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Richard’s Secret Thoughts: Twitter Video Edition


I’ve always gotten the impression Richard really wasn’t all that comfortable hawking stuff. Oh, promoting his productions and praising his co-stars, crew members and more, sure, raising monies for charities, absolutely, but selling stuff–no.

I think back to the little promo he did for the Spooks 9 DVD and its special features, recalling that slightly sheepish expression he wore on his face.  I could be wrong, of course. (Maybe it was the bogus quality of the scriptwriting in Spooks 9 that was bugging him. Certainly bugged ME.)

Anyway,  I couldn’t resist having a bit of fun with the recent “thank you” vid to Twitter fans of The Hobbit, a vid which was also, of course, a shameless plug to remind everyone the DVD is coming out so BUY, BUY, BUY! (as if we need encouragement).  And I enjoy having fun with our modest fellow and imagining him having less-than-modest thoughts in that handsome head . . . in that spirit, I present Richard’s Secret Thoughts: Twitter Video Edition.


Richard, pondering his amazing combination of potent masculinity with boyish winsomeness.


I mean, really, he does have it all.  Awfully hard to fit it all in a teeny bubble.


It is almost St. Paddy’s Day, James is Irish and–I couldn’t resist the leprechaun hats, green beer and rainbow. Sorry.


Richard now gets down to the brass tacks. The reason to buy that DVD/Blu-ray/Combo pack/digital download/whatever-heckity-else-they-come-up-with to sell you.  We want him. And sadly, this may be the only way he’ll end up in our living room. Or bedroom. Or–whatever. *cough*


Yeah, there’s plenty of comic relief (albeit of the creepy kind in the case of the bug-eyed beastie) with Gollum and party boy Bofur–but for white-hot sex appeal, go for the alpha dwarf every time!


Really, there’s always someone trying to outdo the Master. Silly rabbit.


Need I say more?

Tie, cardi and talking hands. It’s all good.


Richard Armitage is joined by Tweeting buddies Andy Serkis and James Nesbitt to give Hobbit fans a “thank you” in advance of the DVD release next week. A short, sweet vid with Richard looking spiffy and doing that adorable “talking with his hands” stuff we all love.
Only a few more days until I have The Hobbit in my hot little hands! The combo package, not Martin Freeman. Just to be clear on that.

The world’s slowest Tweet session, but Thorin consoled me (new fanart)


If you read that the Q&A session on Twitter with Andy, James and Richard lasted over 3 1/2 hours, you might be thinking, “WOW! lots of questions answered!”

Well, er—no. Give three Twitter newbies one MacBook and no apparent advance exposure to the many questions tweeted in, and you have a recipe for a near-disaster.

Sorry, @TheHobbitMovie, this was not a well-planned shindig. Richard finally ended up answering 14 questions, but we are pretty sure that was due to someone else finally taking over and typing in the answers given to them by the Hobbit crew while the boys went out and drowned their sorrows or whatever. It’s the only answer I can come up with for the sudden rapid response of the hitherto Gang Who Couldn’t Tweet Straight.


I am afraid the quality of the photo somewhat reflects the quality of the whole event. A bit out of focus. Courtesy of @TheHobbitMovie

It took quite a bit of time before any question at all was answered, and then it seemed there was at least a quarter of an hour between each new retweeted question/response.  The guys were sweet and charming, but—honestly, next time around, just have one actor on at a time. Vet the questions in advance and toss out the obvious losers so they don’t have to wade through a jillion of them. Keep it simple.  As it is, I am sure a lot of fans of all three gentlemen were somewhat disappointed with the results.

That being said, we hardy commenters kept one another entertained with our own quips, cracks, fake questions (re Judiang) and blonde jokes courtesy of HeathRA. Richard would have been proud of our determination to do “whatever it takes” to pass the time.  And I appreciate the guys all making the effort.

And we learned some things: Richard’s favorite dessert is chocolate ice cream, scaling Mt. Everest is on his bucket list, his life philosophy is to follow the Golden Rule, his favorite Depeche Mode song is “Master and Servant,” and the three people (real or fictional) he’d most want to dine with are John F. Kennedy, Richard III and Sir Ian McKellen.

Oh, and if he had to choose between fighting duck-sized horses or horse-sized ducks, RA would prefer the latter. Yes, someone asked that question.  And since the questions were so few and far between for most of the event, @kadeart had time to create this delightful artwork to illustrate the answer:


Anyway, the pdf of the entire Q&A is at www.richardarmitagenet.com. Just click on the link.

I mentioned Thorin Blu-ray caps; Heirs of Durin posted a link to a new site, www.gallicka.com  which offers scads of beautiful high-quality screencaps from the Blu-ray editions of The Hobbit. Don’t ask me how.  I just enjoyed snaffling as the sands slowly went through the hourglass . . . several times. And then I started doing some photo editing. Here are some of the results of my efforts. I mean–is this dwarf alluring, or WHAT??




More Thorin art tomorrow, along with a follow-up on Richard’s interview with Lorraine Kelly on ITV, which is set for 8:30 a.m. GMT.  I know Ali at RANet is planning to post it to YouTube after she gets off work tomorrow and someone else may have it up earlier.

Oh, did you note RA did not appear to be sporting much facial hair in the above pic–but he was wearing his sexy cardigan and tie combo? Yum.

The look they did NOT choose for Thorin.


After careful consideration by the costume designers and makeup artists, this Thorin look went into File 13 (aka the wastebasket).


Instead, of course, we got this guy channeling a popular children’s book character . . .


Aww, come on, Buzzfeed! REALLY??


The folks at Buzzfeed.com decided to rank the dwarves in terms of hotness. http://www.buzzfeed.com/louispeitzman/the-13-dwarves-in-the-hobbit-ranked-by-hotness

Things were going pretty well until they got to number four. Thorin. Thorin?! Only the fourth hottest dwarf? Thorin, with his piercing azure gaze, deep, commanding voice, that flowing mane of hair with its widow’s peak and those fetching braids–only the fourth hottest?


So, who was ahead of him? You might have guessed the hottie nephews, and indeed, Aidan Turner as Kili and Dean O’Gorman as Fili took the number two and number one positions in Buzzfeed’s rankings.

Pippi Longstocking -The TV Series (1969)

Pippi Longstocking -The TV Series (1969) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But there was also a number three. This guy.   Jimmy Nesbitt as Bofur. With the funky braids and the idiotic hat. This was deemed hotter than Thorin.


Now, I like Jimmy. He’s got a lovely twinkle in his eyes, wonderful dimples and that great Irish accent. And he’s a good actor.

But even HE has described himself as looking like a “transvestite Pippi Longstocking” in this role.  Transvestite Pippi Longstocking does not trump the regal, majestic uncrowned King Under the Mountain.

If I were ranking them, Thorin would, of course, be number one, then Aidan and Dean, the hottie sister-sons, as two and three.

Take a look at the link above and see what you think of Buzzfeed’s overall choices.  And perhaps you’ll join me in wondering “what were they thinking??”

Is PJ a Pippi Fan?


I was looking through photos of the The Hobbit cast in their costumes tonight and happened across this photo of Bofur.

James Nesbitt as Bofur, one of Thorin’s company of dwarves. Courtesy of TORn

And it suddenly struck me who he reminded me of.

Pippi Longstocking, one of my favorite children’s book characters as a child. Courtesy of cobblehilblog.com

And then there is also the face that represents Wendy’s Hamburger chains here in the US.

The image of Wendy, based on chain founder Dave Thomas’s daughter in her childhood days.

This makes me wonder if PJ or someone in his costume design department is a fan of  Swedish author Astrid Lindgren‘s classic children’s series. Or a fan of Wendy’s Hamburgers.  Personally, I like them both.

Regardless of the inspiration for Bofur’s distinctive hairstyle, here are a few facts about the dwarf, culled from The Hobbit Annual 2012:

Bofur is full of energy and life, and loves good food, fun and music. This means he tends to have more in common with the hobbits than the dwarves. He’s an optimistic soul who often engages his tongue before he engages his brain. Gosh, he reminds of our late, great neighbor Minerva Leverette!

Bofur is “not as brave as some of the other dwarves,” but he will do his best to defend his friends if they are in danger. He seems to be the sort who would end up with a lampshade on his head at the party and “always willing to cheer up his fellow travelers with a song.” He is also the brother of Bombur (the plus-size dwarf) and cousin of Bifur (the dwarf with the remains of an Orc ax stuck in his head).

Pretty soon, I am going to be able to remember who is who!