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Guyday Friday Kick-Off: That face! That bod!


Without speaking a single syllable in that deep chocolate voice of his, Guy can express so much through smiles, smirks, sniffs, scowls, disdainful rolling of the eyes . . . and that long, lean and muscular body encased in buttery soft black leather–or wearing nothing but a few pieces of armor and his medieval undies–speaks volumes, too.

An emotional thesaurus, courtesy of Thornton & his CReAtor


According to The Emotion Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman and Bella Puglisi, up to 95 percent of all communication is non-verbal. Even in instances where we are trying not to show our feelings, we are still sending messages through body language. As a writer, I have to make sure my characters express their emotions in ways “that are both recognizable and compelling to read.”

These words made me think of Mr. Armitage, an actor who can speak volumes of dialogue about his characters’ thoughts, feelings, emotions without speaking a word. Think of the wonderful scene at the train station in North & South. As Thornton, he does not have a great deal of dialogue in that scene, and yet–we know so much about this character and what’s going on in his head and heart. A pensive Thornton arriving at the station, the lightening of his expression as he sees Margaret and presents her with the flowers from Helstone. We learn so much by watching his body language, his facial expressions, seeing his attentiveness to Margaret, the way he uses those eloquent and beautiful hands when cupping her face for that kiss

The look of desolation when it seems Margaret is leaving, the dawning recognition that we see in his eyes and smile when he realizes she is, indeed, coming home with him–we can relate to and respond to these emotions so easily.  (In no way do I intend to discount Daniela’s contributions here–their onscreen chemistry added immeasurably to the production and particularly to this scene–but the focus here is on RA’s perfomance.)

If good writing involves crafting characters that are both recognizable and compelling to read, then good acting surely means breathing life into characters that are also recognizable and compelling to watch as well as to listen to. Richard Armitage accomplishes that feat very, very well, I think.  He is very much a storyteller, and not just in those charming Cbeebies videos.

Body Language, Richard Armitage Style


Ah, yes--the Peaches of Pleasure, the Divine Derriere, the Rockin' Hot Rear, the Bodacious Backside--or, as Freddy says, "You've got the cutest ass I've ever seen!"

(all screencaps RANet)

As the song says, "Long legs . . . GREAT thighs."

Big, beautiful bare feet, big beautiful hands. long, long legs, a hint of chesticles . . .

“Look at me–I’ve got a case of body language–of body language . . . ” Thank you, Queen, for giving us this song which works so well for a certain TDHBEW we all know and love, because I love making these saucy litle vids. 😉