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Porter & North: Soldier & Spy Saturday (NEW edits/old vids)


Two men, intelligent, resourceful and quite ruthless when necessary. Both willing to put their lives on the line to save others. Both knowing the last bullet may be the one they have to use on themselves, their mission fully deniable by the government they serve. Men who have endured deprivation, torture and humiliation, haunted by their pasts, determined to reclaim their honor, to do their duty. Two men, tough and yet capable of great tenderness, too. Although flawed and damaged, they are still good, decent men. True heroes we can respect and admire. Thank you, Lucas North and John Porter, and thank you, Richard Armitage, for so beautifully and memorably bringing these two complex characters to life for us.




Sir Guy is gonna melt ole Leon–’cause he’s HAWT. (NEW edits! old vids!)


Well, it’s been quite a week in Lower Alabama. A cold, icy, snowy, slick, downright dangerous week. Yes, much of our state was more or less shut down by Winter Storm Leon, and no, it’s not because we are a bunch of pantywaists who don’t know how to handle a couple of inches of snow.  It’s the ice, ice, baby, underneath that snow.

Try navigating around in sub-zero temps on hilly terrain coated with a solid inch or more of the frozen stuff, with few resources and limited manpower in place to remove said ice, and see how you like it.  Thank goodness it’s continuing to warm up and most of what’s still out there should be gone later today. We have temps of near 70 degrees forecast for the weekend. Yes, in Alabama you CAN wear snow boots and flip-flops in the same week. ‘Cause that’s how we roll . . .

So here comes the magnificent Hot Velvet Henchman, the Sultan of Snake-Hipped Swagger, the Leather-Clad Man with the World’s Sexiest Smoulder, to really get that warm-up underway.   ‘Cause he’s hawt like a sauna!!







Richard’s ChaRActers to the Rescue! Warm us up way down south . . .


A swath of the southern U.S. from Houston, Texas across the Gulf Coast right up the Atlantic Coast is expecting to experience sleet, freezing rain, snow and ice over the next couple of days. And that is big news, folks. We aren’t used to it and we aren’t equipped for it (goodness knows, local citizens who’ve never lived in other parts of the country as we have don’t know how to drive in it). And if we lose power in an ice storm, it’s gonna be kind of miserable around here for at least a little while.

See the Pepto-Bismol pink county with “Greenville” on the map below? Well, we live on the eastern edge of it. As one of my FB friends who posted this said, “Not a forecast you expect to see down at the beach.”


Now, having fallen and banged myself up in the shower earlier, I am in a lot of physical distress that even a large spoonful of Nutella and a muscle relaxer haven’t been able to calm down.  Nasty weather is on the way and I’m in pain and I need heeeeeeellllllppppppp.

Hmmmm . . . this might help. Think warm thoughts. An inviting dip into the pool on a summer’s day . . .



Feeling better already!!

Now things are really getting hot . . .




In fact, they are sizzlin’!! Too hot to resist . . .


*sigh* Yes, yes I do . . .
Mr. A and a jar of Nutella. Now THAT’s a thought.  *drool*

Now if you aren’t thawed out enough yet, dance along to the grooves of LMFAO ’cause those ChaRActers are sexy and they know it (and so do WE)!

It’s (Back in) Black Guyday Friday! Ladywriter stays at HOME. With Guy.


‘Twas the day after Thanksgiving in the land of Ladywriter. For some of her friends and neighbors, that meant–shopping. Actually, for some of her friends and neighbors, Thanksgiving itself became a shopping excursion, with those infamous doorbusters–super-cheap TVs! Video consoles for a STEAL!–being offered Thanksgiving night. Some folks lined up two to three hours before the doors opened, huddled in the unseasonable cold awaiting their bargains. In the bigger cities, some folks lived in tents for days . . .



andyblackfridayAccording to a friend’s husband who braved Wal-Mart with that friend last night, poor hubby kept feeling like he was trapped in an episode of The Walking Dead and considered grabbing a shovel and whacking some zombified heads . . . Ladywriter is not sure it that was before or after a fight broke out nearby over TVS. And towels.  (Yes. TOWELS.)

“So—you are managing to resist this orgy of consumer excess?” A deep chocolate voice rumbled in her ear.

Ladywriter looked up into Sir Guy’s rather amused azure gaze. As always, his amazing peepers were lined perfectly. *sigh*


“Do I look like I’m going anywhere? I mean–I am dressed, but that is about it.” LW ran her hand through her untidy fair hair  (which was sorely in need of a good brushing) and shoved her glasses up her nose. “Besides, even if I didn’t have a pauper’s purse versus a lord’s, I wouldn’t be caught dead doing Black Thursday/Friday.”

