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‘It’s like we never left . . .’: McTavish Tweets & I Look Back


BeFunky_Inkify_1qyyote.jpgThe wait is now over, Rich. I bet you are a happy man right now.

I bet Tami is also glad to see the world’s most gorgeous dwarf back in her chair, too!

This showed up on Twitter tonight. It made me smile.

More Sweet Blue Eyes: RA Style


In the last post, I focused on some of Richard’s ChaRActers and their expressive azure peepers. This time around, we’ll gaze upon the beauty of RA’s blue eyes in candids and photo shoots, both older and more recent (and longish hair, shortish hair, beard, no beard, stubble. Something for, hopefully, everyone).



A98R3_nCcAEuxWD.jpg largsse






Thorin Thursday: Intense!



Those eyes. Those teeth. That voice! Thorin roars, growls, simmers, smoulders, commands, captures our attention and our hearts.

So very intense . .






RA: Just Sublime in Sepia


I apologize if a lot of my posts of late have not focused on Richard. I’ve been distracted by dogs, spring-like weather, RL photography ops, Alfred Hitchcock, Georgette Heyer, that children’s book and other RL stuff.  Someone is liking my OT entries, though, as one of my “canine exploration” posts got something in the neighborhood of 16 “likes” and I NEVER get that many on anything. Dogs must be man’s best friend.

However, we are back to a post on the lovely Mr. Armitage and some of my photo edits featuring his sublime image in sepia, one of my favorite editing tools. Hope you like!






BeFunky_f (2)ss

Will he or won’t he?; or, the possible return of the Bearded Beaut


How exciting to think that in a few short days we will see a NEW interview with Richard! (I must say, all those we got during the big Hobbit press junket and series of red carpet appearances really did spoil me.)

RA’s slated to appear with Lorraine on ITV in England on Thursday, and Ali at RANet promises to have the segment posted ASAP. Of course, with roughly two-and-a-half months to go before shooting resumes on The Hobbit films, there’s a good chance Richard will have also resumed growing out his facial hair.

And I say–bring it on! As much as I looked forward to seeing Richard’s beautiful clean-shaven face after his long sojourn in New Zealand, I also found myself actually missing the beard. It really had grown on me . . . so to speak.

BeFunky_richard beard.jpg

The truth is, Richard Armitage is one of those rare guys who can pull off a variety of looks–scruffy, clean-shaven, bearded, long hair, short hair, et al.–and look great no matter what.  But I have developed a genuine affection for The Beard. Found myself pining for it just a bit.

As some of you may recall, I even celebrated it in a poem a while back. Thought it might be time to share it once more with you all!


The Bearded Beaut

(written after the very first Hobbit press conference)

There are some who eschew guys who pass up a razor,

Preferring a clean-shaven face.

As for me, I don’t agree.

I don’t think it’s so weird to fancy a gent with a beard;


Facial hair—oooh, that air of masculinity!

That alpha maleness lurking in the vicinity

Of a handsome hirsute face

makes one’s heart quicken its pace  . . .

(Downy-cheeked lads just lack a certain—virility.)


And when the beard that’s sprouting out

Graces not some average lout

But Our Man who outshines all the rest of ‘em. . .

Hip, hip hooray! Oh, glorious day!

Mr. A, you rock that beard, I have to say.

When we first caught a glimpse of The Hirsuteness

Bearded Beauty extraordinaire,

what gorgeousness was there!

What a sexy, sexy beast we saw in you, my dearest Armitage . . .


At that table you dominated,

For your words our breath was bated,

as we waited, anticipated the Bearded Beaut.

(You sexy brut!)

Still, just watching gave us pleasure—

The Little Black Shirt encased our Biceped Treasure

Sitting so still and so attentive as others chattered.



And when your question came,

(darling girl, why a query so—lame??)

Sexy Rich, you did not disappoint us.

Deep blue eyes flashed ‘neath bold brows

Deep, dark voice, tinged with a growl!

White teeth gleamed–that wolfish smile–

Crinkled brow, that teasing style—

Hearts palpitated for quite a while . . .



