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What are you like in your dreams?



What are you like in your dreams? What identity do you wear in your fantasies?  I am almost always younger, invariably thinner, and certainly more healthy. No FMS, no osteoarthritis, no constant aches and pains and weariness. No jiggly parts that shouldn’t jiggle or ever-increasing cellulite. Young enough and fit enough for adventures. Young enough to perhaps catch a certain TDHBEW’s eye . . .and then dazzle him with my wit and charm.

After all, a girl can dream . . .


Me at 40 on my birthday cruise. Although in my dreams I am in my early 30s–pre knee woes, surgery, lots of PT and FMS, the age I was in the top photo (also on a birthday cruise, seven years earlier).


In my dreams  I dance with him, in a way I in my klutziness have never danced in real life, with grace and verve, spinning, skirts flying in the air, laughing merrily. I feel light as a feather instead of weighed down literally and figuratively by the burdens of RL.

I am funny; I make him laugh, too. Big, geeky belly laughs. He sounds so gorgeous when he laughs.



What are you like in your RA dreams? What identity do you wear?