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We interrupt regularly scheduled GuyDay for–PUPPY! (And Mama).



Here’s Jack, a cracker Jack of a grand little dog.   Those eyes get me. And the floppy ears. And the freckles on his legs. And . . .


The lovely Seabee and her baby boy’s cute little freckled butt.

Mama Seabee is set to be spayed on April 24th through the Alabama Animal Alliance in Montgomery. We’ll have to have her at my cousin’s house at 5:30 a.m. that day (yawn!) and she should be back at Rock and Kandys’s house by 4:30 p.m. assuming all goes well.  It will cost us considerably less to go through AAA and they have an excellent reputation.

(I should add we have a wonderful vet here who does a certain number of free and low-cost spay and neuters for pet owners in need of assistance. He’s also my former pupil and as nice a young man as you could hope to know.)


Guess who showed up on our doorstep?



Over the weekend, this Mama Dawg and her little one appeared in our yard. Poor things were awfully hungry. And awfully sweet.

Where did they come from? Were they lost?Abandoned? They’d obviously been somebody’s pets at some point.


And this little fellow simply stole my heart. I discovered he’d let me hold him in my lap. And he liked it, tucking his noce beneath my arm with a contented little grunt. Mama seems to understand I mean nothing but kindness and trusts me with her little one.

This all happened on a weekend when the weather kept Benny at home and away from the usual food-shopping excursion to Wal-Mart.  We were running out of dog food and suddenly had two new and very eager mouths to feed.

Yesterday, during a break from the rains, I started opening up cans of expired food and raiding the pantry, dishing out everything from tamales and pasta and bean soup to field peas and pretzel sticks. Even the “sawdust” left over from the Frosted Mini-Wheats box went out. They gulped it down as if it was ambrosia.  Puppy ended up with tamale sauce all over his lovely face. I wet a paper towel, scooped him up and gave his face a good washing.

Benny brought home canned and dry dog food so they had proper kibble last night.


I have to call the animal shelter today to see if anyone has enquired there about a lost dog and puppy. I know if my Rascal or Elvis were lost I’d want to know someone was trying to reconnect them with me. I would also like to think someone was trying them with loving kindness.

Because sometimes in life we really do have to depend upon the kindness of strangers.