The Bearded Beaut, a bit flirtatious,

a bit sarcastic, a little dang’rous,

You proved your point, proved it so well—

Such gravitas! Such—regal-ness—

You owned the room,

You wowed the geeks! They must confess . . .

That PJ’s Pick has the finesse

To strut his stuff (OMG, you’re really BUFF! But I digress . . .)


As alpha dwarf, you’ll reign supreme!

The finest dwarf Middle-Earth’s ever seen.

O Bearded One, you I adore,

And when you shave that chin once more

And bid farewell to your lovely beard,

Many will likely feel a little blue, ‘tis true,

For the beard has grown on us,

As well as you.

(But it looks better on you . . .)


So, dear readers, how about you? Looking forward to the return of plentiful facial hair, or dreading it? “Meh” about the whole thing or happy to see him in any state of hirsuteness (or lack thereof)? Do tell!

Mr. Vincent & I see eye to eye.


 But even with McKellen and the other returning cast members of Lord of the Rings, in the end it’s Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield who steals the film. Here again Jackson knows where to butter his bread — Armitage is simply wonderful as the grim dwarven king trying to do the impossible. Armitage shoulders most of the load — in the end it’s his movie — and that’s a good thing.

Quote by John Vincent at Airlock Alpha blog site from his review of “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.” Bold type is my own.   Read the entire review here:  http://www.airlockalpha.com/node/9484/the-hobbit-an-unexpected-journey.html

I saw this quote at Richard Armitage Net and of course, it delighted me. I suspected others would see Richard as THE star of the film–after all, as PJ himself said, you can’t take your eyes away from RA when he’s up there on the screen. Seeing more praise heaped upon this modest-and-oh-so-deserving man’s broad shoulders just makes me wear the biggest, silliest ol’ grin.

And it’s good when it comes from someone I assume was not an RA fan (at least, not until he saw this movie) and someone who doesn’t see Sir Peter as a sort of infallible genius.  Vincent was candid in his thoughts about The Return of the King and The Lovely Bones. Somehow, that makes his words of praise for the film, and particularly for Richard, mean more to me.

I am so glad Sir Peter’s latest effort exceeded his expectations–and that this new face in the Jackson fantasy universe totally wowed him.

I'd say he's in the center of this composite pic for a very good reason--he is the soul of the film.

I’d say he’s in the center of this composite pic for a very good reason–he is the soul of the film.

Sometimes, you just need someone larger than life


And who would expect it to be a dwarf? Ah, but this is a princely creature, standing tall even if short of stature; strong, fierce, a fighter, a survivor. A displaced king, a leader amongst his people, a second father to his sister-sons. Stubborn, proud and opinionated, but still able to admit when he’s wrong.  Someone you’d be proud and glad to follow.












Thorin & Company’s third straight week at #1 . . .


I saw that The Hobbit was number one at the box office for the third straight week, earning $32.9 million, bringing its totals to $222.7 million domestically and $600 million worldwide.

As I have said before, I do believe this film has “legs” and that word of mouth ultimately beats out mixed reviews. I believe it will continue to do well at the box office in the coming weeks, even when it drops from first place.  A bomb, it isn’t, in spite of what some people seem to think.

Runners-up were Django Unchained, $30.7 million, Les Miserables, $28 million, Parental Guidance, $14.8 million and Jack Reacher, $14 million.

In honor of the occasion, my two Thorin videos (I really need to make a new one–)


At any rate, it’s good news with which to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new.

Happy New Year’s Eve/New Year, everyone!!

Mooming & Grooming for the Big Day at the Movies


It’s Hobbit weekend. Roughly 16 hours from now I will, at long last, be seeing the movie in 3D, regular FR, at a multiplex an hour or so to our north.

Having run across a number of Tweets from folks who have the seen the movie, I have decided to go off coms there before I get well and truly spoiled. I have stopped reading reviews by other bloggers, too. Even though I am not a spoiler-free kind of fan in general, I find I do want to have a few surprises left to me., you know? Especially after waiting for so long to see it.

