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Super Sexy Saturday starts with RA’s eye-catching “bad boys” in another new vid


So what do you do when you feel very creative but your hands don’t feel like doing a lot of typing and your eyes are a bit fuzzy for writing?

You make another video where you can look at a lot of pretty pictures of Mr. A’s characters. Obviously.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Check out all the goodies at FanstRAvaganza 3 which ends Sunday.

PS Ever heard of a book called Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James, part of a trilogy?  I just downloaded to my Kindle. It’s supposed to be quite a sexy page-turner. I will let you all know what I think. 😉

FanstRAvaganza 3: Day 6! (fanfic) The Hot Henchman interviews Lady Writer on Sloth Fiction

English: pg 1 of The Velveteen Rabbit.

Image via Wikipedia

For our final F3 post, Sir Guy conducts an interview with Lady Writer (aka fedoralady) on the evolution of Sloth Fiction.

Sir Guy: So, Lady Writer. You are my first—interviewee? (crinkling his brow, the Dark Knight rubs the bridge of his magnificent aquiline nose as he glances over his notes. Lady Writer has taught him how to read and write, in case you were wondering).

 Lady Writer: (gives him an encouraging smile) Don’t be nervous, Sir Guy. I promise I won’t bite.

Sir Guy: (smirks as he narrows his kohl-rimmed eyes) Oh, I don’t know—I might like it if you did–bite. In the right places . . .
Lady Writer: Now, Guy . . . Mr. Lady Writer is home, you know. (Gives him that school teacher look.)

English: pg 18 and 19 of The Velveteen Rabbit.

Sir Guy: (raises a brow and clears his throat) Sorry. So—for the uninitiated, could you tell us just what Sloth Fiction is?

LW: I’d be glad to. First of all, the name “Sloth Fiction” came about from some confusion over a comment made on Servetus’s blog, Me+Richard Armitage. It was a misunderstanding about sl**h fiction. Instead of “slash fiction,” it became sloth fiction.
And I thought wouldn’t be funny if you had these heroic, sexy, gorgeous ChaRActers just hanging out, being couch potatoes, eating junk food, arguing over who gets possession of the remote control, petting my cats and playing with my dogs, being more-or-less regular guys who happen to live in my den?
So I wrote a one-shot. And it was so well-received I ended up continuing the installments. There are 12 chapters now, I believe. I have another one dancing around in my head right now. It’s just a matter of getting it written.

Guy: And you never have confusion with all of us tripping over one another? I mean, in the sense of taking over your house–and your brain.

LW:  Frankly, I’d rather have you all here at my house than being mangled by TPTB. Call it me being in Armitage Protective Mode. As far as you all inhabiting my brain–resistance, I have found, is futile.  And in fact, I see all of you as very separate and distinct individuals. Who happen to bear a physical resemblance to one another. Harry is the sunny-natured peacemaker, intervening when you and Porter get into a scrape. John is your fellow alpha male, ready to enter the fray, and also a true gallant at heart; you each have your own personalities. And I can find something to appreciate in every ChaRActer.

Guy: There were actually some earlier forms of this type of story, weren’t there, that you also posted at Live Journal as fedoralady? Featuring—one of your characters, primarily? (azure eyes glinting)

LW: Yes, as far back as 2009 I was periodically penning ficlets called “Lady Writer and . . .”  Little reflections on what was going on both in my real life and my fan fiction universe. Featuring—as you well know—you, Sir Guy. You were my first—chaRActer, that is.

Guy: (graciously bows his head before flicking back his glorious mane of hair) I thought everyone would like to know about that. And how you and other admirers of my Creator assured my So Not Dead status.

LW: Ah yes. When the Second Episode that Dare Not Speak Its Name on Robin Hood aired, I confess I was rather upset.

I believe you actually said (glancing at notes) “I cried buckets.”

