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All good things . . . why do I feel like crying?

This is from Sir Peter’s FB page. Feel asleep early, then endured a painful night filled with strange dreams. Feeling melancholy today after a late start.
The last shot.
Big monitors, main unit. Small screens bottom right, splinter.
We’re neck and neck … Shooting our final shots at the same time. … 10.32 pm. 4 or 5 takes so far.
No, wait … Done! While I was typing this, we shot more takes and finished! Richard was fantastic. Splinter almost done. Minutes away.
Smiles and happiness… And sadness. Yikes, very sad.
As I’ve discussed elsewhere, it’s hard to bring something you’ve worked so hard and lovingly at creating to an end. I have a hard time saying goodbye to my extended fanfictions–did some of you ever think I’d finish “Truce”? Same thing with “Dangerous to Know.” Obviously, I didn’t want to do so.
All good things . . . it must be a very bittersweet time for Sir Peter, the cast and crew. Richard loved playing this character, that is clear. He loved talking about Thorin and the crafting of this unforgettable character. He’s invested so much of himself into it. Will it be a little hard to truly let go and move on?  I wonder.
Thank you, dearest Richard, and dear Sir Peter and everyone for all your hard work and dedication and sacrifice and talent. I am proud of you. And yes, I am a little sad.
At least Sir Peter had the faithful Mr. Smudge to provide him with furry solace.  Oh, gosh, that cat reminds me so much of Lucky with longer fur–now I feel like crying all over again.  What a day!
So I look at these photos with such a mixture of emotions . . . pride, happiness, sadness . . . curiosity as to what will come next for Richard and the rest. And will RA and PJ work together again? I truly hope so.
This one puts a right ol’ lump in my throat . . .
tumblr_mqivewfvws1qh5xqho1_1280 (1)
Don’t worry, Guyday Friday will still make an appearance here. It’s not often we come to the end of such an era . . .

It was inevitable, I suppose.

Cash Cows

Cash Cows (Photo credit: chickenscrawl)

But I’ll just stick with reading some of the excellent fanfiction served with some steamy on the side that is provided by our talented folks–and save my money.


That cash cow known as 50 Shades of Grey  has got to run out of milk at some point, surely ?

BTW, I am absolutely loving the brilliant send-up tweets by #fiftyshedsofgrey at Twitter. And the suggestions for worst 50 Shades of Grey audio book readers is great, too. However, I do think the gal who actually recorded the books for Audible.com is pretty awful, unless you like hearing sadomasochistic prose read by a vapid Valley Girl.

50 Shades of Grey Trilogy *SPOILERS* Why I can’t recommend it.




I have noticed a lot of traffic on this site related to searches for information about EL Jame’s runaway bestseller and so-called “mommy porn” Fifty Shades of Grey,which is turn has led to many views of the two posts I have already devoted to the subject. This is an expanded version of an email response to a fellow blogger who had questions for me concerning the controversial trilogy.  It does contain spoilers for the plot, so be forewarned. And considering the subject matter of the books–a BDSM relationship–it naturally contains mature content.

Fifty Shades of Grey at SeaTac newsstand

Fifty Shades of Grey at SeaTac newsstand (Photo credit: rachelkramerbussel.com)

OK, 50 Shades . . . I seriously wondered if I wanted to read the third book after reading the first two and not exactly being enthralled—frustrated and at times, very troubled, is more like it—but I felt I needed to complete what I started.

I decided to consider what I invested in time and money to read them “taking one for the team” in hopes of helping others know whether or not they would be interested. And as a writer as well as a reader, I needed to see what James did with these characters.

She has clearly intended for this to be the first three in a series of books on these characters. She includes a chapter at the end telling of their meeting from Christian’s POV, which frankly creeped me out with its predatory qualities.

I know that BDSM is not considered sexual deviancy by psychiatry today.  I have no problem with a bit of consensual light bondage, light-hearted spanking and that sort of thing between two well-adjusted adults. I’ve included it in my own erotic romances. It adds a nice bit of spice to the sex.  Writing and reading about sex is fun, indeed. Nothing wrong with some steamy escapist fantasies.  And there is no doubt some of the sex scenes in 50 Shades are hot.

