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The Leicester Lad Talks R III


The fans have spoken and their voices have been heard in regards to making Richard Armitage‘s Richard III dream project come true. Boo-yah! See the link below to article in Leicester Mercury:

He really does make a splendid-looking king, does he not?

He really does make a splendid-looking king, does he not?


Richard still fears he’ll be too old (as well as too tall) to play the tragic monarch. Unless it takes an awfully long time to come to fruition, I would still like to see him tackle the role. Maybe it’s just my shallow desire to see him with S3 Guy hair again? I just know he could make us believe.

As I have mentioned before, I am a fan of Josephine Tey’s  excellent The Daughter of Time,  which is one of the works that inspired the actor named after Richard III to delve deeper into the much-maligned monarch’s true story.  I confess I still have to read The Sunne in Splendour (it’s on my Kindle with about 1,000 other books), but I am sure those who have read/are reading the book have their own ideas about other roles Mr. A might undertake if he didn’t play the lead.

Edit: Here’s an additional article and programme note of interest for my UK readers: