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I love the man behind the black leather–so to speak.


One of my earliest videos using WMM. I really enjoyed the “Hood Academy” featurette and any behind-the-scenes glimpses of our RA during Robin Hood.


He’s always so thoughtful in his responses and of course, we see the sweet, charming, good-humoured RA–rather a contrast with our fierce and hot-headed henchman we so love!



Richard and the lads on the way to riding practice, I believe.


Love how focused RA is on his tasks at hand–in this case, archery practice. And  the heavy stubble, tousled hair and keen gaze don’t hurt either. *wibble*



Guyday Friday: The Delights of Hood Academy



These wonderful GIFs are courtesy of Recycled Vinyl & Dessine-Moi-un-Mouton at tumblr








I never tire of watching Richard in Hood Academy.  He’s so much fun to watch–all that focus and intensity. Not to mention the tousled locks, heavy stubble and forearm hair. Oh, Richard . . .







Hit Me With Your Best Shot!:Guyday Friday


It’s still more than an hour before Guyday Friday officially kicks off but my head says I had better go ahead and post now.

As I have mentioned before, I love the Hood Academy featurette from the Robin Hood DVDs. Seeing Richard practice his riding, sword fighting and archery is such a pleasure: the way he looks with the disheveled hair and stubble, the air of quiet concentration, the intensity he brings to each activity. He puts so much of himself into his roles–and it shows.




RA behind the scenes: Hood Academy & more


I love the Hood Academy images of Richard. As usual, they capture his intensity, his level of concentration and dedication to getting it right when he approaches preparing for a role, qualities we also see in behind-the-scenes photos of him in Spooks & Strike Back,  the same qualities we are seeing in the video blogs from Sir Peter.  And of course, the heavy stubble, disheveled hair and bared forearms in some of the pics don’t hurt either.  When we see him in his Sir Guy garb but speaking as Richard Armitage, we see the reflective, articulate, good-humored gentleman who brings us these amazing characters–and we get those lovely Richard smiles.