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Because sometimes you just need a dose of cute guy


Lee Pace at Comic-Con a couple of years ago.  Cheekbones to die for.

We’re having lines of thunderstorms–yes, remnants of Isaac, believe it or not–moving through tonight, interrupting our plans to watch Coma when the weather knocked out the satellite signal (and the internet) for a while.  I was trying to do some straightening up earlier and managed to twist my back and my ankle–in typical klutzy fashion–so out came the ice pack.  Anyway, the electricity is still with us for now after a brief flirtation with going out and the internet connection is back. And so I share some Lee Pace/Richard Armitage cuteness. Can’t wait to see Thranduil and Thorin on the big screen come December!

Oh, those eyes, that smile, those hands. And did I mention the biceps?

Lee Pace imitating the bulldog. Or maybe the bulldog is imitating Lee Pace?

Richard as Harry K. in the VoD sketch.