However, I believe someone who has an overwhelming urge to beat a series of young dark-haired women black and blue because they resemble his dead crack whore mother who neglected him and allowed her various boyfriends to abuse her little boy, who ended up living with his mother’s corpse for several days . . . is someone carrying a lot of emotional baggage.

He was also seduced by an older woman who made him her submissive for seven years beginning when he was 15. Before that twisted relationship, he was acting out and getting into fights at school, so supposedly she “saved” him by teaching him to be her sub. But I can’t approve of an older woman manipulating a child in such a manner. Little wonder he was so f***ed up.

He thinks Ana will be the perfect submissive, and of course, she isn’t. She keeps resisting his rules. Perhaps that is part of her appeal for him—the challenge. He thinks he can tame her . . . I find myself asking what intelligent and well-grounded young woman (as she is presented to us) would even consider getting involved with a man like Christian once he had presented her with her “contract” and all its clauses. It is clearly evident at that point he is a major league control freak and a kinky one.

No matter how handsome and sexy and rich he was—I would ask myself, would it be worth denigrating myself and potentially putting myself in real harm’s way? I guess part of my problem is I have never desired to be tied up and gagged or shackled wrists to ankles, spanked or beaten with a belt. I enjoy fantasizing as much as the next girl, but those acts haven’t been part of my imaginings.

Their relationship is based on a strong sexual attraction. She is “different” from the others because, number 1, she is a virgin and so he performs “vanilla” sex with her to get that pesky virginity stuff out of the way; number 2, he ends up actually sleeping with her (as opposed to having sex and then returning to his own bedroom). He becomes obsessed with her very quickly and she with him. Before you know it, they get married and then in a rather ludicrous plot twist, she ends up pregnant.

An epilogue at the end shows them having an idyllic picnic with their little boy, with Ana pregnant with a second child. And Christian is now the loving and doting daddy. Happy families with a mum and dad who still enjoy kinky f**kery on a regular basis in the playroom.

As Servetus says, I think we are supposed to see it as that romantic all-consuming love–not unlike Bella’s and Edward’s relationship in Twilight and remember, this started off as a Twilight fanfic– but it doesn’t work for me on an intellectual or emotional level.

These two fight squabble, bicker and scream at each other at every turn throughout the trilogy. The only way in which they seem to be able to communicate and really find common ground is through sex. They don’t talk to each other; they yell at each other. And I find myself wanting to yell at them to grow up. I don’t think it’s a healthy relationship.

There are constant misunderstandings and false assumptions made on each side. This is her first sexual relationship and it’s his first normal (or semi-normal?) one and you feel as if these two are rushing headlong into something they aren’t ready for. There’s a level of immaturity here that makes it difficult for me to see them being able to so quickly establish a successful marriage and family life. I mean, I can’t buy it that this volatile and mercurial and emotionally immature man who gets upset over the smallest things could have become a captain of industry by 27.  He’s all over the place with his emotions, and so is Ana, albeit to a lesser degree.

Are they equals? Well—at one point when he thinks she is going to leave him he falls in his knees in a submissive pose and acts the role . . . as if he is reliving being Elena’s sub. She agrees to continue to do these kinky things with him, after discovering she has more intense orgasms through it.

But I just don’t buy it all. James describes this story as a fantasy, but she seems to be trying to couch it in reality and it doesn’t gel in a satisfactory or acceptable manner for me.

And I think it sends out a message young girls—who will inevitably get their hands on the “forbidden fruit” and read it—don’t need reinforced: that the love of a good woman conquers all.  How many young women have fallen under the spell of a man who proved to be obsessive and abusive, a stalker, jealous of anyone and anything that takes their attention from the guy?

We hear with heartbreaking frequency about cases of women who have been terrorized, assaulted and murdered by men who supposedly loved them.  Men with anger issues and violent streaks who took it out on the women.

