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Catching up with Fedoralady; thoughts on moving out of comfort zones



(Blogger’s note: I started this post this morning and then decided to take a nice long nap. Turned out to be even longer than I planned.  Yeah, I was tired.)

My physical therapist told me to take it easy this weekend and I would hate to let her down.  We are out of cereal so I had cold pizza for a late breakfast. It’s really very tasty. I’m catching up on some of the movies and TV shows I have DVRed while thinking seriously about a nap. My husband will chide me for being a couch potato when he gets home this afternoon, but just call me “Spuds Fedora” today.

Pain kept me up well into the night.  I keep reminding myself that sometimes things get worse before they get better and it’s not as if I am unaccustomed to pain and discomfort, right? The tennis elbow (more like photographer/videographer’s elbow) and tendonitis have improved, I think; the ulnar nerve, on the other hand, has given me absolute fits.  I suspect a nerve conductivity test will be unavoidable (with minor surgery to relieve the nerve compression to follow).


72165WThe above illustration pretty much explains what is going on.

Speaking of nerves, my car has broken down five times in the last two weeks, forcing me to miss my much-needed therapy last Friday.  It’s getting on my last nerve, that big, comfy old (emphasis on “old”) tank.  It’s not the battery or alternator, apparently; sometimes it just decides it doesn’t want to crank. Well, I feel the same way some days, so perhaps I shouldn’t be too hard on the Crown Vic.  And I have to be thankful for cell phones and the kindness of the local police force, who obligingly moved The Old Tank out of the roundabout and into a safe spot last Friday . . . it could be worse.

I have been thinking a lot about comfort zones of late, too; dear friend Judit, aka the Hungarian Honey, is writing about her Crucible experiences and sharing them here with us at my blog. For Judit, writing something for publication, putting it out there where anyone online could potentially see it, was scary. Unnerving. Those feelings are perfectly understandable.



A few years back, when I wrote my first fan fic, a one-off story with Lucas, I was very apprehensive about publishing it. And keep in mind, I was a working newspaper reporter and columnist at the time. But this was something different; this was fiction, not fact, not an area I had a great deal of experience in writing-wise. I was dealing with a whole new group of potential readers. I knew the horror stories about “flamers.” Who wants their creative efforts to be ripped apart?

So yes, I had some butterflies in the stomach before I hit that “publish” button at Live Journal.

After some initial technical glitches, it all went pretty well. Better even than I expected.  So I kept at it, started writing longer multi-chapter fiction. I had a lot of fun and felt a definite sadness when a project came to the end and I had to say “goodbye” to the characters.  I can understand better how actors can become attached to and protective of their characters, too.

I even moved on to writing a novel with my own characters, although for various reasons it’s languishing for now, its inhabitants still knocking at the door of my imagination from time to time. The point is, writing fan fiction gave me the opportunity to flex some creative muscles in ways I hadn’t used them before. As the graphic above says, I had to be willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable along the way.



I did worry about what people would think, what they would say, when I first started sharing my creative efforts within the fandom. You know what? I have learned you have to leave those worries behind, too, as you step outside the static safety of the comfort zone. I love this quote you see above. You can never, nor should you ever try, to please everyone. Haters are gonna sit on the sidelines and be haters. Always have been, and always will be.

Jealousy and envy have been around as long as humankind; don’t let it stop you when others display theirs.   If you feel the desire, the need, the passion to share your creativity and imagination and dreams through writing, drawing, painting, photo editing, video making, blogging, dancing, singing or other means, DO IT.  And look for like-minded people who will encourage and nurture and inspire you along the way!


Even though life I am still relatively poor, with a chronic condition affecting me mind, body and spirit, no longer a cute young thing and driving a vehicle the reliability of which is suspect–I think it isn’t over yet, that I still have something to say, something to share, someone to inspire, new things to learn, growing to do. I am still looking for the magic . . . it’s the attitude I believe the man who inspired/inspires me would champion, the one who has kept pushing against the boundaries of his own comfort zone.


graphics courtesy of pinterest

Marshmallows & Pain & Thorin: Pre-Dawn Musings from Fedoralady


So the latest “must-see-but you can’t if you don’t have the secret decoder ring nanny, nanny boo-boo” event has come and gone and Lord knows what we will be subjected to in the coming months as bits and bobs of the second film of The Hobbit trilogy are dangled before us like the proverbial carrot.  Yes, my friend Velvet of Morrighan’s Muse, Pavlov’s dogs have been located, and we, apparently, are the salivating pack.  We may hate ourselves in the morning, but we will feverishly do our best to gobble up every morsel we can glean of whatever they throw at us tonight.

You know what? I don’t really care about elves (sorry, never consumed by ardor for Legolas, too pretty for my tastes, and now Thranduil has pissed me off seriously by getting in my dwarf king’s personal space) or dragons (even if voiced by a talented actor who looks inexplicably like an otter and speaks the Queen’s English quite beautifully).  I am awake again in the wee hours and in pain.  Listening to the wind still roaring a bit outside, I am eating marshmallows, of all things (at least they are fat-free),  my heating pad back on, seeking some sort of relief.

