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Sunday Spotlight: Stage Door Johnny, Percy Courtney

Stage Door Johnnies wait for the lady performe...

In 2007, Richard appeared opposite Jessie Wallace as Percy Courtney,  the first of three husbands of famed music hall entertainer, Marie Lloyd. Lloyd was the most celebrated female artist in the first decade of the 20th century in England and her story was told in the television movie Marie Lloyd: Queen of the Music Hall

Courtney, a dandy and stage door Johnny,  picks out the young Marie as a future star. This adoring fan charms and disarms the teenager who soon ends up in his bed and with child. They marry and welcome their daughter a few months later. All goes well for a while, until Marie continues to spend more and more time with her fellow performers and fans and less and less time with her husband.

When Marie refuses to play the role of dutiful wife, Percy succumbs to the temptations of willing women and plentiful wine and their marriage disintegrates.  Some familiar faces in Armitage World appear here, including Shaune Parker, Masuku in Strike Back,  who plays the Showman, the narrator who appears throughout the film whilst Amanda Root, Monet’s second wife in The Impressionists plays Mrs. Chant. If you enjoy show biz bios, period dramas and musicals (and Mr. Armitage as another charmer with a darker side) then Marie Lloyd is for you..  (screencaps~RANet, other images Wikipedia)

Newlyweds Marie (Jessie Wallace) and Percy (RA).

Marie Lloyd

The real Marie Lloyd.Image via Wikipedia