The eternal appeal of the bad boy.  Only, in real life—it doesn’t generally end up happily ever after. That’s why I think there’s a potentially dangerous message here. I don’t believe in censorship and Lord knows, my readers will tell you I am not a prude.  But mommies, your daughters don’t need to be reading this stuff.

Actually, I would like to hear what a trained psychiatric pro who has read them thinks of these books and the behavior of Christian’s therapist, which, if not unethical, is certainly questionable at times.

As far as the quality of writing goes, yes, there is definitely better crafted stuff in the arena of fan fiction you can find online and for free that offers plenty of steam without making one squirm uncomfortably as you read about an innocent young woman being savagely beaten with a belt to give a man “pleasure” (that scene still makes me cringe)  . . .    this is still fanfiction with a questionable message masquerading as a mainstream novel.            I love both; but they are two separate entities.  And one more reason I cannot in good conscience recommend these books.

Finally! At long last . . .

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

y'all - the magazine of southern people

Image representing LiveJournal as depicted in ...

Image via CrunchBase

I’ve posted another chapter of my novel-in-progress, The Lady & the Panther.  I really feel quite chagrined it’s been as long as it has been (February, I do believe) since my last chapter.


As most of y’all know, I have some chronic health issues and a number of them decided to assault me all at once.



As Leigh and I have discussed, if a certain percentage of my body and brain aren’t working properly, it’s very hard to settle down and focus on my writing and be really satisfied with what I am producing. Because I do want to publish this as a novel and not a piece of fan fiction, I am trying extra hard this time around.


I’ve always put a pretty fair amount of myself into my writing–that’s my modus operandi– but now it’s more important than ever. With a period story, getting the setting right–the clothing, the language (within reason. A modern audience must be able to digest it), the manners, the occupations, the forms of entertainment–is very important.  Let’s say I would like it to be a bit more authentic than the average episode of Robin Hood 2006.


I have a stack of reference books and more research from online. One of the things I always enjoyed about my newspaper and magazine articles was the opportunity to learn as I wrote. There is a saying, “You teach, you learn,” and that was certainly true in my case. And it’s also true for writers of all types.


I also have a real need–a thirst– to be creative. Being able to work on fanvids and now, fanart (thank you, my darling husband, for getting me into Photoshop Elements) has been a great help to me.  I like to think I have an artistic eye. Learning, slowly but surely, how to use modern technology in conjunction with it has had a real–I don’t know–liberating effect on me, for want of a better word.


Adobe Photoshop Elements icon

Adobe Photoshop Elements icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I see new possibilities and I see that this old dog can, in fact, learn new tricks.  As I have said before, I have always been somewhat intimidated by computers. Now–dare I say?–they are becoming my friends and not my enemy.  I have a blog. I just established a Twitter account (#angieklong) and now I am cross-posting new entries to The Armitage Effect and my Live Journal blog in tweets.


I resisted Twitter for a long time because I was turned off by celebrities and wanna-bes who seemed to feel the need to report every time they stopped in at Starbuck’s or took a crap. That wasn’t for me. However, I see a lot of people who are kindred spirits on Twitter these days (alas, no Richard Armitage, but then, when would he have time??) and I decided I was ready to take yet another step.


Thank you all for joining me on my journey.  One of the best things that has happened to me in terms of modern technology and Mr. Richard Armitage is, of course, discovering all of you.


Well, there you go.

Celebrating the SNDs we love


For anyone unfamiliar with this particular acronym, SND stands for So Not Dead. All these RA chaRActers has been Loved Into Being by the fans just as a toy bunny became a real live rabbit in the children’s classic, The Velveteen Rabbit. No matter what the scriptwriters may do, we know they are in reality safe and sound and continuing their great adventures in fanfic, fanvids and more.

Was it serendipity that led you to discover Richard Armitage?


Serendipity: Luck that takes the form of finding pleasant or valuable things that are not looked for.

