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Yes, there’s more. Ashcroft, that is. *thudding in Naughty Corner*



Oh, my, more of the snap-front shirt, the bared forearms, the beautiful hand, the appetizing glimpse of that throat, plus the direct gaze . . . manly, manly, manly. Can I get a witness? Sexy is here and it’s embodied by Richard Armitage.  (all images courtesy of Richard Armitage Net)


Sophisticated gent. More of *that* look. Challenging, mysterious. Alluring. The promise of . . . *sigh*


Pensive, reflective masculine beauty.


Guylty’s latest *ooof.*  Here he comes . . .  Arresting alpha male in a purposeful stride, challenging us with that look. Surely the streets of NYC should be steaming and not from summer heat.


Good grief, not that I am advocating here, as I want him to do more of his “own” stuff, but what a stunning Bond he’d make. Just sayin’ . . .


I know, this one has already been posted, but really–can there be too much of a good thing when Armitage is involved??

Happy Hump Day to all . . .

And the drip feed continues . . .


424625_580413811990432_630327552_nThese showed up via RA Bulgaria at FB and then I did some photo editing. These are not large files, more’s the pity, but I enlarged them a bit anyway. I love RA’s smile in the bottom one along with his cool grey kicks, but his hair, not so much (almost looks like a center part). So I sort of made said part go away. 😉 And we’ve got him in the Burberry coat yet again. Just how many photos did Mr. Ascroft take of our fella? Of course, I wouldn’t have wanted to stop clicking away, either! What an ideal subject . . . *sigh*