Sir Guy furrowed his brow.  “I thought all women–loved shopping.”


LW chuckled and shook her head. She still had a few things to teach him . . .

“No, in fact, some really don’t. Now, I do–or at least, I used to, before Fibromyalgia took a lot of the fun out of it for me. I loved looking for good value for my money and for something that person would really enjoy and likely not buy for him or herself. BUT–”

Ladywriter, her brow creasing, raised a hand. Sir Guy knew what that meant. LW was about to step on what she referred to as her “soapbox.” He took a very small step back.

“I hate crowds, standing in line for any length of time is painful,  I detest shoving and pushing, and I hate that depressing feeling the meaning of Thanksgiving is being trampled to death by the big box retailers in their rush to sell, sell, SELL.”  She heaved a sigh, then straightened her shoulders and thrust out her chin.

“Anyway, I’d rather celebrate–Back in Black Friday.”

Sir Guy looked puzzled. “Back in Black Friday?”


She grinned. “Back in Black GUYDAY Friday.” She pretended to drum as she tossed her head to and fro. “DUNH-dunh-nuh-dunh-dunh-uh-duh . . .”

Sir Guy returned her smile. “Ah . . . now I get it! It’s my day–Friday–and I do look most presentable in black,” he purred.

“And AC/DC really does suit you, dearest Sir Guy . . .”

(Ladywriter requests that you overlook the typo in the image below. Realizing that, of course, you may not notice there are words on the image below . . .)




Happy (Back in) Black Guyday Friday! 😉

OK, who’s up for baking a Richard Armitage cake?



An amateur baker in England entered her 5’5″ cake in the likeness of Johnny Depp in his iconic role as Jack Sparrow in a contest–and apparently she won!


Now, I can only imagine how truly magnificent a life-size cake made in the image of a certain tall, dark and toothsome actor we all know and love would be . . . which character would YOU prefer to see whipped up into an edible delight, I wonder?  Sir Guy as a gustatory pleasure? John Thornton to tempt your taste buds? Porter to whet your appetite? Lucas? Thorin? Surely any and all would be mmm, mmm good.  “He’s good, sticky sweet, from his head down to his feet . . .” 😉

Happy Guyday Friday the 13th! A baker’s dozen of gorgeous Guys


Are you prone to superstition? Want to be sure you don’t walk under any ladders or break any mirrors on this day?

Still, surely, it can’t be unlucky to have a certain big, slinky, sensual black cat cross your path . . . when it’s this feline. Mmmmmmm . . . . I feel a purrrrrrrr coming on.













Happy Birthday, Richard Armitage. I’m so glad you came into my life.


“My universe will never be the same, I’m glad you came, I’m glad you came . . .”

Dear Richard,

It was thanks to a smouldering, anachronistically black leather-clad medieval henchman swaggering into my life one summer’s evening in 2007 that I became an Ardent Armitage Admirer.


Guy was a slow burn for me; gorgeous, yes, but a bit of a smarmy bastard at first (well, you did want us to hate you, although I never managed that). And then I began to catch on to what you, this British actor I’d never heard of before was doing with the classic cardboard cut-out of a villain–you were giving this version of Sir Guy breadth and depth, bringing in so many subtle nuances in this, at times, distinctly unsubtle production.

You piqued my interest, Richard. I started watching fanvids, met some cool fellow admirers, began to read up on you on the major sites like Richard Armitage Net.

I felt I needed to explore more of your work. There wasn’t a whole lot available on this side of the pond, but I got my hands on the productions that were: “North and South,” “The Impressionists,” and “The Vicar of Dibley.” My husband scored a region-free player for me–God bless that man!–and I found a copy of “Sparkhouse” (and soon began ordering from Amazon UK and eventually collecting pretty much everything you’ve done–yes, even “Cleopatra.” Oh, stop giggling. On second thought, keep it up. It’s delightful).

BeFunky_vod2-126harry (2)




And here’s what I discovered: not only could you bring subtlety and nuance to your characters, you were so damned versatile. A veritable acting chameleon are you, dearest Rich. I felt as if I was meeting a new and different person each time, so fully fleshed out was each character.  I believed in the reality of each of these men, I walked with them on their journeys; I cared. Sometimes, I cried.

You are such a good, detailed actor, the consummate professional and a true team player. And you aren’t exactly hard on the eyes, either, whether or not you feel comfortable admitting it.

But above and beyond that, I discovered something else about you. Richard Armitage, you are a nice guy. And as the wife of one, I have a great appreciation for nice guys.

You are a gentleman who shows sensitivity towards others. Your generous, charitable heart shines. You have a lovely, slightly naughty sense of humor that never seems mean-spirited. Physically, you are a big, strapping man; but you are also a man with a big spirit. Nothing petty and small-minded about you.



