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Sunday SmorgRgAsbord: Secret Agent Men











Wanted to bring you more photo edits of our spies for MI6, MI5 and Hydra, but WP is not being kind to me today. And I REALLY need a nap (asleep after 2, awake by 4:30 a.m.) so enjoy what’s here, including the Johnny Rivers’ classic, “Secret Agent Man.” ūüėȬ† All the shows are done now, we are pleased with results of DVD sales and also response of those watching¬†themselves larger than life¬†last night on the wall of the theatre, the sound pretty awesome coming through the theatre’s system.¬† ūüėÄ

It’ll take me a couple of days to get up to speed, so bear with me. I have some chores to do related to Pecan Ridge Productions, amongst other things. Hope all are well.

RA’s Heartbreakers: Rogues, Cons & Bad Boys


Philip Durant, the husband with the roving eye and a¬†potential murder suspect in Agatha Christie’s Ordeal by Innocence.

Lee Preston, the firty-girty lifeguard with the irresistible charm and an inability to be faithful to one woman in “Cold Feet.”

The charming Stage Door Johnny, Percy Courtenay, who swept future Edwardian musical hall star Marie Lloyd of her feet in “Marie Lloyd.”

John Mulligan, the boy from the wrong side of the tracks turned successful businessman–and, perhaps, more in :”Moving On.”

Heinz Kruger, crafty murderous spy for the evil Hydra in “Captain America.”

Percy and his angel face after shaving.

Nope. Not switching allegiance.


Tonight Benny and I went out to eat and then took in a movie. We never saw The Avengers on its initial release in theatres and when I saw they were re-releasing for the Labor Day weekend, I mentioned it to Benny. I am trying to get out and about more, I like hanging out with my husband, and I knew it was a film he had wanted to see. And as I have also seen all the other Marvel Universe films, I was curious to see this entry.

I  have to confess I also felt the need to experience The Hiddleston phenomenon on the big screen. I know many people in my TL at Twitter are very taken with actor Tom Hiddleston. I had previously seen him in two projects, playing F. Scott Fitzgerald in Midnight in Paris and as the evil Loki in Thor. Of course, he was reprising the latter role in TA.

First, let me say we did find the film entertaining, if a bit thin on plot in places.  There were some witty lines here and there, impressive-looking CGI and Chris Evans still fills out that Captain America suit admirably.

Now, on to Tom.¬†¬†He certainly¬†plays a villain well and this role was a¬†sharp contrast to his portrayal of Jazz Age icon Fitzgerald. ¬†He has a lovely British accent, pretty blue eyes and an engaging smile (although¬†said smiles¬†are mainly on the evil side in TA¬†since he is, after all, playing the baddie).¬† He is certainly a talented and attractive¬†fellow and by all accounts, a real sweetheart in real life. He’s gained legions of followers as his profile has risen and, yep, he’s on Twitter.

Tom HIddleston as the villainous Loki in The Avengers. Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

However–no alarm bells sounded for me seeing Hiddleston on the big screen. No Eureka moment in which I said to myself, “Where has this actor BEEN all my life?” I don’t feel the need to start Googling him to learn more.

Certainly, I was favorably impressed by his performance. I will be interested in seeing him in other productions of, shall we say, a more cerebral nature, such as The Hollow Crown. I will add him to the list of UK actors whose work I enjoy.

But I don’t believe I am going to find my heart divided between Rich and Tom, between the Hiddles¬†and the Arms. I will stick with the Arms. My fangurl¬†heart still belongs to the man who inspired me to write this blog, and a considerable amount of fanfic, and to¬†make all that fanart, those fanvids and now to write a novel.¬† Not just anybody could have affected me in such a way.

I went for many, many years never thinking of myself as a die-hard fangurl of any performer. And then that tall, black leather-clad henchman with all his conflicts and contradictions strutted into my life. And then came shy, awkward John S., sunny, lovable Harry, proud and passionate mill owner Thornton, haunted, enigmatic Lucas, tough, resourceful, brave and compassionate Porter . . . Richard made me believe in the reality of each and every one of these characters.

And I am sure when I see him as the alpha¬†warrior dwarf and as the widowed Oklahoma school teacher and concerned dad, I will believe in them, too. He’s touched my heart and soul and mind through his work.¬† And he’s shown himself to be a pretty decent human being.

Cute, sweet, talented. But not The One for me.

Cute, sweet, talented, beautiful, sexy, adorable, witty, intelligent, versatile, modest . . . The One.

The Hiddles has plenty of devoted admirers. I really don’t think he’ll miss me, do you? ūüėČ

Mad props for Richard: TAE Word for the Day


We’ve another slang entry for today’s word, and I am sure you will agree it’s a word of which dear RA is so deserving.

props: (noun) due respect; an expression of approval or regard.¬†¬†The expression dates back to the 1980s, and it is derived from the¬†shortening and pluralization of the word “proper,” as in ¬†“proper respect.”

Richard does not let his fears stand in the way of the roles he will take. A little nervous on horseback? He just keeps practicing until it looks like he was born in the saddle. Phobia about water that stems from a childhood accident? Not a keen swimmer?  Auditions for and gets role as lifeguard, voluntarily undergoes waterboarding not once, but twice and ends up underwater in a mini-sub being punched-up by Captain America. I have to give Richard props for his tenacity and determination to be authentic and get the role right, even when it scares him.

Richard admitted doing this underwater scene for Captain America was not easy for him.