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Guyday Friday: Sir Guy plays Fashion Police


The corner of Sir Guy’s mouth was definitely twitching, one supercilious eyebrow raised high.  Oh, yes–he was amused.

“Sir Guy–I do think you are on the verge of a giggle.”

The World’s Hottest Henchman gave a pronounced and lordly sniff and drew himself to his full, imposing height. “I do NOT giggle.”


Her grin was quite maddening.

“I beg to differ, Sir Guy. Have you forgotten the time we had a pillow fight–and I tickled you?”

He lifted his chin and gave another sniff. “THAT, my lady–that was cheating.” 

He flicked back his lustrous mane of hair. “At any rate, my dear LW, I can hardly be blamed for expressing a certain degree of mirth at–that.”

Ladywriter shook her head and sighed. “It’s not nice to laugh at your CReAtor’s ChaRActers, you know.”



He gave her one of those looks. “Ladywriter . . . not only does this ChaRActer have a ridiculous name–he dresses atrociously! I mean–just LOOK at him!”

Ladywriter shook her head. “Sir Guy, Chop is an ex-social worker from back in the ’90s who’s dropped out of society and is living rough. He’s not supposed to be an example of sartorial splendor.” She tilted her head and gave him a little smirk. “You know–he’s not YOU.”


“Well . . . that is certainly true.” There was a familiar glint in those kohl-rimmed eyes as he returned her smirk. “I am one of a kind, am I not?”


Uhmmm–hmmmm. Coming AND going!



“Now, forget about Chop and his style–or lack of it–for now, and come and share some milk and chocolate chip cookies with me, Sir Guy.” She winked at him. “I want to see you with one of those cute milk mustaches again . . .”
A dark chuckle. “YOU just want to imagine licking it off . . .”
“You think?”


I sure do, Sir Guy!

Happy Guyday Friday to all!

Guyday Friday and Who’s this ‘Chop?’


“Well, it took you long enough today.” He was standing there with a raised eyebrow and a smirk on his handsome face, his dark chocolate voice a dry rumble.


Ladywriter looked a little chagrined. “I know, I know–it’s almost 8 p.m. here and I am just getting around to a Guyday Friday post. If it makes you feel any better, Sir Guy, I am just getting around to—everything today. Don’t know if it’s the allergies or the FMS or what, but it was one of those ‘Meh I feel as if I’ve been drugged heavily even though I haven’t’ kind of days . . .” She gave him a tired smile and shrugged her shoulders. “But hey, the good news is your CReAtor has an interesting new project filming overseas!”



Guy’s smirk grew broader. “Ah–so all the fangurlz are–stirred–by the thought of our CReAtor bringing them a new ChaRACter to discuss, dissect, adore, drool over and so forth, my lady?”

LW chuckled.
“Something along those lines, my dear dark knight.”

She slowly nodded. “And this Chop is a jaded ex-social worker who’s been into drinking and drugging and living hard in the grittiest part of Leeds in the ’90s. He tries to clean up his act to help a young street kid called Urban. It sounds like the sort of role our fella would love to sink his teeth into. Complex, with both light and dark shadings.  A real-life character, too.”


“NOT–” She raised an admonishing finger. “Not that those who love you will ever forget Sir Guy, of course.”

As IF . . .





Happy Guyday Friday and congrats to our Richard for a fascinating new role! Good on you!

Thorin Thursday: Photo Edits, GIFs & other Hobbity stuff



Oh, Thorin. What a gorgeous creature you are, even tousled and tangled and worn by your misadventures. In fact, it all makes you that much more appealing, you sexy beast!


The latest Weta Workshop Chronicles book is now available to pre-order at Amazon. I have the first two and I LOVE them. Worth every penny.


Ah, those two old friends, Dwalin and Thorin.¬† They fight together–and stick out their tongues at each other in rehearsals . . . cheeky RA.


Can’t wait to see this scene in the film!! Wet, roaring, raging Thorin–in a barrel. Yes.


This is an updated version of that work in progress by bohemian weasel I have featured here in the past. Really love the art nouveau-ish feel of it.

This is an updated version of that work in progress by bohemian weasel I have featured here in the past. Really love the art nouveau-ish feel of it.

More GIFs. Hope they work OK for you.