I have no idea what will come next for you in your career; I just want it to be all that you want it to be, regardless of what we fans desire. I wish you continued good health and happiness and love in its every form in this coming year. Goodness knows, you deserve it all.

Happy birthday, Richard Armitage. I’m glad you came into this world 42 years ago, and I am so very glad you came into my world eight years ago. My universe will truly never be the same.

With love  and affection and deepest admiration,

One more member of the AAA.

I love the man behind the black leather–so to speak.


One of my earliest videos using WMM. I really enjoyed the “Hood Academy” featurette and any behind-the-scenes glimpses of our RA during Robin Hood.


He’s always so thoughtful in his responses and of course, we see the sweet, charming, good-humoured RA–rather a contrast with our fierce and hot-headed henchman we so love!



Richard and the lads on the way to riding practice, I believe.


Love how focused RA is on his tasks at hand–in this case, archery practice. And  the heavy stubble, tousled hair and keen gaze don’t hurt either. *wibble*



Happy Guyday Friday! Beautiful . . . (fanart & new vid!)




This is a multi-role fanvid I started several weeks ago then put aside when I got busy with other things. Came back to it the other day when I had no internet connection. Couldn’t sleep so I uploaded it overnight.





It’s Saturday–enjoy new Lucas photo edits & an old fave LN vid



My, doesn’t Lucas look hot–especially when a certain Evil Bleached Blonde Popsicle Sarah Caulfield is cropped out of the picture.


And check out that classic profile–minus the presence of the dodgy Vaughn–er, Michael–oh,Whotzhizface.

BeFunky_LucasSpooks8Ep6newbbbb (2)joniascut.jpg

Lucas in the three-quarter view that top close-up from cropped from–but still no Freezer Queen awww, YOU know who.

And have some fun with our favorite spyman and his trusty sidekick Ros “Takin’ Care of Business.” 😉

Guyday Friday: Just another hard day for a hot henchman


So–to catch you all up!

Yeah, Benny is happy with my editing of the “bonus feature” for the kindergarten vid. He’s also found an extended version of the song I am using that will be exactly the length I need so it won’t necessitate repeating part of the song during the six minute video. He said he will download the longer version for me tomorrow at work (takes FOREVER here . . .)  Later, we may embed the vid on the Pecan Ridge website –not right away, but later.  After battling a sinus/allergy malaise all week, Benny is finally doing a bit better. Still not resting really well at night.

There is an outside possibility we will be shooting another stage production this weekend in a neighboring county. A friend of mine is checking tomorrow about copyright issues. It’s not as if we don’t have a lot on our plate right now, but we don’t want to miss out on opportunities when they arise.

And now, without further ado–thank God it’s Guyday!!!!!!

Even if it IS the same old song . . . with Hoodie & the Tree House Gang once again getting away with the goods and making the Hot Velveteen Henchman, the Treacherous Troll and the castle guards all look like complete numbskulls.
It’s enough to drive a poor misunderstood baddie to the edge–or at least to Ye Olde Pub. Sir Guy may be knocked down by the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune (not to mention Hoodie and the boyz) but he gets back up again . . .

Because, really, you can’t keep our good baddie down for too long!

1promo11 (2)sirugy


You just know someone will be thwarting Guy once again.  But dang, doesn’t he look good all angsty and angry and thwarted? *sigh*

And of course, when he turns from the Dark Side, he is still our gloriously sexy Gisborne with his tousled bedhead and energetic swordplay. And his magnificent bellowing. LOVE it when the man bellows.



And I leave you with this image. Which, oddly enough, remains one of my all-time favorite screencaps of Sir Guy. I just can’t quite point my finger on it . . .

Happy Guyday Friday!


Well, bless my soul: My latest RA video


I left this one to finish uploading while I grabbed a few hours of sleep earlier. Worked on the kindergarten “behind the scenes” vid until the wee hours. If I do say so myself, it’s shaping up to be really cute and fun.  As with Mr. A, I started out with great subject matter, of course. 😉 I hope you will enjoy!

Gotta wash out my sticky, icky eyes and grab some coffee. I will have a Thorin post up a little later. Happy Thorin Thursday and hang in there, Guyday Friday is coming!

Oh the glories of The Mane. Happy (Hairy) Thorin Thursday!



Yes, you ARE!


Oh, those flowing “romantic” locks.


Toss those locks, Thorin! Toss ’em!


Glamour Dwarf . . .




Looking good and ready for a fight–hair and all!







who thinks Thorin would make a great model for a shampoo commercial? *raises hand*