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It’s gonna be alright, Jack. Really, it is.


Happiness is a warm, boisterous puppy. But what is it when you take the puppy’s mama away in a big carrier before dawn breaks and leave him behind?


Seabee, due to travel to Montgomery to be spayed today.  went into the borrowed Pet Porter without a hitch–such a sweet, trusting dog that one is!

But, oh–little Jack. His wiggly puppy body grew very still as he looked up at the carrier in the back of the Jeep, and then at me. Was it just my imagination in overdrive, or was there something accusatory in those beautiful, soft brown puppy eyes?

He didn’t whimper or bark or make any noise. He didn’t try to chew on my pajama legs.  Quietly, tail drooping in a most uncharacteristic way, Seabee’s son padded back onto the deck with his uncle Rascal, who soon made himself scarce. Rascal wasn’t taking any chances, it seems.

I brought out food. Jack ate as I sat there and talked to him and tried to explain it all once again. I know. He’s a dog, and just a puppy at that. Still, I feel compelled to try.

To ease my own heart as much as his.

It’s gonna be OK, Jack. Really it is. Just a few hours and you’ll see your mom again.