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Did someone say “Bring Thorin?” Don’t mind if I do.



A little gem I found on Facebook. Actually, I think Thorin would make a kick-ass Avenger, too. Just sayin’ . . .

Check out this link to IGN’s latest video with Richard, an interview conducted last week during his stint in Sydney. He looks and sounds sublime. And yes, even if some of the questions are the same ol’ same ol’ he gives his responses a fresh spin. Bless his heart!



There he is, looking fierce and fine, dauntless and determined . .  . where is Bechep? Or has Lady Oakenshield already been polishing his sword? It does look terribly shiny . . .


Ah yes, the braids, the beard, the mane, the pelt, the majesty, the smoulder . . .  Thorin.


There is just a tad of inter-character rivalry going on here . . . but I think they both are consummate hair actors!!


And a long line is now forming . . .  no pushing and shoving, ladies. Those lips have–stamina.


Haven’t we all engaged in this little fantasy? Or a version thereof? *thud*

Happy Thorin Thursday to all!!