In the mid-18th century, Sir Horace Walpole stumbled upon a Persian fairy tale called The Three Princes of Serendip (Serendip was the name of the island that is now Sri Lanka). The heroes of the stories traveled about, making happy (and chance) discoveries. Walpole added the word to the English language in 1754

Horace Walpole

Horace Walpole (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I didn’t go looking for Richard Armitage, but I found him one Saturday night playing the bog-standard henchman as a supporting character in a kid-friendly show on BBC America, Robin Hood 2006.

The show turned out to be more than a bit cheesetastic. And full of anachronisms. Still, Robin Hood the show had its charms. I particularly liked the characters of Allan and Much and the young actress playing Marian. All talented and entertaining actors.  And then–slowly–I began to pay more attention to one specific character. And it wasn’t Ye Olde Legende Hero.

I'm here for the bad guy. Our meeting was serendipitous.

Sir Guy as played by Richard Armitage might be a right smarmy bastard, but he certainly was a good-looking right smarmy bastard who also turned out to be more complicated than he first appeared on the surface.  And by the time he got left at the altar by the woman he believed would cleanse his soul with her goodness and purity, I felt something funny going on inside me.  This character was getting to me.  It was as if I could see inside his heart; I could see the “evil henchman’s” humanity, his vulnerabilities.

"Let her go." Guy moments after being slugged by his bride-to-be and left at the altar. My heart truly belonged to Guy from that moment on.

That Richard Armitage fellow was a very good actor. And not bad to look at. He had–presence. Charisma. He had–IT. I wondered what else he might have done.  And so I started searching on the Internet, and found various forums, blogs and websites and the fanvids on YouTube, and started reading fanfiction. And so it began . . . the fascination, the obsession, the addiction, whatever you will call it.

Leading to a tall stack of DVDs featuring Mr. A’s performances.  Leading to writing fanfiction and making fanvids and now, blogging about him. And all because I sat down one night to watch a show in BBC America. And I just keep discovering more things to like, admire, respect and adore about him.  He is a most pleasant and valuable thing to discover when you aren’t even looking for him.

Thank you, Sir Horace, for introducing “serendipity” to the language, and thank you, Richard Armitage, for being a shining example of it.

Richard, you serendipitous sweetheart, you!

I hope you have a smashing Thursday . . .


I am going to be away from the blog for a bit today.

First of all, I have to get some sleep. Secondly, I have promised myself I am going to try to finish the latest chapter of The Lady & the Panther  so I can send it off to Leigh in lovely Spain to peruse it . Maybe, just maybe I’ll get it posted in the next few days. Just a couple thousand more words and it should be done.

My apologies to those who have been following Guy and Lizzie’s story for the lengthy delay, but I have had some plot points to work out and research to do and, of course, the all-important Richarding to fit in.

I am also working on another video and I’ve been doing some more research for the Travels with RA posts. The good part of that is I am learning so much about the UK. The bad part is it makes me long to go and see all these places for myself . . . ah, well, armchair travel will have to suffice for now.  I leave you for now with a few inspiring photos of the lovely man to whom this blog is devoted.  Wishing you all a happy, healthy day full of nourishment and nurturing.  See you on the Dark Side . . .( you just knew I would work Sir Guy in some way, didn’t you?)

What people are reading: top posts at TAE


The Handsome Stranger surrounded by stacks of books as he meets his new neighbors in the eccentric village of Dibley. A funny, sweet, sexy fellow who also loves a good read. My kind of man.  (VoD screencap courtesy of Richard Armitage Central)

I have mentioned in previous posts  the countries where the blog has the highest number of hits and those readers who most  frequently comment. I thought you might also be interested in knowing what the overall most read posts are, so here we go!

Not surprisingly, the home page comes in at number one. Number two is A glimpse at young Armitage, followed by the F3 post, Fanfiction goin’ mainstream; the Paul Andrews BTS post; my essay on my fascination with RA,  Why Richard Armitage?; Guy’s F3 interview with LadyWriter on Sloth Fiction; I’m Just Crazy about Thorin . . . More Pics. More Thoughts; Up close with Luscious Lucas and a shakin’ spy vid; Be Dionysian with the TDHBEW:TAE Word for the Day Pt.2, and Marian, you’re an idiot.

