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So this is Christmas . . . let us be silly! RA would understand.



I am late in the day posting this, but I have in my own way been making merry with my dear hubby.  There was early morning snuggling, and then emptying our stockings and “oohing” and “aahing” over the contents, a mixture of the practical with the whimsical (dress socks, itty-bitty chocolate Santas, magazine subscriptions).  Breakfast was Italian sausage balls, grits and eggs; we watched Christmas-oriented movies and finally saw “Frozen” together. My voice is still dodgy, so I just waved my hands dramatically and lip-synched to the closing credits. Fun to be silly and a bit “kiddish,” and never a better time than Christmas!  And so I share some of the holiday-related fan art and photo edits I’ve done this year. May it give you a giggle. 😀 Merry Christmas, Happy Festivus, Merry Everything and Happy Always.



The boys after a little too much merrymaking during the press junket.

Visions of–well, not sugarplums dance in their heads.




 Notice I didn’t tamper with the watermark; just having a bit o’ holiday fun.


And when he puckers those pretty lips . . . well, well, well.






Peace, love and kindness, y’all.

Fedoralady returns to ask a favor & express loads of thanks


I confess to being behind on almost all things Armitage. The numerous articles and interviews that have popped up recently have for the most point remained unread or watched by me. For one thing, I have been battling borderline pleurisy for a few weeks, along with a cracked rib. Summoning up the energy and tamping down the pain enough to do much beyond the absolutely necessary was eluding me for a while (I have enjoyed looking at the pretty pictures of our fella, though, and sharing some of those over at FB and Pinterest. Doesn’t require much effort)



Then there’s the fact I wanted to avoid any additional spoilers before seeing the final Hobbit film (which should happen tomorrow night. Both excited and apprehensive. Gotta remember the tissues).



Add in the fact we’ve been busy again with some Pecan Ridge Production projects and newspaper assignments for me (Hooray! Money!), and, well, I just didn’t feel a sense of urgency about it all as I have in the past.



What I have been experiencing is—the blessings of the season. That sense of wonderment and joy that I always used to have this time of year had slowly seemed to erode over the past decade-plus with the loss of loved ones, lack of employment and chronic health struggles. Last year, when I couldn’t see or be with any of my family around the holidays, I pretty much hit rock bottom.  I tried to put on a good face,  but Christmas just wasn’t Christmas for me.

I still have health issues. Money is still very tight. Yet I can say it is well with my soul.  I have been touched by the kindness and generosity of people who have never met me and probably never will, who still reached out to help me with kind and encouraging words, prayers and positive thoughts and even monetary gifts. One of those gifts was enough to allow us to rent reliable transportation to travel this weekend to Foley/Orange Beach to share a family Christmas again. I can’t express just how much I am looking forward to seeing them all.

A photo of me and my two sisters at our house–Christmas 1998, I do believe.

And now I want to ask a favor of you all.  This year we once again shot our area arts council’s holiday show, “Christmas at the Ritz.” Some of the Ritz Players, including my former editor Kevin Pearcey and a young college student, Christina Rodgers (who both soloed on this number) performed “Seasons of Love” from “Rent.” I love this song and I so appreciate these people and their willingness to juggle jobs and school and family and other RL Obligations to perform for our community and get us into the holiday spirit.

Those feelings of partiality aside, they did a bang-up job. Please give it a watch and if you like it, “like” it at YT, even leave a comment. I would be greatly appreciative, as would they.


I will report back on my thoughts about the film, but it may be next week as we are heading out of town Friday for the weekend. I have family memories to make . 😀  So Merry Everything and Happy Always to you and yours!

And again–many, many thinks!





Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler! Happy Mardi Gras from Thorin & Co.


What can I say? I simply could not resist. Today is Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras, first celebrated in the U.S. NOT in New Orleans—but right here in Alabama, in our port city of Mobile. Mobile, like NO, has a number of organizations called krewes who participate in parades, parties and balls during the carnival season. My older sisters used to march with our high school band in Mardi Gras parades in Mobile every year.Those on the parade floats throw items to parade goers–beads being the most common, but souvenir coins and, here in Alabama, Moon Pies are among the goodies also tossed. Many smaller communities across the Gulf Coast also hold some type of Mardi Gras celebration. Here are a couple of links to learn more:






I Heart My Henchman: Guyday Friday, Valentine Style!


