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More Tokyo Boy: RA Fanart fun


A few more fun pieces of RA fanart from Tokyo, both the press conference and RA on the red carpet. Got about five hours of sleep this afternoon after being up all night again, but I don’t regret being there for the live streaming (stuttering though it was) for both the PR and the red carpet. Those Japanese surely know how to put on a show! Oh, and in case you haven’t heard, that’s a Calvin Klein waxed wool suit Mr. A is wearing. Hmmm. Wool. In Blue. A possible homage to Sweetie John the sheep farmer and his blue coveralls? 😉  And his stylist confirms he WILL be wearing a tux for the Royal Premiere in London. 😀 Oh, Judit, you lucky girl!







Lovin’ that Retro, Rockin’ Richard!


Tonight I watched Richard in the livestream from the Japanese press conference. And once again, I loved his outfit. That Gucci cloth-and-leather varsity jacket, the grey tee, the jeans and the return of the black kicks along with a clean-shaven face had him looking hip, young and ready for the sock hop, indeed.  The looks may be a blast from the past, but he doesn’t look anything like an old fogey.

At the ARIAs, he was rockin’ the waxed jeans, black jacket and heavy stubble (and the kicks! Some dislike them, but they suit me just fine). The looks are retro, they are classic, and yet very fresh and stylish, too.  He really seems comfortable in his own skin and his new clothes and this fan thinks he’s definitely got the LOOK.

BeFunky_Screen Shot ssmalt2012-12-01 at 1_41_49 PM




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