Lots of emotions running through me right now. I am angry at my body for letting me down yet again,  and a bit miffed with Warner Brothers for what I perceive is greed and a certain lack of respect for fans,  and feeling oddly defensive of my Thorin/RA and irrationally angry at the thought of Bard or Thranduil or anyone else stealing his magnificent thunder.  Call me crazy–you wouldn’t be the first–but that’s the way I feel.

So let’s look at Thorin, shall we? Maybe this will take me to my happy place. If nothing else, it will give you something nice to swoon/chuckle over.

Update: Apparently Warner Brothers has hired lawyers to go against screen shots taken of the Hobbit Live Event. Hearing thsi, I have even less love for them. Now they’ll come up with a Super Duper Extra Extended Edition with actual DNA of the cast members to help pay the exorbitant lawyer fees. Give me a freakin’ break . . .







Thorin Thursday: Good things DO come in small packages



I’ve always gone for taller guys–until I meet the regal warrior dwarf named Thorin. Yowza!


Oh, Thorin, I can hear your mellifluous baritone serenading me now . . .


It’s wintry weather here right now so this bit of fanart seemed appropriate. And he’s so lovely in shades of blue. 😉


Hmmmm. I am in the mood for something delicious . . .


OK, he does look a bit Jesus-like here, doesn’t he?


Because he IS, you know. Epic.

“Vintage” Armitage Fanart



More fun playing with Mr. A’s recent images, converting to sepia/b&w, using multiple overlays, working in iPiccy and BeFunky programs.




BeFunky_OrtonStyle_1ffOriginal images courtesy of Richard Armitage Net.

New Fanart: RA in a New York groove



While I really like this pose, I didn’t love the red background used for the photo shoot this was part of–I love red, but certain shades seem to drain Richard’s coloring, making him look tired in some of the photos. However, when I converted the color to sepia with red as an accent color, I liked it a lot better.




One of my favorite casual outfits, the black hoodie under the black leather jacket.

Sir Guy Ruminates on the CReAtor’s Leather


“Enough about this Thorin.  And that–premiere. It IS my day, after all. Guyday Friday.” Guy folds his arms across his broad chest and expels a breath.

“Yes, Guy, and you may have noticed the earlier post on RA in leather was filled with fanart of–YOU.”

A sniff and a toss of his lustrous mane.  He is still clearly not placated.

“Yesssss–but that was only because you wenches hadn’t found the proof yet that the CReAtor was actually wearing leather at this Australian soiree.”

He gives her a sidelong glance with those kohl-rimmed eyes. “I suppose a post on his fine new leather trousers will be showing up very soon here.”

“Maybe–maybe not. It is, after all, Guyday Friday. And I never, ever have forgotten that.” She widened her own big blue eyes as  she walked over and looked up into his face. Two, after all, could play at that game.

Guy blinked and rubbed the side of his nose with one long finger. “No–no, I suppose you haven’t,” he admitted, just a little grudgingly.

With a half-smile, she jerked her head in the direction of the kitchen. “There are brownies. With chocolate chunks and walnuts. Very moist and fudgy.”

The Dark Knight’s face visibly brightened. “I am feeling a bit peckish.”

He cleared his throat and looked at his feet. “Uhmmm. Pardon me for being slightly–stroppy.” Guy raised his eyes to meet hers. “You never have forgotten, LW, that’s true.”

Her smile broadened. “All is forgiven. Go enjoy your brownie, you big lug,” she said, giving him a playful swat on his arm.

As he strides away–my goodness, but she does enjoy watching him exit a room–Guy’s chocolate tones rumble: “Anyway, I’m the one who showed how good he could look in leather . . .”

“And it’s not BLACK leather he wore, either, Sir Guy,” LW added.

Suddenly he stuck his head back inside the door. ” True. Do you suppose–he could use a few lessons in really working those trousers?”

LW grinned. “I am certain he would be delighted, Sir Guy.”

And with a smirk and flick of his mane, Sir Guy headed away for his date with the brownie pan.



From akari01's Tumblr account, Richard rocking the blue-grey leather trousers and the black kicks for the ARIA awards.

From akari01’s Tumblr account, Richard rocking the blue-grey leather trousers and the black kicks for the ARIA awards.

Thorin Thursday: New Fanart!


In the sixth (or seventh, depending on who’s counting) TV spot, we got new scenes with Thorin. DJ at Heirs of Durin did some capping and I played around with some of her screencaps of our favorite dwarf.

Here he is in sepia:

And in living color:

And some artwork based on a photo from the Movie Guide:

And some more stuff:

Thorin was in my mailbox. Yippeeeeeeeeeee!


Thorin. Oh, Thorin. Monday night my husband presented a package for me from Jolly Olde England. My eyes lit up. It felt just the right shape and size and weight  to be–“Yes! It must be my magazine with Thorin!!”