Thank goodness Sir Guy made it into the top ten, or I would have never heard the end of it, I fear.

As for lovely Lucas, ahhh–we certainly haven’t forgotten him. Like our other beloved chaRActers, Lucas was Loved Into Being and now has SND status.

The Paul Andrews post actually has the most comments, I believe, of any posts. Nothing like a little controversy to get folks talking. It will be interesting to see which stories come out on top when TAE celebrates its first anniversary in February 2013.

FanstRAvaganza 3: Day 6! (fanfic) The Hot Henchman interviews Lady Writer on Sloth Fiction

English: pg 1 of The Velveteen Rabbit.

Image via Wikipedia

For our final F3 post, Sir Guy conducts an interview with Lady Writer (aka fedoralady) on the evolution of Sloth Fiction.

Sir Guy: So, Lady Writer. You are my first—interviewee? (crinkling his brow, the Dark Knight rubs the bridge of his magnificent aquiline nose as he glances over his notes. Lady Writer has taught him how to read and write, in case you were wondering).

 Lady Writer: (gives him an encouraging smile) Don’t be nervous, Sir Guy. I promise I won’t bite.

Sir Guy: (smirks as he narrows his kohl-rimmed eyes) Oh, I don’t know—I might like it if you did–bite. In the right places . . .
Lady Writer: Now, Guy . . . Mr. Lady Writer is home, you know. (Gives him that school teacher look.)

English: pg 18 and 19 of The Velveteen Rabbit.

Sir Guy: (raises a brow and clears his throat) Sorry. So—for the uninitiated, could you tell us just what Sloth Fiction is?

LW: I’d be glad to. First of all, the name “Sloth Fiction” came about from some confusion over a comment made on Servetus’s blog, Me+Richard Armitage. It was a misunderstanding about sl**h fiction. Instead of “slash fiction,” it became sloth fiction.
And I thought wouldn’t be funny if you had these heroic, sexy, gorgeous ChaRActers just hanging out, being couch potatoes, eating junk food, arguing over who gets possession of the remote control, petting my cats and playing with my dogs, being more-or-less regular guys who happen to live in my den?
So I wrote a one-shot. And it was so well-received I ended up continuing the installments. There are 12 chapters now, I believe. I have another one dancing around in my head right now. It’s just a matter of getting it written.

Guy: And you never have confusion with all of us tripping over one another? I mean, in the sense of taking over your house–and your brain.

LW:  Frankly, I’d rather have you all here at my house than being mangled by TPTB. Call it me being in Armitage Protective Mode. As far as you all inhabiting my brain–resistance, I have found, is futile.  And in fact, I see all of you as very separate and distinct individuals. Who happen to bear a physical resemblance to one another. Harry is the sunny-natured peacemaker, intervening when you and Porter get into a scrape. John is your fellow alpha male, ready to enter the fray, and also a true gallant at heart; you each have your own personalities. And I can find something to appreciate in every ChaRActer.

Guy: There were actually some earlier forms of this type of story, weren’t there, that you also posted at Live Journal as fedoralady? Featuring—one of your characters, primarily? (azure eyes glinting)

LW: Yes, as far back as 2009 I was periodically penning ficlets called “Lady Writer and . . .”  Little reflections on what was going on both in my real life and my fan fiction universe. Featuring—as you well know—you, Sir Guy. You were my first—chaRActer, that is.

Guy: (graciously bows his head before flicking back his glorious mane of hair) I thought everyone would like to know about that. And how you and other admirers of my Creator assured my So Not Dead status.

LW: Ah yes. When the Second Episode that Dare Not Speak Its Name on Robin Hood aired, I confess I was rather upset.

I believe you actually said (glancing at notes) “I cried buckets.”

LW: (graciously nods her head)  That is true. As did many others who shed tears that day. I thought of the children’s classic, The Velveteen Rabbit, and how one little boy’s love for his stuffed animal, a rabbit, allowed that toy to become a real, live rabbit. The Velveteen Rabbit was Loved into Being—and so were you, Sir Guy, by all your loyal and adoring fans.

