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Lucas & I spy a busy week ahead for Fedoralady



Oh, I wish I had your speed, grace and stamina, dearest Lucas. It would come in handy next week.

It’s been a very busy Sunday for me. I gave Benny a haircut and got my own hair colored–it’s a bit darker now, and that pesky grey/white seems to have been covered well (took two boxes of color). I built a Facebook page for Pecan Ridge Productions (you are cordially invited to go and “like” it at http://www.facebook.com/PecanRidgeProductions) and there’s a Twitter Account now, too. Now I’ve got to find someone who can build a website for us.  Any takers?

I managed to sneak in some time playing with the pups, enjoying the lovely spring weather and doing a bit of reading. I finished “proofing” the Relay video for sound and Benny and I discussed plans for the Arts Council intro and other aspects of covering that production this week.

Between recording the performances Monday and Tuesday nights, editing the footage and rendering the finished vid, assisting with the specialty videos we’ve made to be shown during the production, and selling the POTR DVDs to audience and cast members Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, it’s gonna be a busy week.  Keep me and Benny in your prayers that we will hold up OK. This is really important to our business, and that business is really important to our income and to adding some things we need to build this production company.  You know, it takes money to make money, right?

So, some more Luscious Lucas to share with you along with the acknowledgement that you may not see as much of me in the next week.  But I will be thinking of all of you!  May we all be blessed with a happy, healthy and productive week.