Thorin Thursday: Richard facing fears, getting ‘giffy’ in a wine barrel



Excerpt from the above interview with RA responding to query about what he is anticipating most seeing in DOS:

‚ÄúI think the barrel sequence [in which the dwarves escape their elf captors by river, hidden in wine barrels],‚ÄĚ he answered when posed the question by TotalFilm, ‚Äúwhich we all thought was going to be the finale of the first film, is going to be incredible. I‚Äôve seen all the various pieces: the aerial shots of waterfalls with barrels going down them, the very fast-moving river set where we were submerged under water, the wild river we‚Äôre floating down towards the end of the sequence‚Ķ I think it‚Äôll be one of the most thrilling parts of the second film.‚ÄĚ

And I couldn’t help but think once more about Richard’s fears regarding water. Once again he’s not just in the water, he’s under it for a portion of the sequence, getting soaked to the skin, no doubt taking in some of it on this “fast-moving” river set. It must have been slightly terrifying and totally exhilarating all at the same time.¬† But hey, he was relaxed enough to play fish toss with Adam Brown. And chill with the fellow dwarves afterwards . . .


Click on the following three GIFs to see Thorin in action:




I can only think it’s going to be a very exciting sequence, indeed, complete with wet, roaring, angsty Thorin. Doesn’t get better than that!

And once again, I am impressed by Richard’s dedication to his craft and his willingness to feel the fear, to face it and to do whatever it takes to¬†get things right.¬†(Is it really nine months until we see him on the big screen again?! )

It’s going to be a barrel of fun: RA’s thoughts on TDOS *spoilers*



Richard Armitage Net has the one-page¬†Q&A¬†interview with Richard from Total Film‘s May 2013 issue in its news for today. RA talks about the intensity of¬†working with Sir Peter–a director who “throws down the gauntlet” to everyone working with him, it seems–and some of¬†what we can expect in The Desolation of Smaug. Yes, there is a bit of a spoiler in it, so be forewarned before you read.

What was delightful¬†for me was reading how much of a thrill ride Richard expects the dwarves in barrels scene–orginally meant to be the finale of the first movie–to be. From his description, it does sound pretty exciting and it’s what he’s most looking forward to seeing in the film.¬†And think about it. Wet. Roaring. Thorin.¬†*thud* Works for me!

Click on GIF to see wet, roaring Thorin in action


Reading Richard’s responses makes me happy once more that¬†he got this role and seems so very satisfied with the experience of working with Peter Jackson and making these films. It’s really been a dream come true for him, and possibly “the most important piece of work I will ever do.”

And now I am all the more ready to see the second film. And wet, roaring Thorin. Oh, yeah. Dry is good, too, of course.


In the meantime, RA, I’ll be thinking about you as you get back into fighting shape to film the Battle of Five Armies scene for the final film. Oh, the places you are taking us . . . I truly hope you are enjoying the journey. You deserve it!

Guyday Friday continues: Guy and Marian Vids, Art, GIFs



If only she’d had the Good Taste Gene. Or better sight and hearing. Or been smarter. Oh, if only.

Marian, you’d have been his queen. Cherished, adored and very, very loved-up.¬† If you know what I mean . . . so stop trying to kick his arse and start–appreciating it. If you know what I mean . . .







Richard behind the scenes on ‘The Hobbit’



Whether swinging a sword, singing a haunting melody,¬† growling at elves or simply taking a break, Richard is always a treat to see and hear in behind-the-scenes vids and stills for The Hobbit. Focus, intensity, dedication, the willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done right: that’s our Richard!






Click on GIF to see Thorin and Horsie give a great mane toss.

So what DOES the Hot Henchman wear under his leathers?

Study this view carefully. Do you notice any tell-tale undergarment lines?

Study this view carefully. Do you notice any tell-tale undergarment lines?

Somehow the comments on a ¬†recent post began to delve into the subject of men’s undies and what¬†versions Mr. A favors, and then ventured into commando versus boxers vs. briefs and well–I think everyone was just giggling like a gaggle of schoolgirls by then.

The subject of just what our dear henchman, the glorious Sir Guy, wears under those rather form-fitting (and what a form!) leathers of his also arose. We certainly wish for our favorite baddie-but-not-really to have freedom of movement and be as comfortable as possible as he slinks through the castle corridors, rides his mighty steed and races (alas, in vain) to capture that deemed elusive Hood from the Vale.

We did actually get a glimpse of Sir Guy’s undies in the second season in that very memorable scene when Marian visits Sir Guy and discovers him trying on his shiny new armor in the candlelight.

In medieval times, men did wear braies as undergarments. Occasionally the show did get some historical details right.