I gave my husband a haircut earlier to mark the occasion. Mr. Armitage has a better barber (one who has actually been to beauty school), but I bet RA’s stylist charges much more than I do (a pan of brownies or a kiss will more than suffice).


I’ve been trying to groom myself for the big day, too.  This does strike me as slightly incongruous since we will be seeing a group of excessively hairy dwarves, a wizard with a long fuzzy beard and a mop-topped Hobbit with hirsute feet. Oh, well, it IS a special occasion for humans.

Last night I decided to try out my Moom organic hair removal kit. Since I reached a “certain age ” I’ve been plagued with hair sprouting out in places I really would prefer it didn’t. Sometimes it’s white; sometimes it’s almost black.  And very coarse. OK, so I have always had a lot of hair.

Yours truly at the tender age of five, I believe. Not the longest my hair has ever been, either.

Yours truly at the tender age of five, I believe. Not the longest my hair has ever been, either.

But, dammit, Jim–I am not a dwarf woman. I do not want a beard on my chinny-chin-chin!

Waxing always leaves my skin very red and irritated for a couple of days, although I have regularly had it done on my brows and “upper lip” (yeah, it’s really my little blonde mustache). Plucking can be painful, too. These are some stubborn hairs, I tell you!

I really should have read the fine print on the Moom directions more closely. It appears you don’t have to heat up the jar of honey-like stuff when applying to face, only to the legs.


Oh.   Was that why it was such a gosh-darned sticky mess?  Hey, organic and natural doesn’t necessarily mean “neat.” I finally got all the Moom off my chin, throat, the muslin strips, the application sticks, the jar itself, my top . . . ahhhhh, you live and learn. I ended up plucking my brows. They got good and red, but at least I wasn’t sticky afterwards. Obviously, I need to perfect my technique . . .

However, I have no doubt that Mr A has perfected playing Thorin and will meet and exceed all my expectations of him in that role.



12-Thorin-TheHobbitMovie-RABirthdayTwitterpic (1)_originalss

Now, I am off to wash and condition my white  blonde locks. May put off shaving the old legs until tomorrow morning. Definitely won’t be Mooming them . . .

Thorin Thursday: Thorinmania Fully Underway!


The IMAX poster. Do you think they were going for sexy here?

Isn’t he though?

The weight of his burden is visible in Thorin’s eyes.

Formidable=Thorin Oakenshield

I love being able to see Thorin’s wonderful costume in detail here.

FYI: Turns out the old computer had a broken wire in the adapter so Benny ordered a replacement. Won’t be able to retrieve a lot of stuff until we get it. I’ve been through two adapters with that laptop and I honestly can’t recommend Toshiba computers. TVs, yes–but not laptops. Seems difficulties with the electric adapters  is a common problem with that brand. *sigh* Let’s hope this HP holds up better.

I am proud of the new unit. At long last I have keys where half the letters/symbols aren’t worn off, a key isn’t missing and the left click button actually works (although I prefer an optical mouse, anyway). I do give my computers a workout!

Since I don’t have access yet to a lot of my stuff, things may look a bit different at the blog over the next couple of days, but you will be getting regular posts.

I am happy. Let me tell you the reasons why.


(1) Today is Black Friday, traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year here in the good old USA. Some people are currently rushing Wal-Mart and other retailers to grab their gift bargains.

I, however, am still here in my black rose pajamas, all comfy and cozy, and quite chuffed that I have ordered something for my husband which he really wants, wouldn’t buy for himself and I saved 65 percent off the regular retail price, no sales tax and very cheap shipping. I do love bagging a bargain in my jammies.

(2) I have two new videos made which I think you are really going to enjoy. Very uptempo, with brand-new special effects, and fun!! Like a party in a video. Now, still having issues with uploading, so there will be a delay–but it’s something for you to look forward to. 😀

3) It’s Guyday Friday. Always a reason to be happy.

(4)  This.

Here’s the enlarged photo from the AccionCine movie magazine, thanks to RAFrenzy. Squee!!




Oh, my. This made me very, very happy. The v-necked white T reminded me of Porter. Those biceps. The hair on the forearms. Those eyes. Is that manly stubble I spy? Guh . . . .   how’s your day going?