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One thing leads to another: a penetrating discussion


Funny how you start off in one place and you end up in another sometimes, isn’t it?

We got into a discussion concerning whether or not Mr. A had “piercing” blue eyes in the Chameleon Eyes post.

Are his blue eyes only “piercing” when he’s playing Lucas on Spooks or Monet in The Impressionists and their blueness is more pronounced?  Would Mr. Thornton’s, Porter’s or Harry’s eyes not be considered “piercing” in comparison?

I decided I should look up just what “piercing” is defined as being, in relation to eyes.

Piercing (adj): (in relation to eyes or a look) intense and penetrating; perceptive.

Hmmm. This is interesting. No mention of color or the deepness or brightness of said color.

So I went a little further.

Synonyms for piercing: sharp, keen, searching, acute, discerning

A piercing gaze is one that seems to look right into you.

Hmmmm. Remind you of anyone?


Some of the words above that really capture my attention in relation to Mr. Armitage/his eyes are searching, discerning, perceptive.

Do any of us doubt this is a man of discernment and perception?  Surely, part of our fascination with those eyes is the mind, the spirit, the soul we seem to glimpse when we look into them.

Richard giving this crew member of TH a keen look with those piercing eyes.

A searching glance is defined as one that is unusually observant or penetrating.

A discerning person is one who is unobtrusively observant and sympathetic. He is sensitive and able to make and detect effects of great subtlety.

The discerning person is also tactful.

A tactful person has or shows a sense of what is fitting and considerate in dealing with others.

Richard being unobstrusively observant during the Maori ceremony on The Hobbit set.

An unobtrusively observant, sensitive, perceptive, tactful individual who understands subtlety. Could that be our Mr. A? I like to think so. 

And oh yeah, I like those piercing eyes of his, too. No matter what color they are.

photos courtesy of Richard Armitage Net

Armitage’s Chameleon Eyes


Blue-eyed Armitage’s peepers turn camo green here in a scene from Strike Back.


Guy’s eyes here appear to be a light and very chilling grey here to me.
They are looking pretty blue here at the 2010 BAFTAs.

OK, I think we all agree Richard’s eyes are blue. Sometimes they look bluer than others, depending on his wardrobe, lighting (natural and artificial) set colors, makeup and photo editing tools for publicity stills. But they do have an amazing ability to pick up other colors in his environment, with subtle changes of hue. Like the man himself, his eyes are rather chameleon-like.  Blue, grey, green, even a sort of tan–what color are Mr. A’s eyes today? All of these are taken from RichardArmitageNet’s gallery.

Clearly, baby’s got blue eyes. Unretouched photo of RA at autograph table at Comic-Con. Courtesy of RAnet

If I had only ever seen Richard as John Porter in certain scenes in Strike Back, I would assume he had crystalline green eyes.

Monet’s eyes were an incandescent blue reflecting the colors of the sea and sky Monet loved capturing on canvas.

Thornton’s eyes appear to be a sober bluish-grey here.

Cool blue Spooks lighting create Lucas Blue eyes.

Blue Eyes on a Lazy Sunday Afternoon


Update from Chez Long.  A lazy Sunday afternoon, slightly cooler than of late.  Slept fitfully, dreamed of Christmas programs with cute little kids. Have no earthly idea why. Haven’t watched that adorable movie with Martin Freeman, Nativity, in a while. Have that hungover feeling of not being all awake and it’s 5:30 p.m. Haven’t accomplished much today.

Hubby is killing baddies on the PlayStation.  The dogs are napping, Callie is cuddled against her mom, Thumper is dreaming and, no doubt, plotting world domination (our three-legged tuxedo cat with the Hitler mustache is secretly an evil genius).

Puddie is–well, Puddie is doing pretty much the same, still hanging out in the kitchen.  We ply her with Fancy Feast  and “people” tuna and extra cooking oil (seems to make things go down more easily for her) and a little Blue Bell.  One day at a time.

Speaking of “blue,” I have also been thinking of blue eyes. A particular set of beautiful, expressive, intelligent, smouldering, sweet, sad, kind, amazing blue eyes.  You may be familiar with them . . . 

A Blue Monday post: Baby’s got blue eyes


I’ve always liked blue eyes. I was surrounded by them growing up in a singularly blue-eyed family, so I guess blue eyes make me feel at home.

Tall, dark-haired, blue-eyed men are my cuppa tea.  Married one, the love of my life. Have a mad, passionate crush on another one.

A man with an amazing pair of expressive, beautiful, eloquent blue eyes that are more changeable in color than my own (which take detours into grey and green, but never khaki!).  Pensive eyes, sleepy eyes, sorrowful eyes, keen eyes, eyes that plead and query and smoulder.



Sleepy, dreamy blue eyes with lids at half-mast. Irresistible.




Lucas’s blue eyes-intelligent,  sensitive, wary, the eyes of a man who has seen too much suffering in his lifetime. Unforgettable eyes.


The tough soldier’s eyes soften at the thought of his sweet little girl as he sends her a kiss from far away, the warmth of his feelings evident.



Those eyes . . .


Kohl-rimmed eyes. Smouldering, sexy and dangerous. Oh, Sir Guy . . .