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28 years and counting . . . thanks for the memories, my darling



Benny wears his Air Force mess dress and I, my oldest sister’s beautiful candlelight-colored Victorian-style gown and my own Victorian riding derby, created by a charming elderly lady who was the only professional milliner in Birmingham at the time. “You must wear the hat, my dear, the hat cannot wear you.” Advice I have taken to heart . . .



BeFunky_Angie & Benny ggGoing Out Church Door.jpg

Lt. and Mrs. David Benjamin Long, newlyweds exiting the bride’s country church 28 years ago today.

BeFunky_BeFunky_smallerAngie & Benny Toast.jpg

We are toasting each other with crystal glasses presented to my parents as a wedding gift almost 4o years earlier.


Twenty-eight years ago today, I began the adventure of my life, my own somewhat unexpected journey. We really have been through the things we recited in our vows– being wealthier, poorer, living with sickness and good health, “for better and for worse.”

We’ve traveled to wonderful places together and shared heartbreaking moments at one another’s side. At times, we’ve been hundreds, thousands of miles apart, and yet, our thoughts always kept us close.

We’ve had times of largesse and times when it’s truly been a struggle; we’ve dealt with personal health crises and those of loved ones, faced their decline and loss. We’ve cried together and clung together in times of grief and sorrow, and embraced with mirth in happier times.  We’ve known success and disappointment together, seen each other at our best and our worst both physically and emotionally.

My husband is my best friend, my buddy, my darling, my sweetheart. I like him better than anyone else I know, and I respect and admire him for being the good, decent, caring human being that he is. And nestled in his arms is the safest, sweetest place I can imagine in this world.

I hope that 28 years from now, we will still be together, perhaps a bit (or a lot) more doddery and wrinkly and hard of hearing, but still just as much in love.  One of those elderly couples everyone finds so adorable and inspiring.

I’d like that very much.






Choccie, hugs, and pressies: Fedoralady’s Christmas 2012


Got my replacement card reader today and thought I would share a few photos from the family Christmas in Birmingham. Some of this offers proof we share the same DNA.  Entered into evidence, these photos of my great-niece A licking the bowl after her auntie SB  finishes whipping up something chocolatey.


pizap.com13565796312171She is DEFINITELY related to me.


Thirty-plus years ago, a little blonde-haired toddler absolutely adored her youngest aunt’s boyfriend. She couldn’t quite manage to pronounce his name, so she called him “Ben-jie.” And now that little blonde is all grown up and her little girl also adores that tall man with the sweet smile. Maybe one day, that dark-haired little girl’s child will feel the very same–although I am not sure “Ben-jie” will still  be able to lift the little one to touch the ceiling .


Our lovely sixteen-year-old H seems very pleased with those Amazon and Target giftcards.



We are all just a bunch of hams.


Hope you all had wonderful Christmases with those near and dear to you.

Fedoralady is in the mood . . .


The holiday mood, that is. (Oh, I know what you were thinking . . . maybe I’m in the mood for that, too.  You never know . . .)

I am currently watching the Hallmark Channel, which has already starting running their Christmas movies in marathons on the weekends. The movies tend to provide cuteness overload and  be a bit sappy and schmaltzy, but what can I say–I am in a sappy, schmaltzy mood.

In a festive mood.

I want to don a Santa hat and my red high-top Reeboks with the green glitter shoelaces and jingle bells (yes, I do own a pair) and go Christmas caroling.

courtesy of riverbender.com

Look up my mama’s recipe for fruitcake cookies so I can make the house smell deliciously spicy.  Watch my favorite version of “A Christmas Carol” with the amazing Alistair Sim as Scrooge.

For an unemployed lady with a busted toe and a house that needs serious attention, I am in a positively euphoric mood.  And I attribute a lot of this to a certain vertically challenged hairy dude and to the man who brought him to life. I am looking so forward to the holidays this year, and to the Christmas present that will arrive in mid-December . . .

