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Depending on where in the world you live–and this is a pretty international bunch–it’s morning, noon, afternoon, or perhaps the middle of the night.  Here in LA, aka Lower Alabama, it’s mid-morning on Sunday and could be classified as brunch time, which could mean a nice vegetable quiche or a hashbrown casserole, or flaky buttermilk biscuits with spicy patty sausage or country ham . . .

Map of USA with Alabama highlighted

Map of USA with Alabama highlighted (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Yep, I live in the lower half of that pretty red state you see on this map, right between Mississippi and Georgia, bordered by Tennessee and Florida.

 Life being short, I subscribe to the “eat dessert first” ethos ( which is all too obvious from my excessive amount of padding). So enjoy some tangy lemon pie with sweet, light-as-air meringue that melts in your mouth, a cup of coffee (sugar and cream for me) and some Thorin. Because he looks pretty darned tasty, too.

Favorite Easter Candy & Our Own Sweet “Candy Man”


And there’s the always popular choccie Easter bunny. Are you an “ears first” or “tail first” consumer?

The longtime favorites, Peeps, but with a twist. It’s Star Trek peeps!

Robin's egg candy is the Easter version of malted milk balls. My husband's absolute fav.

Yummmmmm . . .

So, what is your favorite Easter candy? My  all-time favorite candy isn’t Cadbury’s or Hershey’s or Russell Stover‘s . . . it’s that sweet chocolate-voiced Candyman. 😀