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Good grief, what a day! Ricky, I need you.


Thursday has sort of been my Monday. Internet and phone went down, very likely due to a certain set of dogs, in particular a puppy fond of chewing on wires. *ahem*

Couldn’t get the DVD of the Relay Pageant to play on my laptop so I could listen to entire soundtrack and point out any issues for Benny. Well, tried repeatedly playing it in the DVD player and couldn’t get it to work there, either.  I hadn’t had much sleep last night so I finally gave in and did what this dude appears to be doing.


After a lot of tossing and turning and grumbling about Even Worse Knee, I DID discover I could hear the whole pageant DVD through the Surround Sound hooked up to the player. So I sat here tonight listening while I re-read some of my writing.

I read through what little of the revised version of The Lady & The Panther is actually on this laptop (got to find my WriteWay software!) along with a chapter or two of JP fic Truce and part of The Hazards of Love, an erotic vampire pirate tale I co-wrote with Applebeing at LJ several years ago.

Have decided I am not such a lousy writer after all. Just too many doubt fairies and certain RL issues bugging me, such as my unemployment compensation having run out. I love blogging, but it doesn’t pay all that well. 😉

Hubby late getting home having attended another POTR rehearsal.  He managed to finally get the internet back up by running phone lines out the window and directly into the utility box out there. We have signal!!


Childhood memories of watching Eddie Albert as Oliver forced to make calls directly from the telephone POLE on Green Acres.  Things haven’t gotten quite that bad.

Now, of course, we have no regular phone service. And I need to pay the house payment, which I normally do by phone. Don’t like paying using the cell phone.
“Ah, but we have a set-up that allows you to use your cell phone through the regular cordless system,” Benny reminded me.  He also had to remind me exactly how it works, as I have reached the point in my life where something I don’t do very regularly can easily confound me.

OK. so now I think I know how to do it. Mortgage to be paid tomorrow. Won’t have to use those annoyingly teeny buttons on the cell phone. *phew* Internet working for now.  Cooler tomorrow (Yes!) with showers and thunderstorms on their way (No!). Weather Knee already kicking up a fuss.

Going to watch George Gently on my laptop now and enjoy the sexy complexity that is Ricky Deeming as portrayed by the fabulous Richard Armitage.


Tomorrow is Friday, and I suspect Guy will be making an appearance. Assuming my puppy can’t climb poles . . . *sigh*