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Mr. Armitage, my ardor for you only grows, it seems. Thoughts & Photo Edits.


ardor (noun):  (1) Great warmth of feeling; fervor, passion. (2) Intense devotion; eagerness or enthusiasm, zeal. (found on Dictionary.com Word for the Day)

Every time I read or hear or see your cast and crew mates talking about you with such obvious respect and affection; every time another fan account of watching you perform in The Crucible pops up and I discover once again how utterly amazing they found your powerful and intense performance, and how sweet, how completely affable and approachable you are to your fans at the stage door,  and each time you are interviewed and remain Armitage the Unflappable, courteous, good-humored and thoughtful in your responses . . . each and every time my ardor grows for you.  It’s not just your amazing talent, your off-the-charts charisma or your distinctive masculine beauty. No, those are fantastic, but that isn’t what has kept me around for seven years.

It’s also your brains, your wit, your kindness, your generosity, your good manners, your natural elegance and grace,  your humility, your groundedness . . . all the goodness I find inside and out when it comes to you. It’s your willingness to face your fears, to step out of your comfort zone.  It’s your desire to bring your best to each and every role, no matter the size of it, no matter the prestige (or lack thereof) of it.


Yes, you do something to me, Richard Armitage. And I like it. I thank you heartily for it.



You have that mysterious, alluring quality that I can’t quite define. And that mystery is part of why I have such ardor for you. Why you are under my skin, in my heart, bouncing around in my brain . . . inspiring me, exciting me, delighting me . . . me and so very many others.