LW: (graciously nods her head)  That is true. As did many others who shed tears that day. I thought of the children’s classic, The Velveteen Rabbit, and how one little boy’s love for his stuffed animal, a rabbit, allowed that toy to become a real, live rabbit. The Velveteen Rabbit was Loved into Being—and so were you, Sir Guy, by all your loyal and adoring fans.

Guy: And I was the first to officially achieve SND status.

LW: Oh, yes, the first. But, sadly, not the last. Lucas and Porter have also gone on to achieve it. As did Captain Mcalwain retroactively. The Creator’s ChaRActers touch our hearts in such a way, we simply cannot let go of you all. Call it wish fulfillment, but it makes me my readers happy. It’s good to know that in spite of the slings and arrows of outrageous showrunners and writers, our beloved Creator’s ChaRActers live on. (grins) And I enjoy being the Queen of my Fanfic Universe.

Guy: In Lucas’s case, we actually launched what Soldier Bo—I mean, Porter, called a “black ops,” using many of my fellow ChaRActers. Harry, Mulligan, Standring, Mcalwain, Thornton—my, but that mill master does know how to thrash a miscreant, doesn’t he?—joined forces in order to set things right.

LW: Oh, yes, that was the chapter of Sloth Fiction in which the ChaRActers Strike Back. I recall how you used your skills for– intimidation very well in avenging your brother ChaRActer.

Guy: (with a faintly wolfish display of gleaming white teeth) My pleasure, LW. I did learn a thing or two from the Treacherous Troll.

LW: (sighs) If only you’d learned how to make sure the Evil One really was dead. And your scheming psycho sister.

: (a manly sniff) Bloody writers. (imperious flip of his raven locks) So, what is in store for me—and my fellow ChaRActers, of course—in the next chapter of Sloth Fiction?

LW: Well, the core group of ChaRActers will certainly return—you, Harry, Porter and Lucas. And Monet, who is still giving Lucas painting lessons. And–Thorin will very likely make another appearance.

Guy: (frowns slightly) Oh, yes. Him. Will—he become a regular in the den, Lady Writer?

LW: I suppose you will simply have to wait and see, my darling Guy. (a distinctly mischievous grin)

(sighs, lips parted, and tips back his head. Lady Writer likes it when he does that.) Alright. You know—I am feeling a bit peckish, LW. Doing interviews whets one’s appetite. Any Cheez-its in the pantry?

LW: Limited Edition Monterey Jack. Just for you, my Dark Knight with the Hollow-but-Beautiful Leg.

Guy: (smirking) You know you love ME best . . .

(returning smirk) Well, you were my first.  Thank you, Sir Guy.

Guy: (takes her hand and presses a kiss to it. He’s quite the flirty-girty himself sometimes)  My pleasure, milady.

(screencaps courtesy of RANet)


Sloth Fiction and Lady Writer/fedoralady’s other flights of fancy over the past three-plus years can be found at www.wattpad.com (fedoralady60) Dreamer Fiction (fedoralady; requires membership) and www.livejournal.com as fedoralady.

Continue FanstRAvaganza 3 fun  in the fanfic thread with tagteamer Jo Ann at http://cerridwenspeaks.blogspot.com. You can see yesterday’s posts in the thread with Jas Rangoon at http://memythoughtsandwhoknows.wordpress.com and Maria Graza at http://flyhigh-by-learnonline,blogspot.com. Tomorrow’s fanfic tagteamers will be Maria again along with Gratiana Lovelace at http://gratianads90.wordpress.com.  Enjoy! 😀

Another new video: The Way That I Want to Touch You . . .


I’ve been raiding my mental closet again, and found yet another song from my younger days. This song’s lyrics made me think of Richard and the wonderful array of characters he has given us. Characters who bring darkness and light, sunshine and shadow–who are very touchable, or so I imagine.  And I love Toni’s voice.

Never fear, Guyday Friday will continue. I have my final F3 post going up tonight. Let’s just say it has ties to Guy. 😉 And you might get some pretty pictures in-between.

