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Porter. *thud*


I’ve got to try to get some sleep now that my knee has been iced up and calmed down. Y’all enjoy more Portah. Oh, what fun it is to play with light effects on that lovely bare, fair flesh of his . . .

That is the most tempting set of Cupid’s bow lips I have ever seen.  I am feeling that impulse to nibble and nosh again . . .

Oh, the glories of Tied-Up Armitage. Honestly, unlike Mr. Grey I am not into bondage, but there’s just something about these commanding alpha males in a particular kind of peril . . .

And what is it about him when he’s got his mouth open partnered with that intense gaze? *guh*

And just for fun . . .  Sgt. Portah as Master Mechanic. I think I need him to adjust my McPherson struts.

Sometimes I just want to wax rhapsodic . . .


A tall, well-built man, beautifully knit together; broad, strong chest, big elegant hands, a swan-like neck with the most delectable Adam’s apple, and a dancer’s long, lean and muscular thighs. A figure of grace and beauty both at rest and in motion, incredibly expressive.

And the face.
A visage with a noble profile, such as might have graced an effigy of a long-dead king. One can easily believe noble blood may very well flow in those veins.  

A proud aquiline nose and equally masculine jawline.  Lips, not full, and yet retaining an incredible sensuality.

The delicate Cupid’s bow of the upper lip invites one to trace its outline with a fingertip–or the tip of a tongue, perhaps?  A mouth that gains a new softness, an aching vulnerability when he sleeps.

The eyes. Unforgettable. 

A lovely blue that is amazingly changeable, sometimes as cerulean as a clear summer sky, sometimes as stormy as  a bank of thunderclouds; crystalline green eyes, eyes the color of  golden topaz and desert sand.

Beautiful eyes fringed in thick, long lashes and framed by bold, well-shaped masculine brows that have never undergone a waxing–thank goodness.  Eyes surrounded by endearing laugh lines. The eyes of a man who has a zest for life. Eyes that express the gamut of emotions: anger, rage, worry, tenderness, desire, fear, self-loathing, weariness, sorrow, delight.

And those smiles. Dazzling. And it’s not just the pearly whites that make those grins so amazing. It’s their genuine quality and the way the smile is reflected in those eyes. A smile that starts on the inside and works its way out.

The hair, thick and fine-textured, incredibly soft-looking, with a tendency to wave and curl with length. That endearing  cowlick.  Whether sporting a floppy fringe, curls at the nape, Guy’s extensions or his current short hair, one wants to reach out and touch., brushing back an errant lock or brushing fingertips across the top of that crop.

There’s also the allure of the stubble, the beauty of the beard and the appeal of the clean-shaven jaw; the charm of those elfin ears. Those crinkles. The expressive raise of a brow, flicker of an eyelid, curve of the mouth.  What a marvelously mobile and watchable face you have.

So NOT a cookie-cutter bland sort of handsomeness. As for the incredible talent, the delightful sense of humor, sweet modesty, keen intelligence, well–you are quite the package, aren’t you?  I would say you, Mr. Artimage, and your wonderful array of ChaRActers are just what I was waiting for . . .