“What day is it, Ladywriter?”

Oh, yes, he was positively purring. Just as she expected.  He did so love being the center of attention.

“It’s Friday . . .”

An eager rumble. “Yesssss . . .”

“Which would make it–Guyday . . .”

And . . .” His eyes and teeth were gleaming in anticipation.

“Yes . . . it’s ‘I Heart My Henchman’ Day here at TAE, my dearest Dark Knight.”

Sir Guy gave a triumphant toss of his magnificent ebony mane and an equally triumphant sniff. He really did look the very image of a gorgeous black stallion, Ladywriter thought . . .

Happy Guyday Friday, Valentine Style! XOXOXO from the Hot Velvet Henchman and LW and her whole household!









Want to share a glass of wine with Richard? Check this out. & Happy Thanksgivukkah!


1458445_220323064814747_348728551_nSaw this on FB today . . . ladies who are in London (or who will be on this date) will you be planning to attend?  Another chance to ogle our fave guy in the flesh, maybe get a question answered (perhaps there will be more than one each allotted?) and sip some of the grape in that rarified atmosphere . . .


Richard at last year’s Apple media event in London. My edit of a still from RANet

I already have my copy of the Visual Companion and today I am perusing my Movie Guide. More about that later . . .

In the meantime, we are watching that annual tradition, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, having already polished off vanilla caramel French toast casserole with vanilla caramel coffee to wash it down . . . with Callie and Scarlett enjoying the remnants. 😉   Happy Thanksgiving AND Happy Hanukkah to my friends who celebrate, and to all the rest, have a wonderful Thursday!

(Bonus cute photos of my sweeties. <3)



Happy 4th of July from The Armitage Effect!






It’s supposed to be a rainy day and evening around here– 90 percent chance of the wet stuff today and 50 percent tonight, and 80 percent tomorrow and 60 percent tomorrow night . . . no Independence Day picnics for us. Fajitas from the stove will do just fine, I think. 😉 The fireworks will hopefully get a chance to go off at the high school stadium later tonight, but count on Mr. A and his alluring cast of characters to electrify us any old time, rain or shine.  To my fellow Americans, I hope you all have a safe and happy Fourth of July holiday ! And to everyone, Happy Thorin Thursday!

He’s my valentine 365 days of the year.


And no, I am not talking about Richard Armitage. My husband Benny and I have been together for more than 27 years now. It really has been a case of  “for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse, in sickness and in health.”

No matter what, he was, and is, and always will be my sweetheart, my best friend, my soul mate.

Today is Valentine’s Day, which we observe with cards and small gifts. It’s not a big deal for us. As I said, he’s my sweetheart and I am his, and we try to show that to each other throughout the year.

Every morning before he leaves for work, I get a sweet kiss and an “I love you,” always a good way to start one’s day. I know a kiss and a warm embrace will be mine when he returns home.

On an early summer’s evening, I might find myself the recipient of wild roses he has stopped and picked from the roadside on the way home. In many ways those ruffled pink blooms are more beautiful than the most elegant florist’s creation.


He definitely spoils me, but not by lavishing me with big, expensive gifts. It’s not just that we can’t afford them; it’s simply not the way he operates, and that’s fine by me.  Better the small, thoughtful gestures throughout the year than 364 days of being ignored, taken for granted or ill-treated with an attempt to make up for it all on the 365th.

The other night, I asked him if he wanted to split the last slice of rum cake. “No, I left that for you. Because you like it so much.” He smiled indulgently, adding in a sweet, teasing tone, “Because I love you.” It’s a good man who’ll give up the last slice of moist, fragrant, delicious rum cake.


I battle a chronic health condition that leaves me feeling pretty rotten more often than I care to say.  This week, he came home from work to find me shivering beneath the covers, aching all over and unable to get warm.

