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More dress-up fun with Guy and the Creator


San Diego Comic-Con International

There’s a reason why I made Guy a highwayman in my novel in progress. He sends chills down my spine when he declares, “Stand and Deliver!”

Guy is still trying to determine just what costume he wants to wear for Comic-Con International in San Diego. Here are some ideas he is tossing around. Yeah, I am seriously enjoying FaceInHole, Loonapix,BeFunky and other fun photo editing sites online. When you can’t sleep anyway, it’s a creative and pleasant way to pass the time and the subject matter is so–appealing. And I always did like playing dress-up. And dressing up the ChaRActers. 😉

You gotta admit. Richard–and Sir Guy–would make sexy, sexy pirates. He’s already got the kohl liner down pat.

This really isn’t a stretch for our dark knight. But he does look so good in chain mail and armor (and out of it!) and knows how to wield a weapon.

Being a tad jealous of a certain King Under the Mountain, Guy is thinking of getting his royalty on. This photo was originally of Al Pacino as, I believe, Richard III. This seemed quite fitting. 😉
Too bad Pacino’s neck isn’t longer. Well, not everyone can be as beautifully made as our dark knight.

The wasp-waisted Victorian dandy. The man does do period very well.

Comic-Con International is coming to San Diego in a few short days. Sir Peter Jackson and the lead actors in The Hobbit–Martin Freeman, Sir Ian McKellen and RICHARD ARMITAGE, along with director/actorAndy Serkis and co-screenwriter Phillipa Boyens will be part of the blockbuster movie’s panel on Saturday afternoon, July 14 in Hall H. And I will be there, too, as a reporter for Comic Book Resources and as an enthusiastic RA blogger and admirer.


Deutsch: Ian McKellen bei der Weltpremiere des...

Deutsch: Ian McKellen bei der Weltpremiere des dritten Teils des Herrn der Ringe in Wellington (Neuseeland) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Peter Jackson promoting the 2009 film...

English: Peter Jackson promoting the 2009 film District 9 at San Diego Comic-Con. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Empire Awards 2008 - Martin Freeman

Empire Awards 2008 – Martin Freeman (Photo credit: claire_h)

Thoughts on Comic-Con & our little community


Comic-Con (Photo credit: Scott Beale)

English: Richard Armitage at the 2010 Televisi...

Two weeks from today–good Lord willing and the Creek don’t rise–I will be at Comic-Con. Thursday through Sunday, July 12-15, I will be in sunny San Diego, battling the crowds, seeing people dressed in outlandish and amazing costumes, listening to various celebs and industry people speak, recording panels and interviews, writing articles and, hopefully, gleaning information you all will find interesting, informative and just plain fun.  After all, if it weren’t for you all, I wouldn’t be going.

Comic-Con Costume Girls 09

Comic-Con Costume Girls 09 (Photo credit: heath_bar)

First, I have to thank Frenz for providing the link to Comic Book Resource’s article about needing reporters for the event. And once I was accepted by CBR and earned my free four-day pass and the promise of a stipend and all the convention junk food I could eat, it was Frenz who created my donate button through PayPal for my Comic-Con Trip Fund. She and fellow bloggers were kind enough to promote it and readers and fellow bloggers were generous enough to donate to it.  Dawn not only offered practical advice as a Comic-Con veteran, she also provided financial support and offered her lovely jewelry as an additional fundraising tool.

You all are good folks.

When Benny and I were at the salon yesterday, we were discussing the trip while Renee cut his hair. He was telling her how people from all the world had supported me and made the trip possible  (He’s extremely impressed by the RA community by the way). Renee is fully aware of my recent troubles–the unexpected jolt in more ways than one of unemployment and the subsequent car accident–and she is truly happy for me to have this opportunity.

“God has a way of looking after us,” she said with a gentle smile.

Which made me think–is it God, or karma or sheer dumb luck or something else that is leading this to happen?  Were all the stars perfectly aligned?  I don’t know. But I think a lot of credit, obviously, has to go to Richard Armitage. It’s because of Richard that I started this blog and got to know so many of you.  It’s our love and admiration for Richard that has led most, though certainly not all, of us to our intense interest in what happens at Comic-Con, particularly on Saturday in Hall H.

Of course, we are all hoping and praying that Richard will be at Comic-Con; that I will have the opportunity to, at the very least, meet him and better yet, to interview him (and find out what he smells like for all you curious ladies out there).

And I would dearly love to  be able to briefly tell him how I ended up at Comic-Con in the first place.

No matter what happens regarding RA, I think Comic-Con International will be a very eye-opening experience.  And I will share as much of it as I can with you all.

English: San Diego Comic Con 2010 Joker Cosplay English: San Diego Comic Con 2010 Joker Cosplay (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Description: Entrance to the San Diego Gaslamp...

Description: Entrance to the San Diego Gaslamp Quarter, historic heart of San Diego, from the Gaslamp Quarter trolley station. Date Created: Thursday, July 24, 2008, 10:46 AM Location: Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego, California Event: Comic-Con International: San Diego, Day 1. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)