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Just a few more hours . . . some RA yummmm to tide you over.


What a handsome fellow you are.

Fanstrav is almost here!!!! Let the bloggers roar . . .

Our sweet Richard, helping raise funds for earthquake relief in NZ.

Until FanstRAvaganza 3 hits, that is.  I’ve been fiddling again with my first post. Since my preview option stopped working for me (and I don’t know why) I am not entirely sure what it is going to look like as a published entry. Just trying to make sure all the required stuff is there, such as the link to my fellow tagteamer, the lovely and talented Annie Lucas.

I hope to see you later, ladies, and until then–something slow and sultry and something colorful, splashy and upbeat. But it’s ALL Armitage! (screencaps/photos courtesy of RANet)