Guy: And I was the first to officially achieve SND status.

LW: Oh, yes, the first. But, sadly, not the last. Lucas and Porter have also gone on to achieve it. As did Captain Mcalwain retroactively. The Creator’s ChaRActers touch our hearts in such a way, we simply cannot let go of you all. Call it wish fulfillment, but it makes me my readers happy. It’s good to know that in spite of the slings and arrows of outrageous showrunners and writers, our beloved Creator’s ChaRActers live on. (grins) And I enjoy being the Queen of my Fanfic Universe.

Guy: In Lucas’s case, we actually launched what Soldier Bo—I mean, Porter, called a “black ops,” using many of my fellow ChaRActers. Harry, Mulligan, Standring, Mcalwain, Thornton—my, but that mill master does know how to thrash a miscreant, doesn’t he?—joined forces in order to set things right.

LW: Oh, yes, that was the chapter of Sloth Fiction in which the ChaRActers Strike Back. I recall how you used your skills for– intimidation very well in avenging your brother ChaRActer.

Guy: (with a faintly wolfish display of gleaming white teeth) My pleasure, LW. I did learn a thing or two from the Treacherous Troll.

LW: (sighs) If only you’d learned how to make sure the Evil One really was dead. And your scheming psycho sister.

: (a manly sniff) Bloody writers. (imperious flip of his raven locks) So, what is in store for me—and my fellow ChaRActers, of course—in the next chapter of Sloth Fiction?

LW: Well, the core group of ChaRActers will certainly return—you, Harry, Porter and Lucas. And Monet, who is still giving Lucas painting lessons. And–Thorin will very likely make another appearance.

Guy: (frowns slightly) Oh, yes. Him. Will—he become a regular in the den, Lady Writer?

LW: I suppose you will simply have to wait and see, my darling Guy. (a distinctly mischievous grin)

(sighs, lips parted, and tips back his head. Lady Writer likes it when he does that.) Alright. You know—I am feeling a bit peckish, LW. Doing interviews whets one’s appetite. Any Cheez-its in the pantry?

LW: Limited Edition Monterey Jack. Just for you, my Dark Knight with the Hollow-but-Beautiful Leg.

Guy: (smirking) You know you love ME best . . .

(returning smirk) Well, you were my first.  Thank you, Sir Guy.

Guy: (takes her hand and presses a kiss to it. He’s quite the flirty-girty himself sometimes)  My pleasure, milady.

(screencaps courtesy of RANet)


Sloth Fiction and Lady Writer/fedoralady’s other flights of fancy over the past three-plus years can be found at www.wattpad.com (fedoralady60) Dreamer Fiction (fedoralady; requires membership) and www.livejournal.com as fedoralady.

Continue FanstRAvaganza 3 fun  in the fanfic thread with tagteamer Jo Ann at http://cerridwenspeaks.blogspot.com. You can see yesterday’s posts in the thread with Jas Rangoon at http://memythoughtsandwhoknows.wordpress.com and Maria Graza at http://flyhigh-by-learnonline,blogspot.com. Tomorrow’s fanfic tagteamers will be Maria again along with Gratiana Lovelace at http://gratianads90.wordpress.com.  Enjoy! 😀

No Hotter Baddie Than Guy (Everybody sing!!)


The best baddie and hottest henchman in all of Nottingham.

NO Hotter Baddie Than Guy

A little tribute to my favorite Velveteen Hot Henchman which I wrote after his *cough* “death” (he is SND—So Not Dead). Very tongue in cheek and written when tired and giddy. Fellow blogger fanny/iz4blue coaxed me into originally posting this at Wattpad, as I recall.

(sung –more or less – to the tune of “There’s No Business Like Show Business”)

There’s no hot-ness like Guy hot-ness

He sizzles, smolders and smirks!

We love his soft, sweet lips, they’re so appealing!



And quiver every time he takes a bite-

Strong jaw, white teeth, pink tongue just leave us reel-ing,

And yes, we’re feel-ing some hot Glove Love.  (whooo!)



