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In a slight funk–but here’s more dwarfy hotness


It’s been a good news, bad news kind of day. Good news–I have an appointment to get my hair cut and colored, brows waxed, etc. Bad news is I couldn’t get in until Sept. 27. I’ve already had to resort to trimming my bangs–when they start poking you in your eyes, you gotta do something.

I was beginning to look like this sweetie. But not as cute.

Bad news is I haven’t been able to upload or access previously uploaded photos at BeFunky, one of my favorite online photo editing sites since yesterday.  Grrr. Still working on this problem. Many products of my visits there end up on this blog *sigh*.

Good news is I discovered yet another site I had not visited before.  Cool! 😀

The site is Pixlr and it offers three options for users: The super-easy Pixlr-O-Matic, the efficient intermediate level Pixlr Express and their advanced program, which is set up in a similar fashion to Photoshop Elements.  Here are some examples of what you can do in image editing at the Pixlr site. Yes, I am still on a Thorin kick. *guh* Maybe it’s having hair on my mind. . .

Cropped from pic of Thorin with his nephews,  then reversed, used quad creative effect and added text. Done in Pixlr Express.

Using Pixlr-O-Matic, the original image was cropped, color adjusted,  retro overlay and border added.

Pixlr Express was used to add the glamour effect, then a retro text and a default basic border.  Gee, did you ever think a 200-plus-year-old dwarf would possess such allure?

Another example from Pixlr Express.

Pixr-O-Matic allows you to make these collage-type photos with a single click. The better to focus on braids, beards, dwarven ears and so forth.

Pixlr Express was used to crop, reverse, add and adjust focus blur, add an overlay,  insert crown sticker and text.