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Guyday Friday: Sleek n’ Sexy!



Our smouldering sex god is a wee bit vain (but at least he has something to be vain about). There’s the hair, artfully arranged (with Ye Olde Medieval Haire Gelle?),fetching curls at the nape, those striking sideburns accentuating the elegant, masculine planes of his face. Later, of course, we get the Amazing Mane, artfully tossed about to great effect like the proud stallion that he is.  And let’s not forget the Guyliner. Nobody rocks the Medieval Smoky-Eyed Gaze like our Sir Guy. And that stubble . . . . uhmmmmmm. Or clean-shaven for those special occasions.

He knows he looks damn good in those sleek, buttery soft black leathers, accentuating his lean, muscular physique.  Nothing like watching that long, slinky stride through the corridors of Nottingham Castle, is there? Or study him lounging purposefully, strong arms folded across that broad, tempting chest, a knowing smirk or look of ill-concealed boredom or disdain on his handsome face  . . . always keep your eye on the hot, sleek, sexy henchman.  It’s worth it on so very many levels. Trust me . . .



BeFunky_series1-17guywelcome BeFunky_photomania_1044119



Sir Guy: A little bit rock n’ roll? Pt. 2 (with videos)


Expert use of Guyliner? Check. Heavy stubble? Check. Seductive glower? Check.

John Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Pirate and predecessor of rock gods of the future?

Boy-next-door and AI winner David Cook goes for the rocker look.

Steven Tyler. Dude DOES look like a lady.

Jared Leto. You're a very pretty boy, Jared, but this is just plain scary.

Musician Dave Navarro.

Sir Guy, you're beautiful. And your eye shadow rocks.

One of my favorite parts of Sir Guy’s look (well, there are many favorite parts) is his Guyliner. Richard has extraordinarily beautiful eyes to begin with, and the use of makeup only enhances that and gives a further smouldering edge to his already smouldering edginess as Sir Guy. Being of fair coloring to begin with, Richard, like Elvis before him, better carries off the dark hair he was given for the role of Guy by having his brows and eyelashes darkened as well. The makeup artists further intensified Guy’s look by artful use of eyeshadow.

I felt the application of Guy’s eye makeup was at its zenith with the return of Glamour Guy in S3. There are shots of him glancing down and I thought, “Damn! He’s beautiful. And his shadow looks really good!” (I confess I am a real girly-girl who loves her mascara and lippie, in spite of having done little to my face over the last few months).

Lot of actors/musicians like to rock the liner to give them that edgier look, but not all do it as well as Sir Guy, I fear.
Even with the long hair and the makeup, Guy’s ALL boy. Nothing androgynous or effeminate about him. Of course, in the case of some performers, that ambiguous look is what they are aiming for. Think David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust.
I have included a few photos for your perusal.