Yes, my own personal copy, purchased from a London newsstand and sent to me by one of my lovely RA friends. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

The photo really doesn’t do it justice. It’s just breathtaking in person. Thorin and those soulful eyes leaping out at you from  this cover. *sigh*

And I received notice that two more of my Hobbit books, the visual guide and movie companion, should arrive via the USPS tomorrow (well, today). The mail is really fun of late. 😀

Anyway, this all put me in a Thorin mood, and so here’s some more fan art fun, including a version of a new behind-the-scene photo Servetus had on her blog.

Final Call to Feast for Sunday


For some reason the Sir Mix-A-Lot song Baby Got Back popped into my head, hence the wording on the fan art.

(I believe the original was, “Oh. My. God. Becky, look at her butt.”) Of course, when referring to Mr. A, you would encourage Becky  and anyone else around to look at every inch of him. And listen to that chocolate voice. Then wait for the *thud.*


Having RA appear on an Inspector Lynley episode entitled In Divine Proportion was simply perfect, wasn’t it?


So mysterious, alluring . . .



A huge grin, a goofy giggle, a belly laugh. It’s all good.



Claude Monet may not have been able to afford more than cheap plonk for much of his career, but the talent of the man–and of the actor playing the artist–was rare and wonderful, indeed, the finest vintage. Thank goodness he was one artist who did achieve success and acclaim while still alive to enjoy it.



I couldn’t wait until Friday. Need I say more?


Sunday Smorgasbord: Take Out and Eat


Back in the day, my husband’s grandmother used to encourage her guests around the dinner table to “take out and eat.” May I encourage you to more or less do the same, my friends. 😉  What a variety of “dishes” Mr. Armitage and his ChaRActers offer!

Guyday Friday: Guy bares all (sort of)


It was a perfect day for an outing. Not a cloud in that cerulean sky, temperature in the 70s. Got home,  carted in my shopping, fed the dogs, scooped litter boxes and popped some clothes in the washing machine. Now I am stretched out with an ice pack on my lower back.

Shopping can require a lot of bending. I still don’t do bending all that well.   Popped a muscle relaxer and plan to  chill my back and then go with the heated clay pad while I relax for a bit. My faithful companion aka Thumper is curled up at my side. The cat is too darned adorable.

I got a real kick out of your comments re a certain Tall, Dark and Toothsome Knight. The black leather speedos would, of course, be for showing off his magnificent physique on the beach. They would need to be removed before he did any swimming, naturally. Heaven forbid the poor darling get chafed! He could change into a sexy blue Speedo a la Lee–or do a little skinny dipping.

Now, imagine Guy’s dark head arising above the water’s surface,  drops of water clinging to the thick fringe of lashes framing those eyes,  eyes as blue as the sky and the sea. Rivulets of water cascade down from his tousled raven locks, down the pale, almost luminous flesh of his broad chest, down the sculpted planes of his stomach, down . . .

I will let you take it from there.  Have a lovely Friday night/Saturday morning.  Got to do some sorting and packing and figure out what the heck I did with my other New Balance show . . .

I can completely understand how these girls feel.

One of my favorite GIFs. Can’t pinpoint exactly why . . .

Guyday Friday: Totally Gratuitous


Gratuitous because I woke up this morning feeling like I’d been worked over with a Louisville Slugger. Very little sleep, lots of tossing and turning and pummeling of pillows. Of course, if I had done a Lucas North and stretched out on the floor, that’s very likely where I would still be.  Then again, if I was on the floor with Lucas—oh, never mind. I’m in pain. You must overlook me.

Suffice it to say I need a little something to brighten things up.  Guy. Sexy, swaggering, smouldering, beautiful Sir Guy. *thud*  Enjoy the GIFs and fanart.

Inspiration: It Happens in Armitage World


As some of you know, my college degree is in art education. I only got to teach art for five years altogether, years apart and in very different settings (a residential school for the blind and a private academy). Once I started working at the newspaper 11 or so years ago, I pretty much put aside my artistic efforts to focus on writing and photography.

Of course, it was Richard’s wonderful ChaRActers who inspired me to try my hand at fiction after several years of writing non-fiction, and to start doing the slideshow fanvids.

But the more I have played with Mr. A’s images in fanart; the more I have seen of Sebastian’s (aka Gisbornesboy) wonderful cartoons and other drawings, as well as the artwork of other fans, the more I have felt compelled to pick up sketch pencils and pads once more. To see if I could wake up skills long dormant in me.

My lovely sister gave me an Amazon gift card for my birthday and I decided to use part of it on some new art supplies. Earlier tonight I started working on a sketch based on a photo of Adele on the cover of the newest issue of Rolling Stone. It’s far from finished, and far from perfect, but I thought I would give you a peek. I don’t have a scanner here right now, so I had to take a photo with my SLR:

To tell you the truth, I wasn’t even sure I could still do more than doodle (I never stopped doodling). It’s almost as if I was afraid to even try. But Mr. A wouldn’t let his fears keep him from tackling a challenge, would he? Mr. Armitage inspires and, both directly and indirectly, encourages us; we, in turn, inspire and encourage each other.  This is what happens in Armitage World–and it’s a good thing.  How has Richard Armitage inspired you?