Olde Englande and dispatched to the U.S. in time for the holidays. Along with the plum pudding (which contains lots of fruit but not, I believe, any plums) there was Bird’s brandy hard sauce.  This was yet another treat I had never had. I was amused to read the directions for heating on a hob–not an expression much used here–and the microwave, which is the route I went.

I must say the “nuked” pudding was moist and flavorful, tasting not unlike our fruitcake here, and the sauce was a delicious addition. Thinking I may have to whip up that package of gingerbread in the pantry to use some of the remainder . . .

And now, here’s something else British I find to be quite a treat: