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OT: I love this “Logic”


 I don’t think I am quite out of estrogen yet, but I can empathize with the big kitty’s emotions.

I have always had favorite artists/illustrators. Many of the books I loved the most as a child were those that matched wonderful stories with evocative illustrations that captured my fancy.

A very talented lady named Jane Seabrook, who hails from Auckland, New Zealand, has a series of books I find completely delightful. Filled with whimsical and witty quotes paired with amazing watercolor paintings of animals, Jane’s Furry Logic books make a great gift idea.  There’s the original Furry Logic, and additional titles with themes revolving around love, parenthood, wildlife wisdom, laughter and more. They are the sort of thing perfect as a treat for yourself, too (if you haven’t spent it all on Hobbit merchandise, of course).

Purry Logic is a particular favorite of mine–as you might expect, it features our feline friends.  I ran across the book again the other day and proceeded to read it aloud to my husband, showing him the accompanying illustrations. He had a huge smile on his face.  Seemed he could relate . . .

Seabrook,  an independent designer and illustrator, shares her home with a husband, two children and a menagerie of critters, including three Birmans (a breed of long-haired cat with Siamese-type markings and blue eyes I dream of owning). She obviously has an affinity for the animal kingdom and human nature that shines through in her artwork, along with a great sense of humor. My kind of gal.

Most of Seabrook’s titles are available through Amazon. New copies of these wonderful little books are available for $10 to $12 and used, for much less. Perfect stocking stuffers, guaranteed to bring smiles.

And of course, this post isn’t completely off-topic. Mr. Armitage did spend quite a lot of time in Jane’s beautiful native land making a certain movie we all seem to eagerly anticipate . . .