There’s no gor-geous like Guy gor-geous

He’s so gor-geous it hurts!

Every azure gaze is mesmerizing –

Every velvet word, it does caress!


His glossy, raven mane is so alluring

It’s got me purring, I must confess!

There’s NO sexy like Guy sexy –

He helped bring sexy back!



In leather or in pirate shirts, he pleases much

His smiles will make you blush and turn to goo!

Snug “trous” accentuate those lovely peaches

And Guy, your peaches, make us drool, too –



There’s no hench-man like our hench-man,

No cardboard bad-die is he!



No matter where you go around this great big world

You’ll find no better baddie, this complex baddie,

This gorgeous baddie called Guy!  (Hurrah!!!)

~Jazz hands, everyone!!~

FanstRAvaganza 3 continues, Harry K. & other things that make me happy


Richard as Harry Kennedy in The Vicar of Dibley. (screencap by RANet)

We’re in Day Two of the FanstRAvaganza 3 in FANFIC tagteam chain!

If you missed Day One, check out my post on fanfiction joining mainstream culture right here at The Armitage Effect.

 In Day Two, see my partners’ posts at http://mrjthornton.blogspot.com  and http://cerridewnspeaks.blogspot.com for more great F3 Fanfic entries!  Tomorrow, the FANFIC tagteam continues at C.S. Winchester http://cswinchester.blogspot.com and Maria Garza http://flyhigh-by-learnonline.blogspot.com. Don’t miss out on all the RA goodness.

Now, about those things that make me happy . . . other than Mr. Armitage and delightful characters such as the sweet and sunny accountant Harry Kennedy.

The unforced smiles on the faces of these little girls at a local sweet potato festival in a photo I took for the newspaper.

The breathtaking beauty of spring.

FanstRAvaganza 3 Fanfiction: Goin’ Mainstream

English: George R.R. Martin signing books in a...

George R.R. Martin, author of "A Song of Fire and Ice" series, is not a fanfc fan. However, "Game of Thrones," HBO's adaptation of his books, is inspiring lots of it. Image via Wikipedia

The cover of fellow blogger Jasrangoon’s latest fanfic, an updated variation on “North and South.”

Writers at work on Fan Fiction
Fanfic writers come in all ages, shapes and sizes.

Hello, I’m fedoralady and I write fanfiction. And, contrary to popular belief, I am not a geeky sci-fi guy who lives in the basement of my parents’ trailer. (Not that there’s a thing wrong with geeky sci-fi guys; I married a perfectly lovely one.)

There are plenty more fanfiction writers—and readers—out there, and not just in Armitage World. After years of being considered something of a “red-headed stepchild” of the literary world, fanfic is increasingly moving into the mainstream.

My husband can tell you fanfiction as we know it today was born in the 1960s when a series called Star Trek appeared, spawning a fanzine, Spockanalia.

The cover for tne fanzine "Spockanalia," which shared fanfic with Star Trek fans back in the day. (tobetoocool@wordpress.com)

Today there is fanfiction based not only on books, films and TV shows, but plays, musicals, video games, board games, rock bands, the Bible—even pro football player Peyton Manning has fanfic written about him. Fanfic is boldly going where no fiction has ever gone before.

How big is fanfic? Estimates show fanfiction now makes up at least one-third of all content about books on the Web. FanFiction.net alone has over 2 million fanfictions archived on its site, and that’s not counting Live Journal, Wattpad and other sites.

Fanfic’s rising profile has been documented and explored in major publications, including Time magazine (“How Harry Potter Became the Boy Who Lived Forever,” Lev Grossman, July 7, 2011) and Entertainment Weekly (“Just Do It!” focusing on fanfiction, shippers and slash writers, February 17, 2012– print edition only).

Some writers, including Anne Rice and George R.R. Martin, have aggressively worked to stop fanfiction based on their characters, saying it promotes bad writing and treads on copyright infringement.

