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Ice cream, Comic-Con and Frenzy the Temptress

Comic-Con Costume 1

Comic-Con Costume 1 (Photo credit: heath_bar)

Comic Con 2009

Blue Bell Ice Cream Truck

Blue Bell Ice Cream Truck (Photo credit: NixBC)


Frenz (and just so you know, the lady in the interesting outfit is NOT Frenz. At least, I don’t think it is . . .) reminds me of a big ol’ bowl of Blue Bell Ice Cream right now–Moo-llenium Crunch. With Hershey’s Choccie Syrup and whipped cream. I couldn’t find a photo of it, but here’s their wonderful Homemade Vanilla. As a Texas girl, I know Frenz is very familiar with Blue Bell.

Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla–the closest thing to real homemade vanilla ice cream that you can buy in a store. Expensive, yes. But sometimes only the best will do.

(Photo courtesy of the Orlando Sentinel)

Why do I compare my fellow blogger to a sinfully delicious treat? They both tempt me. Seriously.

She goes and posts this link about reporters needed at Comic-Con at her blog (see link above):


Comic-Con (Photo credit: Scott Beale)

Do I have writing/reporting experience? Yup. A decade of it.

Do I have experience covering panel discussions? Let’s see. City council, board of education, county commission, among others. Yup.

Have I interviewed famous people before? Yup.

Do I have my own laptop and recording device? Yup.

Is my favorite actor in the whole wide world slated to be at Comic-Con? Yup.

Do I have the money for a plane ticket all the way across the country and the cost of a hotel room? *sigh* Nope.

Oh, well, a girl can dream. But dang, I hate to miss seeing people in outfits like the one above. Not to mention Mr. A and the rest.