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Because these two are just TOO adorable.


If you haven’t seen these two videos from Cinemax–“60 Seconds with Richard Armitage” & “60 Seconds with Martin Freeman”–you must watch them. In fact, you will probably watch them over and over. Our boys do Q & A with each other. So funny. And informative! šŸ˜‰

Also, be sure and check out this link to addiesmum on Tumblr. Nothing like a double geeky thumbs up!




Martin & Armitage--adding ho-ho-hos to our holidays.

Martin & Armitage–adding ho-ho-hos to our holidays.

Mr. Storyteller, will you sing to me, too?


I would love to see and hear this man sing a lullaby to a child . . . with that sweetness and gentleness shining through in those beautiful blue eyes and a soft smile on his lips. *sigh* Ok, I need to pick myself up off the floor.


We heard him singingĀ  a sortĀ of lullaby on one of the RH audiobooks, but he was singing as a female character. On Finnish TV, Richard actually sang part of the Misty Mountains song a cappella (and I assume he did soĀ without someone twisting his toned arm) in his own rich, rumbling baritone.Ā  Here’s the link to the clip. Richard’s vocal performance is at the end. A perfect finale!


Of course, I wouldn’t object at all if he came each night to tell me a story AND to croon some sweet tune to me. My husband might object, but really, I wouldn’t mind at ALL.


Oh, I love a gorgeous, good-heartedĀ man of many talents. *thud*

Random Thoughts on RA Today With Pix, Video


Just some pix and interview moments I’ve particularly enjoyed in recent days. Richard, you never fail to impress and delight me on so many levels.

This is Ilaria's favorite outfit she styled for RA re interview outfits. I like it a lot, too!

This is Ilaria’s favorite outfit she styled for RA re interview outfits. I like it alot, too!

A9-hg-4CIAAYpRc.jpg largeRichard and Cate look so good together, don’t they? Those two really need to make a movie together. I mean, one in which they actually share some scenes. Hmmmm, he does look good with a blonde. Unless she’s Sarah Caulfield. (Sorry, GOR . . .)

A98UD4ZCUAEiSAG.jpgdd large

It’s like he walked out of the past and into the present, channeling all that old-time movie star allure. Yummmmm.

This is a really light-hearted, downright cheeky interview with Hobbit cast members, including Richard. Love how she catches him off-guard and the laughter that ensues. šŸ˜‰ Who’s your hottie dwarf with the biggest sword, baby??

Nothing like a somewhat serious interview (and thank you, George, for giving RA the chance to show off his intelligence and insight) being rounded out with Richard covering his eyes to avoid seeing himself half-naked in a fanvid and then wrestling the host to the floor. LOVE it.

That's a winning stride.

That’s a winning stride.

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Still side-stepping “Hot Dwarf” issue, more fanart. Oh, you adorable boy.



Here’s another interview with Andy, Martin and Richard with dear RA cleverly side-stepping the whole “hot dwarf” issueĀ  once more (love how Martin and Andy also chime in here). The image quality was a bit muddy on my end, but hey, you know how gorgeous he looks and you can hear him just fine. šŸ˜‰Ā  Thank you, Ali, for the link on Twitter.

And while I am at it, some more fanart from the premiere:

Oh, come on, Richard, you know you are!

It’s raining, it’s pouring–RA & Hobbity goodness!


It’s actually raining and pouring the regular wet stuff here right now. No wonder Bad and Even Worse Knee hurt all night. That may have impeded sleep, but it didn’t stop me from soaking up all the pre-premiere Hobbit hoopla. I have never been so ridiculously excited over the premiere of any movie, including one that was shot right in my hometown and county.

Of course, it didn’t star Richard Armitage as the world’s sexiest dwarf, either, more’s the pity.

Here are some photos that Sir Ian McKellen tweeted earlier of the preparations in Wellington as they literally rolled out the red carpet for Sir Peter and Company.

There are interviews which I tried to link to here, but only end up with big black holes. ?? Go to YouTube and type in “Hobbit Cast Interviews” and you should pull them up if you haven’t seen them already. Richard looks great, isĀ in mellifluous voice and is his typical gentlemanly and articulate self. And those smiles and the laughter!