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Another country walk with the “lads and lady.’ Can spring be far away?



The genuine Alabama Red Clay Road on which I live. Named after my dear old dad–well, the half that is in our county. The other half is named in honor of a man who passed away the day I was born.  The dogs and I took our walk today, another lovely day with gentler winds.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMama Dawg was in fine form, her usual friendly, sunny-natured self.


And the little guy is still just as adoring of Uncle Rascal as ever.


Another gorgeous blue canopy overhead again.


Mama and son enjoy a bit of a cuddle together.


This is this farmhouse where I grew up. Yes, the bushes are in serious need of a good clipping.

Rascal on the side porch of the farmhouse. Such a handsome boy.

Rascal on the side porch of the farmhouse. Such a handsome boy.


Elvis. No blue suede shoes, but a blue suede-ish collar. And look at the green grass sprouting!


Jonquils picked from the farmhouse yard. Can Spring be too far away?

Blue Skies, Spectacular Sunsets, Sweet Canines. Life is (mostly) good.



Either someone has played a nasty trick on me and hidden a large quantity of Limburger cheese somewhere in the vicinity, or something has turned up its toes in the crawl space under the house.  I’ve a raspberry Renuzit which is supposed to neutralize odors and freshen the air right beside me. I think I need a couple more.  Ah, well.

Nonetheless, it’s been a beautiful day. No rain, the sky the most amazingly vibrant shade of blue with shifting white clouds. The winds were high, as if March had arrived a little early.  And our guests were still here. And with hearty appetites!



After  chowing down heartily (with Elvis being far too stroppy about having to share) Mama Dawg and her little boy decided to accompany me on a walk. The next thing I knew, Elvis had joined us, with Rascal quickly bringing up the rear. I kept a close eye on the smallest member of our group, and when I heard a car coming, raised a warning hand as if to say, “Slow. Puppy Crossing.”

The wind was colder than I realized and I should have worn a jacket, but it felt so bracing. Just to get out of the house! And the dogs seemed to enjoy our ramble together. When the puppy took off into the brambles along the road side, I called to him and he gave me a look over his shoulder.

“Oh, excuse me. You need to do your business,” I murmured with a nod.

We cavorted a bit in the yard upon our return. Mama Dawg likes to play (and how those dark eyes sparkle when she does!) and the other dogs are still being a tad stand-offish. And then everyone seems ready for a nap–at least all the canines do . . . this one had to get his beauty sleep.


I went back and spent some time on the computer, visiting with the cats so they wouldn’t feel neglected. They do worry about me spending too much time with those inferior creatures.

When I later check on those canines, my little friend is ready to romp a bit with his Uncle Rascal. Rascal is even-tempered and handsome and puppies are always drawn to him.  Our bachelor dog is never quite sure what to think of it all.


As night drew near, I put out more food and took note of a marvelous sunset. Time to grab the camera again.



And then I turned around and found this little fellow watching me, as if to say,”Why are you taking pictures of the sky when you could be taking my photograph?”

And so I did.