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OT: Pampering Your Inner Princess, Indulging Your Dreams


I did something earlier tonight I haven’t done in quite a while. I took a nice, relaxing bubble bath. When I was a child, I loved a product called Mr. Bubble, which has been around a little longer as I have.

One of my childhood favs. Now I like to imagine playing with Dirty Wild Man Guy (S3 style) and then cleaning him up in a nice fragrant bubble bath. Now THAT would make bathtime FUN.

Lacking anything with a big smiling pink bubble on the front, I made do with the last remnants of my mango splash cocoa butter body wash, which produced some fragrant bubbles. I certainly did not look as glamorous whilst bathing as these ladies–I believe I recognize Hollywood stars Jeanne Crain and Greer Garson soaking in these tubs–but I feel clean and soft, I smell nice and my legs are definitely smoother. Amazing how a bit of pampering and grooming can make a girl feel, isn’t it?

(courtesy of cuddlycomments.com)

On those rare occasions when I do take a bubble bath, I also like to read whilst I soak (some relaxing music and candles are also nice, but I just stuck with the read tonight).

Tonight’s choice was one I like to re-read from time to time, “Gin” Sanders’ Wear More Cashmere.

Sanders encourages us to pamper our inner princesses, as the lovely Greer and Jeanne appear to be doing here. The book offers 151 ways to do so and I thought it might be fun from time to time to share some of Gin’s suggestions with you all.

Number 6: Indulge Your Dreams

Sweet dreams are made of these. Keeping a journal of our nocturnal adventures can help kickstart our daytime creativity.

“Every night when you close your eyes and dream, an incredible thing happens.  You become writer, producer, director,  wardrobe manager, scenery director and location scout, effortlessly producing mini-movies all night long. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could tap into one-tenth of that creativity in your waking hours?

Alas, even the most vivid dreams fade after a few hours–unless, of course, you write them down. Create a beautiful dream journal. Buy the fanciest, most gold-encrusted portfolio there is, and fill its pages with your own dream productions. Every morning upon waking . . . run back over what your mind produced the night before.

Don’t try to understand them; this is not analysis. It is merely a record of what your own luxurious imagination is capable of producing when you aren’t watching. And the more you can accumulate waking evidence of what your mind can produce, the more confident you’ll be when you need to tap into creativity during work hours.”~Jennifer “Gin” Sanders, Wear More Cashmere

Wishing you all lots of delightful, sweet, entertaining and inspiring dreams.