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OT: Do you have a doppelganger?


Have you ever experienced the shock of seeing yourself in a photo or a video, and you know it can’t possibly be you. And yet, it IS you. Your face, your smile, your hair, your complexion, your mannerisms–you.

It’s a peculiar feeling.

doppelganger: a ghostly double or counterpart of a living person

In 1983, Lionel Richie made a video entitled All Night LongI was teaching at the state school for the blind in Talladega at the time. One weekend, I stayed up to watch TBS‘s Night Tracks, the closest thing to MTV to which I had access in those days. And I saw Richie’s video. Something–or should I say someone–caught my eye in the vid: a backup dancer with short blonde hair.  She looked oddly familiar.

She looked like—me.  Hell, she looked more like me than I did!

Now, I don’t have an identical twin. But I do apparently have a doppelganger of sorts.

She popped up in several moments on the video, beginning with the opening scene: a shot from behind of a girl carrying a lunch box, dressed in denim shorts and a plaid shirt, walking to the right of the screen amongst the other dancers.

At 47 seconds, she reappears dancing a person or two behind Lionel, wearing an orange T-shirt, denim mini and a scarf around her neck.

At 1:08, there she is sporting jeans and a blue shirt and yet another scarf (the chick likes scarves, and–so do I). And again, same outfit, at 1:33.

A couple of very quick flashes of her and then she reappears by the steps looking up at the policeman at 2:54.

At 3:08 there she is to Richie’s left, wearing a sky blue mini and–you guessed it!–a scarf and a brown low-slung belt, pirouetting gracefully and smiling. Looks like she is having fun. You get quite a bit of my doppelganger over the next 12 seconds.

Now, I can only wish I had Doppelganger‘s dancing skills–and my legs and hips were never that slender, alas.

Still, she looks amazingly like me at that age (early 20s).  Amazingly. It’s kind of–spooky.

My husband-to-be, with whom I had split during our college days,  was out in California at the time undergoing  AF officer training.  Later, when we reunited, Benny mentioned to me seeing a certain music video that had really caught his attention. “I kept watching and scratching my head and wondering, ‘Hey, did Angie go out to California and become a–dancer??'”

Well, no, I didn’t. But there is someone out there who once looked more like me than my own flesh-and-blood relatives. I wonder what happened to Doppelganger, whether she continued in show business, if she has a famly, what she looks like now.

Little did she know she had a long-lost twin in Alabama all those years ago.