I guess you could say that—

OT: The Charms of Susan Branch



I got my latest e-newsletter from author/illustrator Susan Branch today (the link to her blog is above).  I love her books. The beautiful writing you see inside them is not a computer font but Branch’s actual handwriting and all the illustrations are largely self-taught artist Branch’s own charming watercolors.

Branch has written a variety of books and calendars over the past 20-plus years celebrating holidays, seasons, friendships and girlfriends. I  am happy to say that I own a number of them.

She has a lot of great recipes, but, as an editorial review on Amazon says, “the true theme of the books is family, love, friends and the celebration of life.”

Author/illustrator Susan Branch, a personal favorite. (photo courtesy of simplearts.com)

When did my cat Thumper pose for Susan?

A page from one of Branch’s delightful calendars.

This book makes a great gift idea for best buddies and sisters. It’s a lot of fun.

Branch’s website also offers a variety of notecards,  kitchen  and household items and personal accessories for purchase. But you can enjoy all the goodness of her website and e-newsletters without spending a dime.  That’s a bargain!

The ChaRActers have kicked off the celebration! (fanvid)


This is my first treat celebrating Richard’s upcoming birthday. The ChaRActers are hankering to get the party started–cake, champagne, kisses . . . and you know those filthy, raucous dwarfs like to party hard!

OT: All hail Good Queen Bess!


I just finished watching the last half of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant on the Thames, billed as the biggest event of its kind in 350 years.  BBC America can actually air something other than “Top Gear” and “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares“–amazing! In spite of considerable rain–well, it IS England, after all–everyone soldiered on and made the best of it (again, it IS England).

A total of 1,000 vessels took part in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant on the Thames this morning.

Rain drops fogged some of the camera lenses and there were occasional glitches in transmission, with audio disappearing and images breaking up. A planned flyover had to be cancelled.

Nonetheless, it was an impressive event, with all those boats, ships and barges participating in the parade, throngs looking on from the banks. And most people seemed to be having a good time of it in spite of the chilly, wet weather.  The singers atop the vessel carrying the London Philharmonic Orchestra looked like drowned rats in black but they were still smiling and singing “Land of Hope & Glory” with great gusto. And the Queen seemed to be enjoying it all, her only concession to the bleak weather a wrap she eventually put on. All the royals looked very spiffy, including the honoree.

Prince Harry, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William look resplendent for the occasion.

Queen Elizabeth waves from the royal barge.

(all photos courtesy of the Guardian UK)

Queen Elizabeth is 86, just a little younger than my mother would be if she was still alive. I believe she stood through the entire event. I am 35 years her junior, and I don’t think I could have managed that feat. My hat is off to you, my dear lady.

I look at her white permed curls and think of my mother’s crowning glory. I study her black handbag and wonder–what does a Queen carry in her purse? Pictures of her grandchildren? Tissues or a handkerchief in the event of a sniffle? Lipstick in a suitably demure shade and a compact?Breath mints? After all, she has to meet so many people and it wouldn’t do for a monarch to have halitosis.

Seriously, I admire the queen. She’s weathered a lot in her 60-year reign. She’s the only monarch I and many others have known on the British throne.  Her mother lived a very long life and she may very well do the same. And Queen Elizabeth doesn’t seem to be ready to step down any time soon. After all, it’s good being Queen.

I wish her all the best.

A milestone: our first 1,000-plus day at TAE


Lucas is racing to the celebration. Hooray! Thighs in motion . . .

Young Richard is excited, too!

The Bearded Beaut with the Bodacious Biceps also sends his greetings. Yummmm.

It’s 11:30 p.m. Wednesday night and I have been watching my stats with interest. It looked as if we just might beat the one-day high-to-date of 962 views. And sure as shootin’, that’s what we did. At last check, 1,011 views for Wednesday. I love celebrating the small achievements along the way in life. So Happy Blogging to one and all and thanks so much for joining in the fun. 😀

 (screencaps RANet and allthingsrarmitage)