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In case you were curious . . . here’s Miss Capper.


There’s been a lot of curiosity over the years about the women in Richard’s life. We all know he is a private person, and I certainly respect that. But I can say one woman, actress Annabel (Annie) Capper, has been identified as Richard’s (former) girlfriend.

The two apparently met while both were attending LAMDA and they still appear from time to time at functions together. They once lived together. Although the romantic part of their relationship seems to be over, RA and Capper appear to be supportive of one another’s careers with a strong friendship.

 Annie is a striking woman with a lovely speaking voice. Much of her work has been on stage, but I have seen snippets of her acting roles on film and she’s very talented. I will say this: she looks refreshingly normal–not a skeletal plastic Hollywood bimbo with bolt-on breasts.   Here are some photos of the two of them and some of just Annie. ( Photos courtesy of Richard Armitage Fan Blog)