FanstRAvaganza 3 Day 5: (Freeform) What are your dream RA audiobooks? With Poll


So many books, such a wonderful, rich, deep, marvelously expressive voice. So hard to choose which ones you’d would most like to have Richard record as an audiobook . . . but here are some suggestions from fellow bloggers and readers for books they would like to see (or should I say, hear) receiving Mr. Honey Tongue’s treatment. Vote for your top picks in our poll that will be up for one week and check out some comments on why these and other books were chosen. Please feel free to share your own choices that aren’t on this list. Enjoy “browsing” through the books!

Sorry, I know there are some goofs in the poll in spellings but it won’t allow me to go in and change anything in the poll without starting all over again and this was the third time I did this . . . let’s say I haven’t been my best lately in terms of getting restorative sleep. Anyway, the names of authors are correct in the body copy here and on the book covers. 😉 Thanks for the heads up, KG. Don’t forget to vote!
Not too surprisingly The Hobbit and North & South appeared on more than one wish list. Another novel that made it to multiple lists was The Sunne in Splendour. This Sharon Kay Penman book chronicles the life of Richard III, the focus of RA’s dream project and a thread here for F3.
“I’m desperate for him to play Richard III and not the Shakespeare/Tudor travesty version!,” says Vicki.
“But if that can’t happen, his narration of the book would be the next best thing.”

Richard’s narration of Bernard Cornwell’s Lords of the North has some readers wanting more from the RA/BC team.
“I would love Death of Kings because Richard has already done Uthred and he was fab,” says Debbie.
Carla wants to hear Cornwell’s Excalibur: A Story of Arthur. Carla’s also pining for Austen’s Emma and Hardy’s Far from the Madding Crowd. “Historical and romantic novels” are what she prefers to hear Mr. A do.

Debbie would like to hear Mr. A’s golden tongue wrap around Richard Llewellyn‘s 1939 bestseller How Green Was My Valley.
“Can you just imagine That Voice reading that book?” she says with a sigh.

Two classic novels on Vicki’s wish list includes Tolstoy’s War & Peace and Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

“I have War & Peace sitting on my shelf and I confess I have never gotten more than a few chapters in before giving up. I think Richard might just be the incentive I need to get to the end! It’s a very long book–and I would want it unabridged–and we would get the chocolate velvet voice treat for longer. Plus, I am sure he’d need to do more Lucas-esque Russian words/accents.”

As for the Lawrence book–Vicki says she doesn’t think that one needs any explanation.

Amanda would love for RA to continue his Heyer tradition and read Sprig Muslin. “It’s a great story, there’s a wide range of male and female characters of all ages–and on a shallow note, there is a character named Amanda.” She also pines for John Milton’s “breathtakingly beautiful poetry,” Paradise Lost  and any of Lisa Kleypas’s Hathaway series, particularly Mine ‘Til Midnight.

Laurie admits she has a hard time narrowing down her choices. “I would love to hear him read Diana Gabaldon‘s Outlander series and the Thomas Pitt and William Monk mystery novels by Anne Perry. All these books have wonderful stories and rich characters . . . I could go on and on.”

Judit is looking for laughs with one of her dream audiobooks: Leave it to Psmith by PG Wodehouse. “Richard would be absolutely hilarious as Lord Emsworth, Freddie Threepwood and, of course, Psmith.” She would also like to hear him take on a contemporary work, Nick Hornsby’s About a Boy, a novel she describes as “funny, moving and one of my all-time favourites.” Iz4blue is in a classic mood with her choice of Edith Wharton’s The Age of Innocence.

Nadia would love to hear Richard narrating Alexander Dumas’s The Count of Monte Cristo. “It’s an amazing story of betrayal and revenge . . . complex, epic, heartbreaking, sorrowful. Richard would make a wonderful Comte de Monte Cristo–romantic, handsome, mysterious. At more than 1300 pages, sweet Richard’s mouth would be dry!” (There definitely seemed to be a trend towards unabridged books–and lengthy ones.)

