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The highlights on my lowlights & CURLS (you-know-who’s)


So this morning I got my rear in gear (in spite of too little sleep) and got myself up, spackled and dressed and hit the farmers market for some more fresh, juicy tomatoes. I also scored a small jar of homemade blackberry jelly. A girl needs her little treats.

And then on to get my hair “did” along with a little waxing and plucking. Kristi added lowlights to give my color more dimension and flat-ironed it. Here are the results.




I have a flat iron–a very nice one–but with my shoulder issues due to the FMS I hardly ever use it. So you won’t see me like this very often. I think Benny really prefers my “big” hair, but he was nice enough not to say so. He did, however, point out my hair seemed to be “expanding back out” tonight. I laughed and said you can’t keep those wavy/curly hair shafts down for TOO long. Not in the current heat and humidity.


Somehow, somewhere between the hair salon and the car dealership I managed to twist Even Worse Knee and it bugged me the rest of the day, but a bit of RICE–Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation– helped quite a lot. once I got home.  I spent considerable time at the dealership working once again on the Star Wars Day video–I could tweak my creative projects until the bloody cows come home–but I finally got a version I was more or less satisfied with and left it uploading to YT with Benny so I could come home and hang out with the ice bag. I’d plan to do several other things but only managed a trip to CVS to spend yet more ExtraBucks before they expired. Not that I’ve ever wasted any by forgetting all about them. Not this girl. *snort*


Thought you might like to see me sporting the “new” vintage hats purchased from my friend and former co-worker Sherry who now has her own vintage and collectibles shop.



Oh, I DO love a good hat. I guess I can wear the white hat when I feel like a good girl–and the black one when I am feeling just a bit BAD. 😉


Nape curls and waves make me feel naughty. *sigh*



Love to you all. I shall try to catch up with your comments tomorrow. Lots more rain expected, so I will be staying home and staying inside, I suspect. 😉