However, there are other authors who welcome it, including J.K. Rowlings and Twilight author Stephenie Meyer, who even provides links to fanfic on her own website.

And now, showrunners are sitting up and taking notice of fanfic. Television show executive producers are actually monitoring social media for feedback on characters’ story arcs, particularly romantic storylines. Writers of the TV show Fringe were warned fanfic writers and vidders might rebel if they kept two characters apart. It seems our voices are finally being heard.

Rather than keeping it their dirty little secret, more and more published authors are now freely admitting they also write fanfic.

Naomi Novik is the bestselling author of the series Temeraire which has been optioned by none other than Sir Peter Jackson, Richard’s director for The Hobbit films. Novik is also a fanfic writer who was interviewed for the Time article.

Bestselling author and fanfic writer, Naomi Novik. Courtesy of Wikipedia.

“Fanfic writing isn’t work, it’s joyful play,” she said. “The problem is that for most people, any kind of writing looks like work to them so they get confused why anyone would want to write fanfic, instead of original professional material, even though they don’t have any problem understanding why someone would want to mess around on a guitar playing Simon and Garfunkel.”

In the Time article, Grossman points out that fanfiction is part of the “cutting, pasting, sampling, remixing and mashing up” that have become “mainstream modes of cultural expression.” Fanfiction “challenges just about everything we thought we knew about art and creativity.”

So, who is writing this “challenging” stuff? From anecdotal evidence, it appears the majority of fanfic writers are female. And it’s a diverse lot, of every race, color, creed, religion, age, nationality, socio-economic level and sexual orientation.
Fanfic comes with a built-in audience for our work. Ever eager for more adventures with Harry and Ron, Bella and Edward and—in our case—Guy, Lucas, Thornton, Porter et al. we flock to new stories, new pairings, new alternate universes.

Not only do we write and read fanfic online, we see friendships and partnerships develop as we become part of a community. Writers get more immediate feedback from their readers, and there are younger writers who say fanfic is a great learning tool for improving their writing skills.

Some fanfic writers go on to write original stories with their own characters. And some of those writers become successful novelists in their own right (my particular dream).

As with Richard Armitage, the term “fanfic” certainly isn’t  known in every household. But that’s definitely changing.

Who knows, in a few months newly minted fans of the brave and charismatic warrior dwarf Thorin may be inspired to sit down at their keyboards and start writing fanfic.

After all, it’s joyful play–and the wave of the future.

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American Cancer Society

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Richard always encourages us to be generous and to support worthy charities, and in that vein I am going to mention some of the causes during F3 which have been dear to me. The American Cancer Society has made tremendous strides in the fight against cancer through their support of research, as well as through the education and moral support given to cancer patients and families. Each year the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life raises monies and brings communities large and small together to “celebrate, remember and fight back.”

A Guy post a day–keeps the blues at bay.


I don’t just do these for Carla, my delightful Milanese friend, of course. It is no secret that I love Sir Guy of Gisborne, the character who introduced me to the magic that is Richard Armitage.

My first novella fanfic featured Guy and Marian in an AU version of their story, Dangerous to Know.Practically everyone in the story seems to have a crush of some sort on Sir Guy, which seems perfectly reasonable to me.  I turned a character Lucy Griffiths played in one episode of the paranormal drama Sea of Souls into multi-chapter fic Night Falls.  Lucy and Richard looked so good onscreen together I just had to give them stories that allowed the sparks we saw turn into a fiery flame. Judging by the tons of G/M fanfic out there, many others felt the same as I.

At any rate, my deep affection and admitted lust for the character has lead me to produce prose and poetry, fanvids and blog entries about the Nottingham’s Finest, the Sultan of Smoulder and Swagger, the Deep, Dark, Delicious Knight–the one and only Sir Guy. He is also the first chaRActer Ladywriter Loved Into Being.

 “You will always love me the best, Lady Writer,” Guy rumbles, flicking back a stray lock of raven hair as he gives me a distinctly smug smile, arms folded across his broad chest.  I shake my head and sigh. “Yes, you incorrigible creature, you. I always will.”