So, would  you put some of these titles on your own audio book wish lists? Or do you have some entirely different reads in mind for RA? Do tell!

If you missed yesterday’s posts in the free form thread, visit Gratiana at  http://gratianads90@wordpress.com ,   Jas Rangoon at http://memythoughtsandwhoknows@wordpress.com   and Itsjsforme at http://doIhaveablog@wordpress.com.  Today, head over to JT’s Blog at http://mrjthornton@blogspot.com  and to Agzy at http://iwanttobeapinup@wordpress.com  Tomorrow’s freeform tagteamers will be Fabo at http://whiterosewritings@blogspot.com, Cat Winchester at http://cswinchester@blogspot.com and Gratiana at http://gratianads90@wordpress.com.

Check out all these fab posts! Hope you are having a fantRAstic time at FanstRAvaganza.

And please considering supporting worthwhile charities, including animal welfare groups in your area. Adopt a shelter pet, donate food and supplies to your local shelter, volunteer your time.  Please have your pets spayed and neutered in order for them to lead happier, healthier lives and to help reduce the pet over-population problem.

FanstRAvaganza 3 Day 3 : Fandom–Music & the Making of Armitage Videos


What an effect Richard Armitage addiction can have on one’s musical tastes.
Like many of you, I have always loved music; my older sister was a marvelously talented pianist and I spent many happy hours listening to her play. I sing and have performed as a soloist for everything from weddings to Christmas parties to singing the National Anthem for an institute-wide convocation.  But, as in so many other areas, the life-altering experience that is the Armitage Effect brought me a whole new perspective on music.

Frankly, I never considered myself to be much of a Britney Spears fan until Richard Armitage and Heathra’s “Womanizer” came into my life, along with Principessa’s “Kill the Lights” and “Break the Ice.” Maddeningly catchy songs tied to a maddeningly irresistible man.

I became a massive Lady Gaga fan because of RA and Delicateblossom’s “Poker Face.”  DB likes to say she has no shame when crafting these delightful vids; I think she need not feel a moment of trepidation. And the woman really CAN sing.

It’s more than just Troubled Pop Tarts and Bizarre Divas I came to appreciate.  I also discovered the Kings of Leon and Muse and gained a greater appreciation for the vocal stylings of Kelly Clarkson and Chris Daughtry. My love for classical compositions, torch songs and the old standards was re-ignited. From Adele and AC/DC to Yo-Yo Ma and  ZZ Top, Richard + music+ vidders=expanded horizons for Richard Armitage fans.

Amongst my favorites are a variety of fanvids, a little something for all my moods: funny, sexy, sweet, angsty, heart-wrenching, thoughtful. But the common denominator that seals the deal for me (other than the presence of Richard Armitage, of course) is the music.

Which comes first–the song or the concept for the video?

Now that I make my own captioned slideshow vids, more than ever I find myself keying in on songs that capture my attention and asking myself, “Would this make a good RA vid? Which character (s) would it suit best? Can I craft a story around it?”

At times a song gets stuck in my head and just won’t get out of it until I do make a video. I also take suggestions from fellow RA fans, which led me to make “He’s So Shy” and “Dirrty,” amongst other vids. And who amongst us can hear “Sexyback” and not think of Heather’s fabulous trio of vids set to the Justin Timberlake song? WE all know who really brought sexy back, and, sorry, JT, it ain’t you.

This infectious current pop hit is one of those that stuck in my head. Like “Womanizer,” the real RA seems so completely the opposite of these lyrics. It’s one of my favs when I want something funny, upbeat and sexy.

Sometimes a certain genre of music seems to perfectly fit a character. Guy seems to fare particularly well with hard-rocking 80’s metal, perhaps because of that “face like thunder” and the fact our dark knight with his Guyliner, leather and sexy swagger looks not unlike a rock god from the past. I admit I have fun being tongue-in-cheek with Guy quite often and with the whole spirit of Robin Hood 2006, with its rampant anachronisms and improbable plots. So–why NOT create a medieval disco in Nottingham Castle as I did in one of my vids?.

