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Out-of-control Armitage? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


Here’s a quote I found on Caroline’s Tumblr site, recycledvinyl. I have read it before, but Richard’s quotes, like everything else about him, are worth a second, and third, and fourth–well, you know–read/look/listen.

“Do you know what I really love? I love skiing. I love the headlong rush. Because I have this love-hate relationship with control. The good moments, the best moments, are when I’m out of control.”

First of all, I am imagining Richard slipping those ski goggles into place, then setting off down the slope, his tall figure graceful as always, strong thighs flexing as he pivots and bends, a look that mixes focus with sheer exhilaration on his face, cheekbones flushed in the cold . . . it’s a sight I would love to see. Although the mother hen part of me also thinks, “Oh, do be careful, darling. Don’t break one of those beautiful legs!”

And even though I am a born klutz and would likely manage to break my neck on the bunny slopes if I attempted to ski, I can certainly see the appeal and the excitement of “danger sports,” as Richard refers to them.

And then the thought hits me. “Richard. Out of control.” Oh dear.

Now, why do I find that thought so—-arousing? Must be the Spring FeveRA hitting me again.

"I did say my ideal woman had a bit of a naughty side, didn't I?"

(screencap RANet, ski images by Google Images)

Well, there you go . . .