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These are fascinating, that’s for sure.


Mr. Thornton doesn't know what to think about such foolish female frippery.

When I saw certain “hat” fashions worn at the royal wedding–called fascinators–I admit I got the giggles. Because I found myself thinking of the funny lady below, and some of the bizarre fashions she loves to wear. Mr. Thornton looks askance, but he would not be all surprised if Fanny showed up wearing such a ridiculous bonnet, if she was told it was the latest Parisian fashion.

Fabulous fashion victim Eddy Monsoon (Jennifer Saunders).

. (photos RANet/Wiki)

Does it demonstrate I am totally out of synch with fashion for laughing uproariously when I saw the princesses?

And the results are in: S3 Guy is winning look!


One of my favourite promo stills. That profile. The hair. Gorgeous.

A impressive and regal figure. Much more imposing than that poor, moth-eaten lion.

With just 50 percent of the vote in our recent poll, long-locked Sir Guy’s Milanese threads with all those straps and buckles, paired with the Marvel of Engineering Trousers and the Floppy Black Pirate Shirt, was your choice for Favourite Look.

Coming in second with 40.63 perfent of the vote is S2 Guy with his head-to-toe leather.

So to celebrate here are some more pix of sexy, angsty, gorgeous S3 Guy for your enjoyment.

Guy, please. Go ahead and kill Screechy, too. Put us out of our misery.

More proof nobody rocks the leather like RA & ChaRActers . . .


Porter--Katie's hero and ours in black leather.

In a continuation of our study of leather and RA (and how he and his chaRActers wear it better than anybody else), I bring you some more photos of RA and his alter egos in leather to compare with lesser mortals. Lucas, Porter, Guy, Ricky and Mr. A–we love you all in leather. Enjoy!

Belstaff Dark Leather Blouson

Belstaff Dark Leather Blouson (Photo credit: tommy.chang)

The Man himself after signing autographs outside ITV Studios . . . holding a card given to him by a fan

Sir Guy, baby, show 'em how the head-to-toe leather is done.

I think these folks are imitating our Luscious One . . . in their "cruel black"

Model in Belstaff--a pretty boy, but Lucas would have rocked it better.

Sorry, Vin. But nobody does it better than Richard.

Lucas captivates as a courier in black leather--you can deliver to me anytime!

Some people can rock the black leather better than others . . .


Oh, dear. (halloweencostumes.com)

This is a “hard-studded street peeper.” Uhmmmm . . . OK. (urbangent)
Ricky certainly rocks his biker threads. (sodapop.com)
Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Not that I think Richard Armitage actually NEEDs any sprucing up, but it did pop into my email today and some of his characters have undergone transformations . . .

Spruce: (verb) to make neat or dapper (often followed by up); to make oneself spruce (usually followed by up).(adjective) Trim in dress or appearance; neat, smart, dapper.

Before his wedding to Carol, Yorkshire farmhand John Standring traded in his crop of unruly curls and coveralls for a haircut and a new suit. He looked very spruce.

Sprucing Up Armitage: TAE Word for the Day


Yummm. Photo courtesy of RANet

I was very tired when I drafted this post this morning, or should I say, yesterday morning; so tired I didn’t managed to get it published. So here it is . . .

I have been sneezing my head off, sniffling quite a bit and coughing. Allergies or have I caught Spouse’s cold?
Not sure, but I am going to curl up with fuzzy Puddie Cat with her V-8 engine purr and try to catch some ZZZZs.
But I shall not neglect you, my darlings.

Here is one of my favorite shots of Lucas in Action Man Mode. I wonder–does he hold his hands in such a manner when he runs in order to deliver a karate chop to anyone who gets in the way? Or possibly to fend off any crazed fangurls who get too close? Does it somehow increase his speed? He certainly looks focused and determined to catch the bad guy/defuse the bomb/rescue his fellow agent.

I always felt safer when Lucas and Ros, kitted out in their cool denim and leather, were out taking care of business. Yes, even though I am not British and they technically don’t exist–the world seemed in better order with the Dynamic Duo in action.

But I know what your attention is drawn to. The Prize Thighs. So muscular they are straining the material of his black jeans. Poetry in motion, ladies and gentlemen.

Lucas,you can come speeding to my rescue any old time you like. (I know the whole Bateman thing was just a very bad dream and you are still alive and well and as hot and heroic as ever.)

Lucas in Action Man Mode: Poetry in Motion


It’s been suggested that John Porter looked too good to be an SAS soldier turned agent for MI6. And they are probably right. However, this does not stop me from loving how he rocks his various outfits and disguises. For example, John Porter with that gazelle-like neck of his looks swell with it swathed in a scarf.

And when he wraps it around his head, hiding everything but his eyes, he looks like the masculine equivalent of a harem girl. All we can see are those those eyes–keen, intense, beautiful. You just long to know what else is under the fabric.

So here’s to you, Portah. Brave, heroic, resourceful, dangerous–and a guy who looks swell in scarves. (Screencaps courtesy of RANet and Richard Armitage Central Gallery.)

John Portah looks swell in scarves

Richard: Leather & Denim~A Match Made in Heaven for Me


Leather, denim, long legs--and that grin, Irresistible.

I agree, Richard. You (and your denim and leather) earn an enthusiastic thumbs up.

Richard talking to fans after a radio interview in London. His trusty ensemble of leather jacket, blue jeans and the briefcase (just what IS inside there?)

Is it the fact I first “met” Richard as Guy, he of the head-to-toe black leather? Or is it seeing him in his Lucas jeans, striding down the pavement, beautiful hands tucked into the front pockets? Is it recognizing his Porter leather jacket worn to one of his interviews? Is it the simplicity of the outfit–nothing flashy, nothing trendy–robing a body of classical male beauty? I don’t know. I just know I love seeing Richard in leather and denim. *sigh* *thud*