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Fedoralady’s Monday Meanderings: Thorin et al



I am sharing a variety of things I found on FB and some of my own stuff today. I hope you enjoy! I just love this piece of artwork. It could be Richard on set or a younger, more carefree Thorin. Great job, Evank7!


If you aren’t familiar with Grumpy Cat, he’s (she’s?) something of an internet phenom. That face! But even GC is being won over by the delicious Thorin–well, sort of.


I find Smaug Cat both beautiful and fearsome!!


Someone found these two images on fanpop. I then enlarged them and did a bit of tweaking. Me like–hope you do, too.



Nothing like  Thorin when he’s truly p—ed off and not gonna take it anymore. Forbidding and still beautiful. BeFunky_untitled-4-copy.jpg

Now, must do some video critiquing for spouse and then on to playing in photo editing with more scanned images. Such fun!

My Mona Lisa Cat




This is Ginger, the funny, clever, energetic, charming tabby that showed up with her sister, Mary Ann, at the door to our Dayton townhouse one raw November night. It was windy and bitingly cold and the snow was beginning to fall. We invited the two kittens inside and they became part of the family.

Ginger lived to be nearly 2o, and over her lifetime shared our homes in three different states, proving to be an amazingly good traveler for a feline. This photo was taken with my old Yashica film camera at my in-laws’ house, where I discovered Ginger sitting in the window of the guest bedroom. It was a perfect “Kodak moment.”

OT: Bless the beasts and those who love & aid them


I encourage you to take the time to read. This is a message shared by my fellow Humane Society member who has been working hard with our Trap-Neuter-Release program for feral cats along with other needs out in our county. This both breaks my heart and gives me hope.  The fact there are still good hearts and souls like my friend A and dear Miss G makes me feel better about humankind.  I heard another tale yesterday that spoke of greed and abuse and neglect, so I truly needed to re-read A’s message.  No, still no sightings of Jack, but our little “pig dog” Buddy is helping bring smiles.  God bless you all.

At H’s request I checked on an elderly lady with a cat
problem who asked for the Humane Society’s help, and found that 91-year old
Miss G
had 5 or 6 cats living in her yard that needed “fixing.” She was
feeding and petting them, says they’re her only companions and she loves having


She doesn’t have much money, so she was feeding them cheap white bread
(large loaves at day-old bread store are only 25 cents & 50 cents) with a
little canned dog food sprinkled on top. K sent her a case of canned cat
food which was VERY much appreciated.

Godwin kittens - next youngest litter3
Miss G lives in a shabby, but clean and neat, farmhouse at the end of a rural dirt road.

Her closest neighbor is nearly a mile away.

She lives on her Social Security check, and has no air
conditioning and very sparse furniture. I was afraid she had an outhouse when I
first visited her, but she does have a tiny primitive bathroom in a closet off
the kitchen.


She has a pace-maker and is due for a replacement, but otherwise
seems to make do okay on her own. She sweeps her yard and porch, cooks her
meals, goes to the doctor & grocery store in Greenville. She has a shabby
old car and drives herself to town.


She’s never been married, so has no children
or grandchildren to help her. Her widowed “younger” sister (in her 80s) lives
several miles away and they check up on each other. Miss G is obviously a
“survivor” little old lady. When you don’t have much, and don’t have anybody to
help, you make do with what you’ve got.

The mama cats (who Miss G
calls her children) have presented her with 19 kittens.

I’ve caught 4  of the adult cats and had them spayed at the Alliance Clinic this week. One was
already pregnant again and would have presented Miss G with more kittens in
another month or so. I’ve set traps to catch the other cats before turning the
spayed ones back out.
Miss G wants to keep her adult cats and says
she’ll pay $10-$20 a month out of her Social Security check until she pays for
all the cats’ spaying. She says “I always pay my debts, I don’t want to owe
anybody money when I die.”  But she definitely can’t afford to keep — and feed
— 19 kittens.
I’ve picked up all the kittens and given them flea baths
and worming. They’re on antibiotics to clear up health problems; a few have
runny eyes that are already clearing up after just a few days of Clavamox. I’m
bottle-feeding the tiniest litter of 5; the young mama cat abandoned them under
Miss G’s house, where they mewed and mewed (as they starved) for two days
… which upset Miss G terribly.

Godwin kittens - next youngest litter4

She was crying when I got to her house
that morning. So, Sunday morning I crawled up under the G house with a
flashlight and pillowcase and got the kittens. Three kittens were huddled up
together and still crying; two were 30 feet away, cold and silent, but still
breathing. I got them home, warmed up, cleaned and fed them, and **amazingly**
all are alive and taking the bottle now. Dadgum tough little babies. They
shouldn’t have been born, but they’re here, and we weren’t going to let them
give poor Miss G a heart attack.


Almost ALL the kittens are yellow
tabbies. Some are darker orange; some are soft buttery yellow. Darling little
tiger cats. The older ones (6-8 weeks old) are cute and lively; the
bottle-feeding ones look terrible but they’ll look a lot better in another week
or so! I’ll take more and better photos as soon as I can, and send them to
H’s mailing list (Bubba, if you’re reading emails while on your trip, this
is the Godwin cats update).

