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Oh . . . my. Sir Guy & Ladywriter discover edible nirvana. Mary Poppins was right!


untitledLadywriter made a sour face. “This prednisone leaves one nasty, bitter taste in my mouth . . .”

He cocked his dark head and raised an inquisitive brow. “Well, then–why don’t you open up some of your new goodies you purchased yesterday? Perhaps–” Sir Guy gestured with those elegant hands of his. “Is it not said something sweet improves the digestion of these potions?”


Ladywriter slowly nodded after sipping more water. Yuck! The aftertaste persisted.

She’d been diagnosed with a damaged ulnar nerve in her left wrist–her dominant wrist–and was now dealing with a big honkin’ wrist stabilizer worn day and night and the side effects of steroids (unusually rosy cheeks, feeling even more roly-poly than normal–and the nasty taste of the tablets). Hey, if it was good enough for Mary Poppins and her charges . . .


“Yep. I agree. Time to sample the new JIF–salted caramel hazelnut spread,” she said. The tip of Sir Guy’s pink tongue involuntarily peeked out and licked his lip, his azure eyes brightening at her words.


LW shot him a sidelong glance. “Erhmmm . . . I don’t suppose you want to try any, too? After all, you did have a substantial breakfast of waffles with syrup and a large side order of bacon, Sir Guy . . .”

He raised both brows and attempted to look completely innocent. Being Sir Guy, he failed.  Being Ladywriter, she loved it.

“I think it would only be right for me to try it first, my lady. To make sure it is—satisfactory.”

LW gave her favorite dark knight of a  chocolic an affectionate smirk, followed by a gentle punch on his arm with her good hand. “Liar.”

Chuckling, she playfully spooned out a generous dollop of the dark, rich-looking spread and held it up. “Open wide . . .”

Sir Guy did just that, rolling the sweet substance in his mouth, smacking his lips and then swallowing, his Adam’s apple bobbing.

A flash of white teeth and an appreciative husky growl. “Oh, my . . . sweet. And salty. And absolutely delicious . . .”

Fedoralady took her own “spoonful of sugar.” She agreed.

“Sir Guy . . . the bitterness is gone.  It’s like a party for my mouth!”

He chuckled.  “One might even say–it resembles—-ME.”

Happy Guyday Friday!!



BeFunky_OrtonStyle_133 (2)



Choccie, hugs, and pressies: Fedoralady’s Christmas 2012


Got my replacement card reader today and thought I would share a few photos from the family Christmas in Birmingham. Some of this offers proof we share the same DNA.  Entered into evidence, these photos of my great-niece A licking the bowl after her auntie SB  finishes whipping up something chocolatey.


pizap.com13565796312171She is DEFINITELY related to me.


Thirty-plus years ago, a little blonde-haired toddler absolutely adored her youngest aunt’s boyfriend. She couldn’t quite manage to pronounce his name, so she called him “Ben-jie.” And now that little blonde is all grown up and her little girl also adores that tall man with the sweet smile. Maybe one day, that dark-haired little girl’s child will feel the very same–although I am not sure “Ben-jie” will still  be able to lift the little one to touch the ceiling .


Our lovely sixteen-year-old H seems very pleased with those Amazon and Target giftcards.



We are all just a bunch of hams.


Hope you all had wonderful Christmases with those near and dear to you.

Early Sunday (Sundae) with Sir Guy

A macro photo of a Maraschino cherry, taken wi...

A macro photo of a Maraschino cherry, taken with my Fuji S7000 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chocolate syrup - shown topping ice cream
Chocolate syrup – shown topping ice cream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I didn’t eat a brownie for supper last night, but I did have a brownie sundae for dessert tonight. With fat-free vanilla frozen yogurt, fat-free chocolate syrup and low-fat whipped cream with maraschino cherries . . . the brownie, however, in its moisty, fudgy mocha goodness, was not quite so healthy.

Sprinkles, chocolate syrup and whipped cream o...

Sprinkles, chocolate syrup and whipped cream on icecream. Svenska: Strössel, chokladsås och vispgrädde på glass. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Homemade Chocolate Brownies and Milk

Homemade Chocolate Brownies and Milk (Photo credit: texascooking)

Sir Guy loved it (even though it was Blue Bunny frozen yogurt and not Blue Bell full-fat ice cream).

You should have seen him licking the whipped cream off those delectable lips. Almost as good as watching him squirt Cheese in a Can on his finger and then slowly lick it off.  Or when he squirts it directly on his tongue.

I get all–warm and tingly just thinking about it.

Food fun with the ChaRActers . . . Of course, Guy is delicious no matter what he’s doing. Slouching, snacking, snarling, smirking–it’s all good.

Dessert with Richard (or is that On Richard?)


I just got my April issue of Southern Living Magazine in the mail today. It’s a great mag, lots of info about southern culture, food, decor, travel, gardens and more. Speaking of food, they regularly offer images of mouth-watering “foodporn”–in the case of the front cover this time, a fresh strawberry meringue cake that looks to die for.  Benny whipped up my usual nighttime serving of Activia yogurt into a delicious and nutritious strawberry smoothie–a milkshake without the guilt. We are already planning to make the strawberry chicken salad recipe featured inside the mag. Yummmm!

The sweet temptation of a fresh strawberry.

Now, I personally find strawberries-fresh, ripe, sweet, juicy red strawberries–quite delicious with chocolate.

A juicy berry dipped in sweet, creamy chocolate . . .

And chocolate makes me think of Mr. A with his deep, rich, delicious chocolate velvet voice.

Is that a naughty twinkle I see in those eyes and that smile? Gosh, I hope so.

Hmmmm, chocolate, strawberries and Richard. Let’s add in some whipped cream, shall we?

Homemade chocolate fudge cake, fresh strawberries, chocolate sauce and real whipped cream. And Richard.

I am sure you all can take it from here. Carry on . . .

"Hmmmm, wonder what those fangurlzzz will come up with? They are VERY inventive . . ."

Be Dionysian with the TDHBEW–TAE Word for the Day Pt. 2


Richard. Chocolate. Dionysian Possibilities. I'm just sayin' , , ,

Lucas, hungry, darling?

Lucas North. Choccie-covered doughnuts. That thumb. *thud*

NIgella, the object of Richard's chocolate kisses fantasy. Very dionysian.

Dionysian: (adjective) uninhibited; undisciplined; spontaneous; wild; orgiastic.

Dionysis was, of course, the god of wine and fertility in Greek mythology (Bacchus to the Romans).

Richard once said he’d love to kiss TV chef and queen of gastroporn, the sensuous Nigella Lawson, whilst she had chocolate on her ripe lips. Nigella, it has been said, “revels in dionysian excess.” (Doug Lawson, Sydney Morning Herald).

Imagine sharing a generous dollop of rich, creamy chocolate with RA in a friendly liplock? Talk about a dionysian thrill!

Lucas North had his own dionysian moment chowing down on fresh chocolate-covered doughnuts and licking the frosting from his long, elegant fingers.

I am quite sure John Mulligan, Lee Preston and Sir Guy would all be up for a dionysian evening, ladies. It positively warms the cockles of a red-blooded female’s heart . . .

(photos RANet, squiddo.com)