In medieval times, men did wear braies as undergarments. Occasionally the show did get some historical details right.

Let’s take another look at them, shall we?


I am trying to study the braies themself but find my attention keeps straying to the sculpted abdominals, the perky chesticles, the buff biceps . . .  what was I saying?

I’d better dress the man again.

BeFunky_rh206_114ffffHmmmm. Not sure that helped.¬† OK, back to Sir Guy trying on his armor. Let’s do a GIF this time, shall we? Click on Sir Guy!


Hmmm. Let’s try dressing him again. In a GIF. Click on that slinky figure in black.


OK, I think we need a frontal view GIF,¬†too–for thorough research.


Let’s see, where was I? . . . oh, yes. Guy. Leathers. Underwear. What fabric? Something really soft . . . wouldn’t want to chafe anything. And yet–supportive, too. Wouldn’t want any harm to come to the Gisborne jewels. Don’t suppose they had Ye Olde Henchman Jocke Straps back in the day.


He doesn’t appear to be wearing one here . . .

What was I talking about again?

I need some sleep. And good dreams . . .

Oh, yeah. Happy Guyday Friday!!

Armitage Blue Monday


My¬†sinuses continue to give me some grief and I just feel sort of headachy¬†and “blaah” today.¬†Feels like Monday.

Hubby has sent me links to some photo editing sites with which I was not familiar, so I will probably be playing with those a little later.

Lots of things I NEED to do but somehow doubt they will get done.¬† So how about some sweet, sexy blue-eyed Armitage to brighten things up on “blue Monday?”







armitage008 (2)_phixr




EW’s egregious error, or Oscars are fine, but give me my dwarf


I just got around to looking at my copy of Entertainment Weekly. And I definitely have a bone to pick with you, EW. Those multiple covers for print subscribers you had apparently stopped doing?

Well, I see it’s back for the Oscar preview issue. Hey, Jessica and Daniel and Quvenzhane look great in their portraits along with Mr. Oscar himself on the front.¬† Best of luck to all of them.

But, why, oh why, couldn’t you have done the same blessed thing with the special Hobbit issue, pray tell? Instead I got stuck with a slightly constipated-looking Gandalf.

I love Sir Ian, don’t get me wrong–but it was the fierce warrior dwarf with the fire in his belly, wielding his mighty sword that I really, really wanted.

Did you get a lot of complaints about that egregious error, I wonder? Perhaps that is why you went back to the multiple cover special issues for those of us who still shell out bucks to read you the old-fashioned way . . .  all I can say is this. Assuming you DO another special issue for the second movie, I am expecting to get my multiple covers and one of them better feature Thorin.


Otherwise, I will be forced to unleash these guys on you. And they don’t mess around on mission. I’m just sayin’ . . .




Christmas Greetings from our Furry Friends


BeFunky_Impressionist_2christalliebrown¬† Pictured above is our beautiful, sweet and slightly skittish Calico, Callie. She showed up at our house one day several years ago, ¬†a half-feral kitten, hungry but not very trusting of humans. Over time we gained that trust. Today, ¬†she is one very contented and affectionate (if slightly nervous)¬†house cat–currently snuggled up next to her mom, purring softly.

All our pets over the years¬†have been rescue animals, either adopted from an animal shelter or taken in as strays. May I encourage anyone considering adding a pet to their home in 2013 to consider finding a “fur-ever friend” through a shelter or rescue group.¬† There are rescue groups devoted to certain breeds, so if a Bassett Hound or¬† a French Poodle is your preference,¬† there’s likely a pure-bred¬†friend out there waiting for you if you are willing to go to a bit of time and trouble to adopt.

And trust me–blended friends like Elvis, the hounddog mix seen below,¬†make great pets, too. And please spay and neuter your¬†cats and dogs¬†to help fight against pet overpopulation problems in our country!

(PS Our German Sheperd (Alsatian) mix Rascal was too busy trying to greet his mom with kisses to pose for a photo . . .)


Yes, we occasionally do get snow in LA. This was shot in February 2010. Our three dogs at the time had never before seen the white stuff.


Thumper Cat, the three-legged, roly-poly tuxedo cat with a Hitler mustache is grateful for photo editing. No being forced by Mom to wear a miniature Santa hat! Thumper¬†nearly lost her life as a tiny kitten after being mauled by a dog. She lost that leg, but not her spirit. We’ve had her now for close to 12 years. From our furry family members to yours, a very Merry Christmas and¬†a 2013 full of hope, joy and love.