“Well, no wonder, you’ve pulled things loose from the foot of the bed and you’re getting drafts, you whirling dervish,” he said, gently chiding me. Pulling off the quilt and comforter and throw, he carefully re-arranged everything, tucking in the covers even as he playfully threw them over my head. “Not dead yet,” he said cheerily, quoting from one of our favorite movies, “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.”

Cover of "The Monty Python Box Set (Monty...

Cover via Amazon

“I’m feelin’ bettah,”I chirruped in return. Soon I was warmer and cozier, but not just from the covers. The hearty kiss he gave me helped, too, and the knowledge that no matter what, I was truly loved and cherished.  For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.

365 days of the year.


My New Year’s Gift to the AAAs: New little vid


That’s the Ardent Armitage Aficionados, in case you were wondering. Happy New Year from me, Richard and some of the ChaRActers–hope you enjoy this quick little vid. Benny and I are listening to the distant sounds of fireworks and are about to watch the giant Moon Pie drop down in Mobile, our port city to the south and the place where Mardi Gras was first held in the New World (Yep, even before New Orleans).

Ah, the Commodores are singing Auld Ang Syne now as the laser light show, fireworks and ticker tape cannons go off. I just wished my sweet hubby a better 2013 . . .


As a new year approaches . . .


New Year‘s Eve is almost here in LA, and it’s already arrived for some of you. And I am hoping you all have a wonderful beginning to the new year, and a wonderful year to come.


Party animals that we aren’t, we plan a quiet one here, probably cuddled together, watching the countdown on TV. When we were growing up, Sister S and I used to pilfer a little of our dad’s Christmas libations to celebrate the New Year (Mogen David kosher wine, concord grape, was the drink of choice for this Southern Baptist, who largely limited his imbibing to a little Christmas cheer and a cold beer or two during haybaling season each summer).


We’d pour it in a couple of our parents’ crystal champagne glasses and feel terribly elegant and slightly wicked. When the clock struck twelve, S and I would toast one another and clink our glasses together ever so carefully, just to hear that lovely ring.

Many people here in the South believe you have to start the new year off with the right foods. Traditionally, black-eyed peas and howl jowls (aka pork cheek) are believed to bring you good luck in the year to come. Add in some type of greens–collard greens the most typical choice–for prosperity. It IS the color of money here in the U.S. And you’ll likely want to add some cornbread. Not for good luck or riches. Just because peas practically demand it. 😀

thCAONCAP0new years 3

Left: A sign sighted in North Carolina. Right: A plate promising prosperity and luck in the new year, with black-eyed peas, cornbread, and greens.

I have a confession to make. I don’t really like black-eyed peas all that much. No, I don’t have to turn in my official GRITS (Girl Raised in the South) card. I love peas–I just prefer a different variety. Mama and Daddy raised pink-eyed purple-hulled peas every year in our garden, and these, firmer and slightly sweeter than the black-eyed variety, were, and are, my field peas of choice. Are these peas and ham or bacon any more or less lucky than their black-eyed, hog-jowled counterparts? I don’t know. I just prefer the way they taste.

Above, the afore-mentioned purple-hulled peas, the photo courtesy of Alabama’s own Auburn University. NOT the school I support. 😉

Anyway, this year will soon be gone into the annals of history. Christmas is over and Santa is back at home, resting up after his oh-so-busy night. And he, like many of us, has a few companions who enjoy cuddling with him. I don’t think it’s too late to share this charming image with you:


It’s Christmas Time Once Again . . .


It’s now past 12 here in Lower Alabama and Christmas morning has officially arrived. Alabama was the first state in the U.S. to make Christmas an official holiday. We have always loved our celebrations here–families gathering to feast from sideboards groaning from the number of dishes upon them, houses decked out festively, people decked out just as festively in their Christmas ties and appliqued cardigans. We like to do it up right!

Small town Christmas parades, folks getting out at night just to drive around and enjoy all those pretty lights . . . church pageants with children sporting tinsel halos and cardboard wings, bathrobes and yarn beards. Even if they fluff their lines, it doesn’t matter. They delight us.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a blessed, happy, healthy, inspiring year to come. And Happy Hobbit-viewing to our friends Down Under as TH arrives in theatres for Boxing Day!