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Richard, I’d heard you looked sharp tonight. Finally, I got to see for myself.*squee*


Livestreaming is horribly frustrating for me.  The constant need to buffer, all the starts and stops in the middle of a conversation, the loading symbol right smack over the person’s face–highly annoying, especially on a night that you have eagerly anticipated for close to two years. If you’ve got a decent high-speed internet connection, it can be great. If you don’t, uhmmmm, not so much. I believe some of you share in my frustration.

Then when your computer, which has become increasingly troublesome, decides to really “act a fool,” it’s enough to make you want to bang your head against a wall if it didn’t throb so much already.

Thanks to my husband, I did have a new computer bought cheap from his boss, who’d won this HP laptop months ago and never even fired it up.

Now it’s mine. Nothing’s loaded on it yet, but at least I did have web browsers to use.

So I tried to watch the livestream of the red carpet in Wellington. But it kept needing to “load” . . . and “load” and “load” and I was stuck with Neil Finn and his band for an eternity. No offense to Neil, but I wanted Richard Armitage.

And I bloody well missed him.  I saw some of the other dwarves, Cate, Hugo, Elijah . . . but no Richard. *sob*

I was almost ready to just call it a day when I heard a certain voice. THAT voice. I opened that screen again and saw him. Richard.

Looking just as sharp as a commenter on Twitter had said. I only saw him from the shoulders up, but I really liked him in that grey suit. (Was the tie red? Hard to tell in the glare.) Loved the little wave in his shining hair. His crinkles showing in the bright sun. That sweet smile.  And was that stubble I spied? Sexy, handsome, charming man.  Finally. Richard.

Oh, you’ve come a long, long way, baby.  I hope tonight is all you dreamed of it being.

Guess who? I know who. A sharp-dressed man on his way to being a movie star!

Sorry, no pics up yet that I can share from tonight. I am sure videos and screen shots will surface soon . . .