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A sigh of relief. At last.



I am smiling because I am happy. Tired and aching, yet happy. We had  good night tonight. Several sales before the show, and another flurry of them afterwards.  Sold three-quarters of the DVDs we took with us tonight and have several more who plan to buy tomorrow night or Saturday. This is good!

The show went well, there was a large crowd on hand to cheer them on, and I know I made one of the featured singers and her mom very happy with a few kind words on facebook. Hey, I calls ’em as I sees ’em. 😉 And knowing that made ME feel good. By the way, she gave another fabulous performance.  Go Christina!


I saw some folks I hadn’t seen in a long time and got some compliments on the hair (which is now displaying Benny’s handiwork with the new champagne blonde tones).  We had to grab bread and milk at Wal-Mart after the event.  Benny scored us one of their premade Italian sandwiches, which we shared on the way home, with just enough left over for a doggie treat. 😀

Harry, Benny and I all breathed a big sigh of relief after it was over. Our best event yet so far. Two more nights of POTR to go. Looks like we may be shooting a dance recital next month, and we already have a kindergarten graduation lined up and will do a complete high school graduation package–Honors Program, Class Night, Baccalaureate and Graduation. The merry month of May will be a busy one for us.

Relief. Yeah, that’s how I feel. I shouldn’t worry so much, but I am afraid I do. *sigh*

I promise I will make time for some Guy tomorrow. It’s pushing 1 a.m. now here . . . hope all is well with you.

Butterflies and Breaking Legs: Gearing Up for the Big Show



All stills are from the dress rehearsal of “Putting on the Ritz,” our arts council’s annual musical fundraiser.  Originally conceived as a one-time event to celebrate the 80th birthday of the grande dame of our arts program, the event evolved into a spring showcase of our homegrown talent and a way to raise monies to bring professional performers to our little hometown. I am proud to say our town of less than 8,000 has one of the most active and thriving arts councils in the state.

I am exhausted and in pain and excited and nervous and eager all at the same time. I can only imagine the dozens of folks taking part in the show tonight and the next two nights are feeling somewhat the same way (except I hope the exhaustion and pain isn’t there!).  I know the director has butterflies in her tummy and so do I.


We were up in the middle of the night–well, I’d never gone to bed and Benny hadn’t had a lot of sleep–watching the finished DVD.

We got nervous when it appeared that might be a problem with the sound, with Benny departing to watch the other copy on the other flat screen, but happily it appeared to be nothing more than a problem with my DVD player/TV connection *phew*

Benny had added an “old timey” look to a portion of the video, which worked beautifully, and the colors of the costumes were dazzling in the other footage. His close-up work shot at Monday night’s dress rehearsal was edited into  last night’s footage and really gives the video something extra the audience won’t get watching in the auditorium.


I made a DVD sale sign in Photoshop using a red theatrical curtain backdrop I found for free online and we’ll display it on my table tonight, along with Benny’s tablet, loaded with the intro featuring more of my stills incorporated into an “American Idol” type of opening with a cheering crowd and lots of glitz.  And, of course, we will have copies of the souvenir DVDS . . . may they all sell this week and there be a demand for more, more, more.  *crosses fingers and toes*

We’ve put a lot of work into this; the folks appearing on stage, in the band and behind the scenes have worked even harder and longer, however. None are professional performers. We’ve got elementary and high school students, teachers, a city/county librarian, a newspaper editor, two judges, a lawyer,  juvenile probation officer, retail sales manager and more–a true cross-section of the community.


They have jobs and families, homework and housework, church and social obligations, and they still devoted many nights of rehearsal learning songs and practicing dance steps. Numerous hours were set aside to design and make costumes, to build and paint the stage backdrops and create props.  It’s a labor of love, a labor for the arts. I hope we have full houses all three nights to cheer them all on!

(And OK, I wouldn’t mind selling a few extra DVDs. 😉 Hey, it’s my business now, right?)



“Let’s raise the roof and have some fun . . .”  My former co-worker and editor, Kevin, who is now the city/county librarian, channeling his inner Lionel Richie for “All Night Long” number. Another former co-worker, now editor at a sister publication, is keyboardist for the show (and also plays the trumpet).  I have lots of talented friends, come to think of it . . . 😉