Lucas. Ah, poignant, introspective, enigmatic, a haunted man. A man of thought and action. So complex a character that music in a variety of styles suits. Spy series themes, Coldpay, Kevin Rudolf.  I love this vid, also from Heathdances, featuring Muse.

John Porter of Strike Back. Brave, resourceful, tough-as-nails, yet tender and gentle, too–and sexy as hell. A hero to admire and lust after. Who better than Nine Inch Nails and Delicateblossom to bring us hard-driving Porter goodness?

For a character like Claude Monet, the passionate, incandescent artist, I wanted an instrumental, something with a classical feel. Master cellist Yo-Yo Ma and friends and this tune “First Impressions” from the “Appalachian Waltz” album was my choice.

Fanvids can vary from the sublime to the ridiculous. Thorin. Regal, heroic, masterful–and very, very hairy. So why not this fun vid celebrating perhaps his most distinctive feature–all that long, beautiful hair?

And I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get in the mood for something steamy. And Mr. A and his chaRActers can definitely inspire me. I think Servetus described this song as “ridiculously sexy.” See what you think.

Last of all, this video celebrating our lovely Richard’s career and his bright future, set to the soaring, ethereal soprano of Elizaveta, operatic singer turned pop chanteuse. I think it’s a bit like looking through a colorful scrapbook set to music, the scrapbook of someone much loved and admired.

I want to say thanks to the many very talented vidders who have brought me hours of RA deliciousness, particularly to the two ladies whose work was spotlighted here, Delicateblossom and Heathra (Heathdances). My simple vids are a far, far cry from the complex and creative stuff these ladies do, but I have to say–it’s so much FUN! (And if I can do it, anyone can.)

So, vidders, what sort of music inspires you and how you do go about choosing the music for your fanvids? Fanfic viewers, what are some of your favorite RA videos and vidders? And do you find yourself forever after associating Richard with those fanvid songs?

For more Fandom topics on your Fanstrav 3 journey, check out my fellow tagteamers. For Day Two Fandom entries, visit Fabo at  http://whiterosewritings.blogspot.com and Gratiana at http://gratianads90.blogspot.com . For Day Three entries, visit Rose Gisborne at http:/.diaryofanobsessedfanatic.blogspot.com . Tomorrow, Day Four, check out Fabo again at http://whiterosewritings.blogspot.com and IngeD3 at http://crispinseclipse.blogspot.com .

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Monday morning wake-up call . . . as the big event continues


Look how grand our man looks as he arrives at Fanstravaganza 3D. Hello, gorgeous!

Just a reminder that Fanstravaganza 3D is now underway and continues all week . . . the first posts, including my article on fanfiction moving into the mainstream, went up at 0:01 London time. There is great stuff out there amongst the tagteamers and core bloggers with new posts in freeform, fanfic, fandom and The Hobbit categories. You’ll learn something new and have some fun, too! And here’s the star of the show . . .

My stomach has butterflies . . .


Do you ever get a nervous tummy, Mr. A? You make mine feel quite odd at times, but in the nicest sort of way. Unlike my IBS.
We will have lots of RA goodness coming soon . . .

Anyway, looking at you always seems to make me feel better. Calling Doctor Track . . . STAT (screencaps RANet)


We take this moment to remind you F3 is coming March 12–March 19!


That’s right, core bloggers and lots of tagteamers throughout Armitage World will join together next week to dish on all facets of Richarding–freeform, fanfic, fandom and The Hobbit. Can’t reveal all the specific topics, but suffice it to say there are more than 120 planned . . . a veritable cornucopia of all kinds of Armitage goodness!! In case you haven’t seen my PSA or you simply want to enjoy pretty pictures of Mr. A and/or the dulcet tones of my “posh bird” accent 😉 here we go again: