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Happy Halloween from TAE! Some tricks, mostly TREATS. ;)



Greetings from your Halloween-loving blogger, Fedoralady! She decided to put on her skinny face (Celebrity Cruise 2000)¬†and borrow a costume from her favorite actor’s past to celebrate the holiday. ūüėÄ


Guy’s here to heat up things for us, too!


And our favorite warrior dwarf is going all peace and love Woodstock-style, man! Outta sight!


Little Johnny Mulligan . . . still self trying to convince us he’s not *really* a bad guy.

pizapffRH312HR00014 (2)¬† Guy—just HAS to appear more than once. Come on over and take a bite, big boy!


Lucas and Ros are going undercover this Halloween as master magician and able assistant!!

41EXMl-FXcL__ddSS500dd_ richard white shirt cold feet

Lothario lifeguard Lee offers us the ultimate in trick-or-treat goodness . . . at least, in HIS eyes. ūüėČ


Guy, however, thinks what HE has to offer is the penultimate in Halloween deliciousness.


Really, Guy, I BELIEVE you!


And for a really sweet Halloween treat, look no further than to Harry and Gerri!


And if you over-indulge and get a tummy ache, Dr. Track will stop by to ease your pain . . .


From our bewitching Scarlett to you all, Happy Halloween!

Guyday Friday: Yeah, I Didn’t Forget!


Of course, you’ve gotten some doses of Guy over the last few days anyway, but he’d be highly upset (huge quantities of Cheez-Its and a brownie or two notwithstanding) if a Friday passed without saluting our favorite leather-clad henchman.

Pirate Cat and I have been doing a lot of bonding–she actually seemed a little frightened when I first got back home–but once again she is my little shadow. She likes the idea of going on an adventure with Pirate Guy to discover treasure, me hearties. ūüėȬ† Perhaps that would make up for Thumper being so charmed by Little Thorin??

By the way, Little Guy (and Robin and Vasey) arrived from Merry Olde England. I guess the bubble wrap helped keep them from killing each other in the very tight space they occupied on the trip over. ¬†They have not been introduced to Little Thorin yet.¬†I just haven’t quite had the energy . . . if you know what I mean. *sigh*

“Ladywriter . . .”

“Yes, Sir Guy.”

The Dark Knight strips the paper off a miniature KitKat bar and pauses before popping it between his shapely lips, a slight furrow appearing between those saturnine eyebrows.

“I’ve been thinking, LW . . .”

Ladywriter tries wriggling her broken toe and winces. “Thinking about how much you’ve enjoyed that bag of Halloween treats?”

Sir Guy’s mouth curls into a boyish smile as he chews. “This Halloween celebration is great fun, I must confess. All the costumes. The scary films.” ¬†The smile deepens. “The sweets.”

He clears his throat and tilts his dark head, flicking back a stray strand of his tousled mane. “However, what I have been thinking about is–you haven’t completed your retelling of your birthday yet for your readers.”

Ladywriter pops a couple of aspirin and washes them down with Coke. “Oh, I know, Sir Guy. I am running behind.¬† Trying to regroup, my dearest Leather-Clad Hottie.”¬†

She gives him a wry¬†smile¬†as she lifts her damaged foot and wags it. “I don’t think I will be running any marathons this weekend.¬†No beautiful beach views to lure me away.¬†Perhaps I can make some progress writing. The end of the story is overdue.”

Sir Guy inclines his head graciously, his eyes lighting up. “I do have a rather prominent role in the final chapter of the story, do I not?”

Ladywriter nods and laughs softly. “And you can’t wait for everyone to read it, can you?”

He attempts an insouciant shrug. “I thought your readers might find it–amusing . . .”

Happy Guyday Friday to all!!

I do love a man in uniform . . .


I’ve been thinking an around-the-world cruise would be really nice . . . especially if you got to spend a lot of time at the Captain’s Table . . .

Oh, that Mulligan. Never admitting his guilt and still vain enough to worry about how he looks in those prison stripes. A real piece of work, but a gorgeous one.

Halloween Week at TAE!

Two cousins, the boy dressed in military camou...

Two cousins, the boy dressed in military camouflage and the girl in a ballerina outfit, wait outside a door as they go trick-or-treating, October 31, 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Frankenstein for Halloween back in th...

Halloween will arrive here in the U.S. this Wednesday, October 31,  but celebrations are already underway (as you may have noticed right here at this blog).

The holiday is a pretty big deal in our country; visit a retail outlet¬†such as¬†Wal-Mart and you’ll see many¬†racks of full costumes and Halloween-oriented tee-shirts¬†for children and adults, along with a myriad of accessories from fake blood to fairy wings and Day-Glo¬†wigs.¬† Your sweet tooth can go into overdrive from the bags and bags of candy, individually-wrapped goodies designed to be to handed out to miniature superheroes, vampires and princesses who show up on your doorstep with cries of “trick or treat!”

These kids featured in The Beach Reporter, a California newspaper, are all decked out for the holiday and their school’s carnival.

Cable and satellite channels hold “Fright Fests” throughout the month¬†airing classic horror films such as “Frankenstein” and “Dracula” along with more contemporary “scary movies.” Television specials focus on communities and families known for their all-out celebrations of the holiday.

Organizations host haunted house attractions–Terror on the Gulf, Panic in the Park, the Haunted Hayride–providing thrills and chills as they raise funds for worthy causes. Many schools and churches hold Halloween carnivals or¬†harvest festivals¬† offering games, costume contests and other activities.

English: This is The Bates Motel and haunted H...

English: This is The Bates Motel and haunted Hayride in Glen Mills, PA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here at The Armitage Effect, we will  celebrate the occasion by blogging  about some of our favorite spooky movies (personally, I am into atmosphere and suspense rather than excessive blood and gore), Halloween-themed songs,  share Halloween fan art and who knows? You just might discover a surprise or two. Hopefully you will find it interesting, fun and even educational.
But mostly, we want to have—FUN.¬† ūüėČ

It’s October. And keep in mind I’m on drugs.


Drugs for my major sinus/allergy attack, that is. My sneezes have been registering on the Reichter scale, or so I’ve been told by my long-suffering spouse.

Anyhoo, I am kind of loopy and also in a Halloween sort of mood. I discovered today that www.picmonkey.com has just added a new Halloween set of effects, overlays and fonts to play with. You can choose from Vampire, Witch, Demon, Zombie, Day of the Dead and Trick or Treat.  Keep in mind the drug thing coupled with lack of sleep, so overlook the typos and other mistakes in the examples below. This Halloween theme is a real treat to play with, so why not give it a try if you are so inclined?

We like Halloween chez Fedoralady. It is Mr. FL’s¬†favorite holiday. We’ve¬†worked a few¬†haunted houses in the past; I’ve always dressed up when work allowed it and won first place for my costume a couple of years ago.¬†Basically we are just a pair of over-sized kids who enjoy being children again for a brief time.¬† I suspect part of my enjoyment is the fact we had no place to trick or treat as children–we were too far out in the boondocks–so once the schools/communities suspended carnivals for a time in our area¬†I felt as if I was missing out on the fun . . .

Demon Guy and Witchy-Poo Marian are ready for the Halloween bash at the castle.

I am hoping to go to Trick or¬† Treat on Main St. downtown in my hometown this year, with business owners and professionals and their employees and families dressing up and handing out candy to lots of cute costumed kiddies in a safe, controlled environment. It was started two years ago, with the grand finale a performance of Thriller by a local dance troupe and actors from the local firefighters’ haunted house. It was terrific!