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Thorin Thursday: What a Gorgeous Dwarf!


(With apologies to David Guetta)


He’s nothin’ like a dwarf that you’ve ever seen before

Nothin’ you can compare to your part of the world

I’m tryin’ to find the words to describe this guy

without bein’ disrespectful . . .

Damn, boy!

Damn! you’re a sexy dwarf!

A hottie dwarf!

Damn, you’re a gorgeous dwarf . . .

OK, so he’s a good half-foot shorter than I am. And very hairy. When compared to his age, I am practically jail bait.  And yet . . . oh, the allure.

Who needs Naomi or Miranda  or Gisele or one of those other supermodels when you have Hirsute Hotness Incarnate to grace the cover of your magazine?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I enter into evidence the photo above. *thud*

Even with Gandalf looming over him, Thorin still manages to look very regal and kingly–a fellow not to be trifled with.

I want to run my fingers through that mane of hair, stroke his beard, nibble on those delectable elfin ears . . .

What a magnificent beast! And the “pony” isn’t bad, either.

Undoubtedly, undeniably the Universe’s Hottest, Sexiest, Most Alluring Dwarf.