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Thorin Oakenshield: He’s So Fine!

Thor-in, Thor-in, Thorin . . . Thorin, Thorin!

He’s so fine (Thor-in, Thor-in, Thor-in)

Wish he were mine (That heir of Du-rin)

That handsome dwarf right there (Thor-in, Thor-in, Thor-in)

The one with the long, long hair! (The heir of Du-rin)

I don’t know how I’m gonna do it (Thor-in, Thor-in, Thor-in)

But I’m gonna make him mine! (Thor-in, Thor-in, Thor-in)

He’s the envy of the fangurlz (that heir of Du-rin)

It’s just a matter of time! (before Thor-in is mine)

He’s got a big, sharp blade (that hottie dwarf I love)

With him, I’d have it made! (a gift of heav’n above!)

Makes me tingle just to think (of Thor-in, Thor-in, Thor-in)

Hey Thorin, give me a wink (you heir of Du-rin) . . .

If I were Thorin’s queen (Thor-in, Thor-in, Thor-in)

with him I’d share a throne (the heir of Durin)

I’d be his loving, loyal queen (Tho-rin, Thor-in, Thor-in)

And he’d be my very own! (my heir of Du-rin)

For he’s so fine (That hottie dwarf sublime)

He’s so fine (I’m gonna make him mine)

So fine, so fine, so fine . . .

Thorin for Thursday (because he’s soooo fine) with apologies to the Chiffons

Another imaginary letter to Sir Peter: Please, Sir. May we have some more?

The Hobbit (2012 film)

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Dear Sir Peter,

Thank you for giving us another video blog entry for The Hobbit. When you said it would be up soon, you meant soon, didn’t you? It was wonderful to see all those great locations that will be a part of the two films. Your country is indeed a very beautiful place, and I suspect there  are times when Richard feels as if he’s found heaven on earth.

Richard–oh, my, you do know how to pick ’em, Sir Peter!  He is going to be the quintessential King Under the Mountain. The vision of a happy, smiling RA in his Thorin mufti, tossing back that quite magnificent mane of hair in a “Don’t hate me because I am beautiful” moment, astride his very shaggy horse–well, it lasted only a few seconds, but the image is now burned into mine and scads of other fangurlz’s brains.

The image of him partially stripped down, his flowing mane in a ponytail–lovely. And the most, I don’t know–touching moment. “Thorin’ taking snapshots of the scenery, his back to the camera. And we knew it wasn’t his double, because nobody can duplicate those hands . . .

But do you think you could possibly, just maybe–encourage our beautiful, talented but modest Mr. Armitage to spend a little more time in front of the cameras for those behind-the-scenes moments?

I realize, of course, that while Richard is one of the principal actors he is not the ONLY actor in the film, and everyone is working hard and deserves their moment in the spotlight in these vlogs. You obviously have a great cast and crew.  And I hesitate to ask simply because I do know what a reticent and down-to-earth person RA is–never one to push himself forward, prefering to quietly remain in the background. It’s part of his enormous appeal for us.

Honestly, we aren’t asking for much. Just a few words spoken by him, a close-up or two.  Toss us a few crumbs.  We’ve been starving, you see. And we are desperate for whatever we can get.

Of course, you know all this means we are counting down the days, the hours, the minutes until we can see and hear plenty of Thorin on the big screen, larger than life and in 3D . . .  if there was a huge hoopla over the first LOTR movie premiering, I suspect it will seem rather small in comparison with The Hobbit’s arrival this December.

Richard is on the brink, I believe . . . and we thank you for allowing us to be a part of his journey. And I apologize if we are being greedy.

But he is a most extraordinary fellow, our Richard, as I am certain you know by now. And we addicts need our fix.

Ever Richard’s and your fan,


Thanks for this moment, Sir Peter.