The kittens are here in my house, all 19 of
them. I don’t have any outside cat cages or pens where they can stay and romp
and play; these babies are ALL right inside the house with me and Robert. I have
three cat cages set up by my dining room table. The babies need more room to run
around, but I just can’t let that many kittens loose in the yard when I already
have 25 adult cats and three dogs. And I sure can’t let them loose in the house;
we’d be stepping on kittens EVERYWHERE.

We REALLY need to find places for
some of these kittens to board/foster at other homes. If you — or anyone you
know — could take 3 or 4 kittens each, so that we space them out between
several homes, it would be a BIG help.

I’m putting their photos with an
adoption notice on the Clay Hill Clinic bulletin board, and on PetFinder and
Adopt-a-Pet. We’ll do the “Summer Kittens Sale” adoption of $25, like we did
last year, so that HOPEFULLY we can get all these kittens adopted. That adoption
fee will include flea/worm/etc. treatment so far, and spay/neuter; rabies
vaccinations will be up to their new owners. (Kandys, the new jugs of “De Flea”
shampoo are on the way to us by UPS and should arrive in a few days.)

*I feel compelled to add at the rate at which we are spending to get animals spayed and neutered and to take care of their feeding and medical needs, our humane society which operates our no-kill shelter is spending more than it is taking in. We could be broke in a couple of months and are looking at all avenues to save without shortchanging the animals. If anyone out there knows of good grants that help with day-to-day operating expenses and not just capital projects, please let me know. Or great fund-raising ideas or ANYTHING that could help, outside of the proverbial rich uncle dying and leaving us a small fortune* 


“Hi, I’m Buddy and I wish you could see my cute perky spotted ears, but oh well–you CAN see my happy sunny smile! The Blonde Lady and Tall Man have said I can stay with them in a fur-ever home. Makes me want to jump for joy. Oh, I do that anyway . . .”

Guyday Friday: Makes Me Wanna Purrrrrrrrrrr . . .


We’ve our first frost warning of the season overnight. The faucets have been left dripping just in case and all the plants are inside, including the catnip. Thumper Cat LIKES catnip. Good thing our three-legged can’t easily access it.  When she smells that scent, her pupils get very big, her purr grows loud and she gets downright frisky, trying to nip you in her enthusiasm to taste it . . .

Funny. Guy has sort of the same effect on me. Maybe he’s a sort of catnip for we who admire the Hot Velveteen Henchman?

Dreamin’ with his feet: Richard the dancer and a groovin’ vid


Richard may have long ago left behind musical theater. But he hasn’t forgotten his dancer’s training. Even when he’s playing a soldier or a spy, Richard dances, moving with balletic grace as he battles hand to hand with a bad guy, races through the streets or wields a deadly weapon.

He moves with the agility and stealth of a feline as he eludes capture, “cases the joint,” goes on a mission of mercy. He stands out in the Cats cast, and not just because of his height.  He has learned to control that tall, lanky body of his, combining athleticsm, fluidity and economy of movement. He really is poetry in motion.

There's nothing like watching Mr. Armitage and his dancing feet . . .

There’s a glorious big cat on the prowl . . . his name is Richard Armitage


~Cats are glorious creatures, who must on no accounts be underestimated . . . their eyes are fathomless depths~ Lesley Anne Ivory

~Some animals are secretive; some are shy. A cat is private~Leonard Michaels

~The cat has been described as the most perfect animal, the acme of muscular perfection and the supreme example in the animal kingdom of the coordination of mind and muscle~Roseanne Ambrose Brown

~Which is more beautiful, feline movement or feline stillness?~Elizabeth Hamilton




~Everything that a cat is or does physically is to me beautiful, lovely, stimulating, soothing, attractive and an enchantment~Paul Gallico, from “An Honourable Cat

A glimpse at young Armitage

Eurovision Song Contest 2002

Image via Wikipedia

I am always on the lookout for anything new (or at least new to me) in information or photos  re Mr. Armitage. While browsing through “Richard Armitage photos” on Google Images the other day, I found this pic. Naturally, I was  curious about the young woman in the photo and did some further investigation.

She is Veronica “Roni” Hart, a native and current resident of Huddersfield, England. Roni performs with her friend Philip Cluskey, also known as “Often” as part of the musical duo “Little & Often.” Roni, a dancer since the age of four, has a background in theatre and performed in a number of stage productions, including Cats, Hair and Annie Get Your Gun. She once appeared at the Eurovision Song Contest. I am guessing her connection to Richard is likely performing together in Cats or AGYG–  but I can’t say for certain. What I can say is this picture is in a gallery on the website, with lots of pics with “Little” and/or ” Often” posing with various celebrities. I think Richard is the only name I recognized.

If you want to know more about Roni and Little & Often, pop over to their website at www.littleandoften.net.  Doesn’t Richard look like a darling? And that’s one big-a** mug of beer.

A photo from Roni Hart's website. Roni is an entertainer who appeared in West End musicals in her younger days, including "Cats."