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Batman buzz, burglary and RA’s benevolent heart, oh my!



And the buzz continues about our boy being a possible contender for the role of Batman. Whether or not he gets it or even wants it or whether or not the fans want him to do it, I do think the fact his name and face are being bandied about by more and more media outlets,, including some pretty reputable ones, can only be a positive thing in the long run.  A little thing called “free publicity.” 😉






And this showed up on twitter today from an organization that supports those battling a severe form of skin disease  . . . bless RA’s sweet, benevolent heart!

Here in the office today we were excited to receive Butterfly Wishes from ‘The Hobbit’ star, Richard Armitage!  Thank u


And the burglary? Well, thieves drove up in the front yard of the old farmhouse a couple of days ago, kicked in the side door, rifled through drawers and stole some items.  Benny discovered this yesterday when he went down there to get the mower from the old chicken coop and saw the door standing open (there is a glass storm door on the outside).  It made me positively sick at heart to find out someone had invaded my childhood home. I felt violated, sick, sad and angry. Made me feel like siccing these guys on them.




The good news is they caught the people responsible. It appears to be a burglary ring based in the neighboring county that has targeted several houses in the area and then crossed the line to hit the farmhouse. A woman who was part of it attempted to pass a check at a grocery store from my late father’s bank account. Not a wise move. Turns out there is also a meth lab involved and several folks got arrested. There’s burglary and forgery and drug manufacturing charges all pending . . .  I only wish whoever broke in had fallen through the hole in the kitchen floor and ended up taking a swim in the cellar. *evil grin* Except they would have probably sued us.

And now, I must go toss together a salad to go with the chicken parmesan for supper. Love, love to all!